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  1. Solid speculation LC,

    Eric sounded somewhat envious of the career Billy Joel was able to carve out at Columbia, although as you mentioned, Joel didn't really "break out" until The Stranger. I'm sure the label still would've been on his radar nonetheless, plenty of great artists had already done very well there.

    Though Eric and Elton are pretty different artists, that's probably the closest comparison during that era, so MCA would've probably made sense as a label for Eric. Who knows how things would have gone if he had signed with them instead.

    Personally, even though the Arista situation was not the most ideal, usually with record companies it never is. I'm very glad we got four solid albums from Eric with them, not to mention "MMLC" later down the line. The self-titled album and "All By Myself" did incredibly well and I imagine gave Eric some well-deserved financial comfort (at least until the lawsuits)

    I'm glad his music continues to get licensed for film and TV. His work has already proven to stand the test of time, and I hope any lack of success from back in the day has been vindicated for him.

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  2. Rocksmith is actually a really neat guitar learning tool. It kinda took the concept of Guitar Hero (with those cheap plastic guitar controllers) and applied it to real instruments. Cool to see they've got some Rasperries on there.

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  3. I love how the commenter "gets" the video way more than the actual reviewer. I actually did a breakdown of the video in a college course I took and really like their idea of the whole narrative being from the perspective of the girl on the beach.

    There's admittedly a lot going on in the video, and I'm not entirely sure even the director had a clear/concise story in mind, but it's a fantastic promo for a great song nonetheless. Had a great mix of '80s flair and '50s nostalgia, was highly visually stimulating, and complemented the song incredibly well.

    I would not be surprised if the video had a lot to do with catapulting the song to number 3.

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  4. I'm amazed that a record producer with the level of industry cred like Gus Dungeon can have essentially zero musical theory knowledge. To me it it's not too far removed from a doctor that didn't go to medical school. Can't argue with his success producing Elton John though.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

    IMPORTANT: Everyone needs to rewatch the video! A mono version was initially uploaded to YouTube. The proper stereo mix is now online.

    Definitely worth a replay (or ten or twenty)!

    I was wondering about that; honestly it sounded darn good in mono! The stereo of course is phenomenal though.

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