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  1. LC-

     I don't know if the Choir will be playing anything other than the songs on the Artifact album. I would expect that they would though.. I will look into that.

    I believe that in the WB/CW concert that Bill March will also be in the band. I am not sure who else at this time.

    It has been a long time since I have posted (due to being crazy busy @ work) and now I am back at square one with one post due to email changes.

    Is anyone on this site planning on attending either concert?


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  2. Here is what's up-

    Wally is playing with Chris Wintrip of Brimstone @ The Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland, Ohio, Friday 9/6 @ 8:00pm. Tix $35 Premium, $25 Reserved and $15 standing.

    Chris' Bio: Professional guitarist, vocalist, recording artist, and producer. Chris Wintrip has enjoyed a successful music career performing with Joe Walsh, Frampton’s Camel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Roger McGuinn, Harry Chapin, Billy Sheehan, The New York Dolls, The Raspberries, Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp, including a special honor in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 1997 exhibit “My Town” with his prog band Brimstone and their LP, Paper Winged Dreams.)


    On Friday 9/20 @ 8:00pm also at The Music Box Supper Club, The Choir will be Performing their 1969 lost album 'Artifact'. Same tix prices as above.

    The circa 1969 version of The Choir (BFW. Before Wally) who recorded this album and who will be performing this show includes:
    Jim Bonfanti: drums, vocals; Ken Margolis: piano, vocals; Phil Giallombardo: organ, vocals; Denny Carleton, bass, vocals and Randy Klawon: guitar, vocals

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  3. Sad. He was a great DJ from the golden days of radio. I have many a great memory listening to him on the airwaves. He will be missed as well as 60's radio!

    Here is an intro by Jack in December 1966 on WIXY 1260 in Cleveland.

    Jack Armstrong on WIXY 1260

  4. Eric-

    What an incredible concert! Raspberries looked and sounded the best I have ever heard them! I could see thet everyone on stage was having a really good time, especially you and wally. As you said, you guys were 'on' and you sure were. Friday night was a memorable (all Raspberries performances are, however, friday night was over the top!) and electrifing performance! Wally was really showing his guitar 'a lot of love' on stage as jim was really beating the skins and going to town. Eric your vocals and playing were great. Dave also sounded super and looked like he was having a great time. Hearing That's Rock-n-Roll was a surprise as wally was tearing it up on guitar. I could go on and on... the interaction with the overdubs, even the audience was really into the performance. Thanks to Raspberries, overdubs and the entire crew for a fantastic concert. Raspberries have a synergy and are way to talented not to continue recording and performing.

    :cool: RASPBERRIES ROCK :cool:


  5. 1. Turn The Beat Around -Vicki Sue Robinson

    2. Don't Leave Me This Way -Thelma Houston

    3. Stayin' Alive -Bee Gees

    4. Love Is In The Air -John Paul Young

    5. Ring My Bell -Anita Ward


    Hard to stop at only five. Here are some other fav's in no particular order:

    6. Upside Down -Diana Ross

    7. Ain't No Stoppin Us Now -McFadden & Whitehead

    8. Best Disco In Town -Ritchie Family

    9. Born To Be Alive -Patrick Hernandez

    10. More, More, More -Andrea True Connection

    11. The Hustle -Van McCoy & The Soul City Orchestra

    BTW, Change Of Heart? Great song but not Disco IMO.

  6. Leff'tHome-

    The address thing does make some sense. I did have to go to thr P.O to pick it up. It's just a little frustrating knowing thet it was *there* but I had to wait a couple of days to pick it up. I't was worth the wait because I also received a cut section of the famous bubble wrap.


    Again, congrat's on being #1. That's soooo cool! :blink:

  7. I received my LE package Thursday, Aug. 9th. but did not pick it up until Saturday the 11th. The pkg. went to my billing address (my apt) insted of my shipping address (brother's hse). Thanks PayPal.

    I have been very busy at work lately. I did listen to all of the audio and parts of all the video. Found the *Easter Egg* Was shocked to see myself in one of the interviews. Every thing is better than I ever dreamed of.


    Thanks to everyone for your efforts to make the

    *Live On Sunset Strip* package a reality!

  8. WMJI (Magic) 105.7 FM


    WMJI Radio

    6200 Oaktree Blvd., 4th Floor

    Independence, Ohio 44131

    Main Phone: 216/520.2600

    Fax: 216/524.3200



    When the station (Usually in the 5:00 hour) has played a Raspberries song the DJ always mentions that there will be a 'Live On Sunset Strip' CD/DVD release due out sometime in July.

  9. Kirk-

    1% might not be bad in the drinks I toss a lot of fresh fruit in and blend it. for drink just plain milk I will have to give the 1% a try if you say so. LOL. No skim for me though. Anyone drink powdered? crazy

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