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  1. Wow, looks like I have some requests! I'll work them up when I have the time and see if I can do them any justice.
  2. It would probably depend on the song, but I could see what I could do, given the accompaniment isn't too intricate or the vocals don't go too high. We all know Eric loved his complex chord changes and soaring vocal melodies.
  3. I just have to echo LC's comment about that version of "Boats," holy SMOKES, that was spine-tinglingly good. The amount of fire and passion in the vocal delivery was just absolutely incredible. Thanks for sharing, Lew.
  4. Thanks Bernie, means a lot! And I just want to say that I'm so glad this space exists and that so many of us get to cherish and celebrate his work in such a wonderful way. I know Eric was at least partially aware of the sizable impact his work had on others, but it's hard to really fully wrap one's head around the level of influence he has had around the world. Sure, we might be the superfans, but beyond us, millions and millions have heard his records over the years, and he was able to reach and touch so many. Reading Marathon Man, I get the feeling that some aspects of his career didn't quite pan out the way he had hoped ("Great Expectations" anyone?), but I sincerely hope that he was able to look back on his accomplishments with no doubts as to his lasting legacy. Eric's music for me was, and still is, life-changing; the amount of sheer joy and happiness his work has brought to my life is immeasurable, and that's why these songs keep getting played in my house day after day, month after month, year after year. He occupies a very exclusive list (alongside Barry Gibb and Billy Joel amongst a few others) of artists that I could play a dozen or more of his songs just from memory; these songs mean that much to me. And that's just my personal anecdote. This site is proof of the importance of his work. The wave of media coverage celebrating his life and career is proof. Life may be fleeting, but the music is forever.
  5. Also, I forgot to mention that the songs are in the original keys except for "I Wanna Be With You," as while I could squeak out some C#5's in "Tonight" for a split second or two, it wasn't gonna happen in the chorus for IWBWY with those extended held notes. Eric was a lovely natural tenor, whereas I'm a baritone trying his hardest to reach the tenor range. The key for IWBWY was actually inspired by Eric and the boys themselves, they did this great "unplugged" version that has a really lovely, more mature and contemplative approach.
  6. Thank you LC. That was another reason I hadn't really recorded these sooner; they're deeper cuts so I could never find proper sheet music for them. I kind of had to pick out notes and chords by ear just listening to the records to even attempt to play them on piano, and I tend to play very rhythmically above all else. Eric definitely had a wonderful gift for intricate piano accompaniment.
  7. Thank you for the wonderful responses. They are definitely songs that aren't easy to sing, which is why I think I was afraid in the past to even try to cover them. But I often played them just for myself regardless of any plans to share. Especially with the news, the rawness and emotion definitely came through on these songs tonight. Admittedly it was difficult for me to even get through what I could.
  8. Eric's music has always had a spot in my house, but its even more true than ever now with the news of his passing. I'm no professional musician, but Eric's compositions helped rekindle my love for singing and piano playing, and I'm forever grateful for that. I did a few little phone demos tonight to honor of this great man and his wonderful catalogue, and also give back in the small way I can to this wonderful online community. Rest in peace to a musical legend. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qhu9vIA7lmdiYLqFajuMjRu1oKzswiOs?usp=drive_link
  9. This news came as a huge shock; like others, I must admit getting sleep has been difficult. My deepest condolences go out to the friends and family that were close to him; can't even imagine what they must be going through. What's beautiful is that Eric's music has enriched many, many lives, and will continue to do so for decades to come. His status as a music legend was something he worked hard to achieve, and it was well deserved and earned. For me personally, his music will always stay in my rotation; I always felt his music speak to me on a deep, personal level, even though I never got the privilege to meet him. It'll be a little more bittersweet now, but that resonance will always be there. Bless Eric for bringing peace and joy to so many. He will be dearly missed.
  10. "There are no syrupy ballads this time around..." I genuinely like a lot of TYM, but that's just factually inaccurate. 🤣
  11. Solid speculation LC, Eric sounded somewhat envious of the career Billy Joel was able to carve out at Columbia, although as you mentioned, Joel didn't really "break out" until The Stranger. I'm sure the label still would've been on his radar nonetheless, plenty of great artists had already done very well there. Though Eric and Elton are pretty different artists, that's probably the closest comparison during that era, so MCA would've probably made sense as a label for Eric. Who knows how things would have gone if he had signed with them instead. Personally, even though the Arista situation was not the most ideal, usually with record companies it never is. I'm very glad we got four solid albums from Eric with them, not to mention "MMLC" later down the line. The self-titled album and "All By Myself" did incredibly well and I imagine gave Eric some well-deserved financial comfort (at least until the lawsuits) I'm glad his music continues to get licensed for film and TV. His work has already proven to stand the test of time, and I hope any lack of success from back in the day has been vindicated for him.
  12. I can play a serviceable rhythm guitar on occasion, certainly not my strong-suit haha!
  13. Lew, it's in there, it's just been chopped on the butcher's block and retimed/pitch-shifted so hard it's almost not the same sound
  14. Rocksmith is actually a really neat guitar learning tool. It kinda took the concept of Guitar Hero (with those cheap plastic guitar controllers) and applied it to real instruments. Cool to see they've got some Rasperries on there.
  15. "there are few that can resist salivating at such sweet sound as Rasperries lead singer Eric Carmen's voice." Listen, I love Eric's vocals, but damn, this writer is trying hard to sell it 🤣
  16. I love how the commenter "gets" the video way more than the actual reviewer. I actually did a breakdown of the video in a college course I took and really like their idea of the whole narrative being from the perspective of the girl on the beach. There's admittedly a lot going on in the video, and I'm not entirely sure even the director had a clear/concise story in mind, but it's a fantastic promo for a great song nonetheless. Had a great mix of '80s flair and '50s nostalgia, was highly visually stimulating, and complemented the song incredibly well. I would not be surprised if the video had a lot to do with catapulting the song to number 3.
  17. Wow, I usually expect a butchering when I hear something's been sampled, but that was a whole new level. Honestly I probably wouldn't have picked it out if it weren't for knowing what it was ahead of time. I must say, that is a "transformative" sample.... almost unrecognizable.
  18. I honestly think Eric is in good company on the upper half of the list for the most part. The number rankings seem pretty arbitrary though.
  19. I'm amazed that a record producer with the level of industry cred like Gus Dungeon can have essentially zero musical theory knowledge. To me it it's not too far removed from a doctor that didn't go to medical school. Can't argue with his success producing Elton John though.
  20. This song should've been recorded and put on the Geffen album. It has "standard" written all over it!
  21. If anyone's wondering, I bought the shirt, even haggled a few bucks off for it 😁
  22. Here's the direct link to the YouTube video, the boys do a great job on this one:
  23. Great interview and write-up! I really enjoyed reading through it, although I feel like ending the story with an "All By Myself" joke cheapened it a little.
  24. Is there a video available for the Arista Merv Griffin episode? Not only am I a fan of Eric's, but also Melissa Manchester's; it would be awesome to see them both together.
  25. Yeah, even if the band wasn't going through personal turmoil, the low sales probably would've gotten them dropped. Starting Over unfortunately only peaked at a measly #143 on the Billboard Top 200.
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