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  1. Same here Doreen, we should make a one-day win club! 🤣
  2. From the clips I've seen with Dick Clark interviewing Eric and other artists, your take is not inaccurate Vinnie 🤣
  3. This promo material further solidifies "Change of Heart" as my favorite album cover of Eric's. I know musically it didn't necessarily represent his most passionate work, but the reps at Arista nailed the visual aesthetic with the high-contrast B&W photography, the classy attire, heck even the font choice is top notch. I for one think the music on the whole is pretty darned good too. It was a great album for 1978 and deserved to perform better.
  4. Crazy to think Hall & Oates were still in their relative infancy in 1976; I wonder if they had any idea how big they were going to explode 4-5 years later.
  5. That's an awesome photo! I'm with Rhonda for the new edition; I've already read it on Kindle, but a proper book would be great and the aftermarket asking prices are quite steep.
  6. I believe you're right Vinnie, as Eric was using some of the line-up for the Tonight You're Mine album (specifically Davey Johnstone on guitar) but work on the record hadn't quite been completed yet.
  7. Reminds me of this video of Eric live in Japan from around that time. I'm hoping more of this concert surfaces at some point.
  8. Even though Starting Over was the popular winner, I was glad to see a decent amount of love for Fresh (my personal favorite). They're also right about the reissue of Best from Mobile Fidelity sounding incredible.
  9. I didn't realize they pressed the 2016 reissue at RTI; that's arguably the best pressing plant around! I picked up a first-pressing earlier in the year while I was down in LA, but this new info makes the reissue more tempting...
  10. That's something I would be willing to consider doing. Just fair warning, I can't sing 'em as well as Eric does though 🤣
  11. Love this idea Craig, here's my take: 1. Change of Heart (super suave and classy B&W photography) 2. Eric Carmen [Arista] (possibly the most iconic image of Eric, but reprints lose the great copper metallic effect) 3. Boats Against the Current (decent photo, but the calligraphy chosen for the font is fantastic) 4. Winter Dreams (another classy use of B&W) 5. Eric Carmen [Geffen] (not a bad photo, but it hurts a bit to see him inhaling on a cigarette) 6. I Was Born to Love You (far less effective than the Winter Dreams cover) 7. Tonight You're Mine (honestly don't hate this one completely, but I can admit it's a trainwreck)
  12. I think it would be really cool if it were called "Everything," and Eric finally recorded his own version of the full song as one of the tracks. I always loved it on his 1975 S/T album, but he even admitted the song wasn't finished. It's incredibly likely any new album would be his last, and having "Everything" bookend both sides of his career would be quite poetic imo.
  13. As somebody that has long abandoned social media, I'm thankful that this site exists. Not only have I enjoyed posting here, but also have found some great nuggets of information from previous threads, particularly when Eric used to post on here. Thanks Berine for all you do.
  14. It is sad they couldn't reconcile their differences; what a wasted opportunity to regroup and make some more great music.
  15. It's no secret Eric is a bit of a perfectionist, and I think he wouldn't want to put on a show unless he knew he was going to be able to deliver the goods. I can totally respect that. But also he's in his 70s, and although he may not want to disappoint, I think most of us are aware a singer is not going to be able to sound the same as when they were in their 20s. I really do like the idea of him playing solo piano versions of his catalogue and telling stories in between each, but maybe that's just not the kind of show he'd want to put on.
  16. Interesting theory Lew, although the wiki page for "I'm All Out Of Love" seems to suggest otherwise. I don't think Clive ever had any ambitions to be a songwriter, and for that song he apparently only changed one line of lyric in the chorus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Out_of_Love
  17. Totally agree Lew, with the lead vocal removed you realize just how much else is going on in the mix. The production is great on this track, and I can see why Eric initially wanted this song to be his lead single.
  18. Haha, you're right about that Kirk! I missed the timestamps on the other comments, sorry about that. Awesome to see this thread though.
  19. Thanks for bumping this thread Helen! I had no idea the Raspberries performed at Disneyland. Interesting that Eric completely lost his voice, I'd be terrified if that ever happened. Good thing it came back and we got decades of great vocal performances to follow.
  20. Three weeks ago, wow! A little late to the party, but I can relate haha. I only had a passing knowledge of some of his tunes until about 4 years ago when I finally started to dig deeper into his discography. I won't say too much about Eric's appearance since he doesn't make many public appearances to begin with anymore, but there have definitely been some surgical procedures done based on the occasional video and publicity photo I've seen. I just hope at the end of the day that he's happy with the way he looks, because that's all that truly matters.
  21. Man, I'd love to see Eric perform live once in my life, vocals or not. But I totally understand if he no longer wishes to perform. He's had a career that many could only dream about and deserves to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor. That being said, If he ever changes his mind, I need to be put on a mailing list or something 🤣
  22. Haven't recorded any new ones recently but I'm still practicing and playing near-daily (including a lot of Eric's material).
  23. The short version is that the tensions between Wally and Eric had reached critical mass, and basically they had a disagreement that turned into a physical altercation; Wally dragged Eric by the hair outside and swung him into a tree. According to the book Scott McCarl had to hit Wally with his gig bag and knock the wind out of him to get him to stop.
  24. It was an awesome and insightful read; the photos were a real treat too! Thanks for putting all of it together.
  25. What a bummer, seems like it could've been a great release. I definitely would have purchased it to have sheet music for some of the tracks from Change of Heart and the Geffen album.
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