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  1. Was he an actor who was duped? Or an actor who tried to dupe the rest of us? All in all, it was a great commercial that made no difference at all. Real or fake Indians or Guardians as we now call them can't stop people from being idiots and throwing trash at their feet. Poor old Iron Eyes would be amazed how far we have regressed in our war on pollution and our war on drugs and our war on guns and our war on obesity and our war on equal rights and our war on war and our WAR!!!! How may wars can one Guardian fight? Even if he is Italian? I'm going to Bethel Ny. this summer to listen to the earth and find some answers. Wish me luck.
  2. A man of many hats. Could he be Puerco's Dad?
  3. Nobody's going to say anything about the Ninja Turtles or the Star Wars shirt? Or the fact that Puerco is Spanish for pig? I'm pretty sure Mom was nearby with some PBJ sandwiches that had no crust. Oh well, his basement.........his rules. Rock on dude. We all need more Puerco in our lives. 85 subscribers can't all be wrong.
  4. Mike Haag

    Take Two

    Pressing on by Bob Dylan. My favorite remake was done by Alicia Keys. She performed it in the Muscle Shoals documentary. In my opinion, a great way to spend a snow day is watching that movie.
  5. Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York should be on any list live or studio. Something about a band stripped down to the basics will always win out over most rock performances. Live albums always sound better if you have actually seen the band in question live.
  6. This smells like a copywrite issue.....i.e. mp3 bingo. Who did squeezebox Craig? Hey Craig why are you hiding behind the sofa?
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