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  1. I do. I always drank lots of milk since I was a baby. In fact even this day I drink over a quart a day. BTW I drink the 2%. I feel it is healther than whole milk. Skim milk is to thin and watery for me. I love milk because of it viscosity (does the apply to milk?) and the fact that it can really, really get Cold.
  2. I bet! IMO that is one of the greatest advertising campaign's ever! Kudo's to you Bernie! Hail, Bernie The Milk !
  3. It's here today in Downtown Cleveland! No, they are not giving rides. It is the Got Milk? Milk Mustache Mobile, and it's at Mall C from 11:00 until 2:00. I believe there will be infomation on the benefits of drinking milk, Healthy living, etc. Also I think you can get a photo of yourself with your personal milk mustache. I will have to check it out.
  4. Two wrong. Great quiz and good post I printed the quiz and made copies to pass out my picnic tomorrow.
  5. Got It. Thanks for the extra download! It is nice to really "see" Last Dance. Good clean vocals by Wally!! Bill
  6. Al- I get a error with that address as follows- There are formatting issues with the following address(es): To: pr@raspberriesonline.com. Please use fully qualified e-mail addresses (e.g., someone@excite.com) Your message has not been sent. E-MAIL HAS BEEN SENT NOW. WHEN I CUT AND PASTED THE ADDRESS I DOUBLE CHECKED AND FOUND IT HAD A PERIOD AT THE END. REMOVED PERIOD AND THE E-MAIL WAS SENT. :p
  7. Please help!!! I Still have not received any e-mails yet. I sent my purchase info, and e-mail address to berryreunion2004-store@yahoo.com yesterday. Arrgh!!! Bill
  8. For what it's worth, I have not received any em's yet.
  9. Hey Billy- Great performance at the festival. I was the guy in the Raspberries t-shirt. Sorry I could not stay for the whole show or talk to you. I will catch you soon at McCarthy's in Avon Lake. This was the first time seeing you solo (I saw you w/ Raspberries). Where have I been?? Two things, first, It was really great to hear an all accoustic version of a Raspberries song, and second, what can I say, your music and talent blew my brother and I away. WOW! I figured you had to be really good to play with Raspberries and Gary Lewis but that's with a complete band. Let me just say that I have heard several solo acts before and only a very, very few can really put the goods out. Your performance had a very full sound (even without the background vocals and percussion)a wide range of styles and you had a lot of energy. Fantastic! See you solo soon or.... this summer w/Raspberries. And if any board member gets the chance to hear Billy solo I highly recomend going to listen to Billy. Bill
  10. Awsome find! That is sooooooo cool! I'am glad for you that you still have everything. A BIG THANKS for sharing your find with us! With all those items you could have an your own EC/Raspberries museum. Hey why stop there? Forget the Rock Hall, create an Ohio bands music museum. Going over your find must be a great trip down memory lane. And by the way, speaking of memory lane, eric, do you remember going to the "Nite Moves" disco on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, The two or three level club where the center area of the dance floor would rise up about 3 feet? What a place that was!
  11. I just received word that Cleveland is having their third Guitar Mania event. The past two events were held in 2002 and 2004. What is Guitar Mania? It is a Greater Cleveland community public art project that has raised more than $1.5 million for its two benefiting charities – United Way of Greater Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s education fund. The project consists of large, oversize Fender Stratocaster guitars (approx. 8 feet high) that are creatively transformed into works of art by local artists and national celebrities and displayed on the city streets of Cleveland for residents and visitors to enjoy from June through November 2007. Corporations, organizations and individuals sponsor the guitars and select form a variety of local artists to paint, sculpt, or decorate them. Celebrity artists are also recruited to paint and decorate guitars. At the end of the display period the guitars are auctioned at a gala event at the Rock Hall, unless the corporate sponsors buy back their guitars for permanent display at their company. And....back in 2002 guess who was a guitar artist? Our very own "Mr. C", Eric Carmen. His guitar theme was "Return To Fender". This was a take off of Elvis' "Return To Sender". Below are two links for more info. This link is to the main Guitar Mania site: www.cleveland.com/guitarmania This link is to Eric's guitar: http://www.cleveland.com/guitarmania_2002/index2.ssf?/guitarmania_2002/gallery/returntofender.html PS- Bernie, in your extensive files, do you have any really good pic's of this guitar? Were you aware of our resident artist? The organization has produced minitures of a few guitars but not of eric's. That is one I would have bought in a heart beat! A miniture of course.
  12. When I arrived home last night I noticed that I received my EC pin. What a good quality and great looking pin. Thanks very much Bernie. Anyone thinking about purchasing a limited edition pin should do so before they are gone. It's a great deal at only $7.95 (U.S.) or $9.95 (international) which even includes shipping. PS- My bet is on CA. over NZ.
  13. I won, I won, I also won a pin! Thanks!
  14. Congratulations Bernie! Happy 10th Anniversery to EC.com! This is the most informative and up-to-date website I have ever come across and great people on the message board! Bill
  15. Eric's latest CD....$25.00 Marathon Man book....$95.00 Raspberries Limited Edition CD/DVD+....$125.00 Eric's personal insights, comments, interaction and postings....PRICELESS! Eric- Fantastic insight into the music industry. Thanks! Great read!
  16. Eric- I commend you for your courage on your post. It was not an easy thing to do but it only proves that you are a a caring first class person. As you know, the end of the tunnel is almost there. You and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for being a superstar that is human, honest and 'down to earth'. You have my full support and thanks for posting.
  17. Eric- Congratulations! What an awsome car. Great styling. That should make getting from point 'A' to point 'B' really fun!
  18. Cozmik- You being a Warren Zevon fan today is your lucky day. Here in Cleveland, Ohio actully Berea, the local college station WBWC 88.3 FM started today their weekly summer marathon series. Today's featured artist is (you guessed it) Warren Zevon. In the marathon series they will be playing eighteen hours straight (7:00am thru 1:00am) of the featured artist. Other artists featured will include next week The Smiths followed by (not in order) Billy Joel, U2, R.E.M., Genesis, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and many others. You can listen live online at www.wbwc.com This is a great college and station. The have an alternative rock format with no commercials. Enjoy
  19. HT- No tums! I seem to have an iron stomach. What's really wierd is that I don't like mayonaise. I can never stand it on my sandwich. But... I love macaroni salad! Go figure.
  20. LOL! I have to be careful, if I drop any, it might take the hair off my chest.
  21. My fav- Peanut butter, grape jelly, swiss cheese, green olives, jalapeno or bananna peppers, dark mustard and barbecue potato chips for some crunch. Yum! My brother calls it the "Garbage Sandwich". Sometimes just the jalapeno's alone would be great!
  22. Duane- Relax Max. That's it! Thanks so much. Tonight I am off to either purchase or order a copy. (Also I might have been incorrect. The song seems more in a Samba style than Salsa.) Thanks again!
  23. Has anyone seen the TV commercial for Double Tree Inns? If so, does anyone know what artist and or the song title that is used? I believe the song is in the "Salsa" style. I totally fell in love with the song and have to pick up a CD (if one has been released as I believe it is not a new composition) from the artist. Thanks, Bill
  24. Yuck!! Linda Kosut and the Kitchenettes version went down the drain. Where is the feeling behind the vocals? I agree, nobody can even come close to Eric's emotional vocals!
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