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  1. I don't personally own The Essential yet since I pretty much own everything contained on the domestic release, but importing the Japanese version is mighty tempting for the demos and rarities.
  2. I hadn't seen that forum yet. Some interesting points were brought up, but they were definitely hard to take seriously when backhanded jabs were being constantly tossed in. Makes me wonder if these people have ever tried to make music of their own...
  3. I was wondering about that; honestly it sounded darn good in mono! The stereo of course is phenomenal though.
  4. Yeah, I imagine some tough calls had to be made. I guess I just wish there was a bit more effort made to pull more equally from each album. The 1975 S/T and Boats each have 6 tracks represented (which makes sense, they're his best-selling and there's great material), but only two tracks from Tonight You're Mine and one track from the Geffen almost seems like neglect for his later work. TYM is a good song that I like, but I think "Foolin' Myself" would've been the better essential track if I had to choose.
  5. Fresh is just such a strong album, still my personal favorite of theirs.
  6. It's debatable if these ads were helping or hurting the band's image, but clearly the marketing department had some fun with these. The whole ingredients list shtick reminds me of a later ad from RSO for the Bee Gees' Main Course album.
  7. I know Eric loves "The Way We Used to Be," but I think I would've put "I'm Through with Love" in its place on the Essential CD. I imagine they were dead-set on keeping it to two CDs, but it's a bit of a shame only one track from the Geffen album got squeezed on there.
  8. Great packaging and design work! Too bad it never got put out, really like the track.
  9. Burton is another great performer; I do concur that like Eric, who had Wally bring out the best in him with the Raspberries, Burton was even better when he was with Randy Bachman. Here's a great live performance of the both of them doing "Undun."
  10. What an absolute treat! Thanks for posting this Bernie.
  11. Pretty sure Paul's voice naturally had the highest range, so I would not be surprised if it was him on overdubs.
  12. According to Marathon Man, and just listening to his first studio album, he was listening to Beach Boys/Brian Wilson almost religiously. I wonder if he still listens to albums like Pet Sounds frequently or if he burnt himself out on them.
  13. WOW! The sheer power and projection.... especially on that note for that long, incredible!
  14. Not exactly sure what's being picked out in those four seconds, but I think Eric and Paul do sound quite similar generally speaking. It's likely that Paul's vocal delivery influenced Eric, but he mentions in Marathon Man that he never had to try all that hard to sound like McCartney. It's also possible they both just naturally have comparable vocal timbres.
  15. Clive and co. cheaped out at the final push 😄
  16. "She Remembered" has one of my favorite middle eights ever. It's so melodically rich, but the slightly odd time signature and Eric's vocal delivery make it sound so conversational. Gives me goosebumps.
  17. That C#5 is a pain in the butt, I don't blame 'em 🤣
  18. Old thread, I know, but I wanted to chime in since I think this is an interesting topic. I'm honestly a little surprised by the amount of posts about songs from the Change of Heart album. Maybe I just really enjoy the late 70s disco tinged sound, but I think "Haven't We Come a Long Way" is a great track: excellent vocal, decent instrumentation, and a few clever chord changes (as per usual with Eric). It is clear the song was a little rushed though, as there's some bum piano hits and the bass clearly plays a wrong note during the fade. I also think his cover of "Baby I Need Your Lovin" is solid; he really makes it his own in my opinion. For worst Eric song I'd have to agree with other posters that mentioned "You Need Some Lovin" off of Tonight You're Mine. Admittedly, I didn't warm up to the whole album right away, but now I enjoy pretty much everything on there except that track. I feel like even Eric knew it was kinda weak by sequencing it right at the end of the album.
  19. Sucks that a musician and songwriter of Eric's calibur can't justify a new album financially. The music industry has shifted drastically, and whereas the studio albums used to make the lion's share of the money (remember when touring was to "support an album?"), now musicians basically make the majority of their living off of live shows. Especially considering Eric's long career, that drive to get on the road is understandably diminished. As a fellow musician that likes to record music and "use the studio as an instrument," it is sad that it's nearly impossible to make it worthwhile as anything other than a hobby.
  20. Fantastic performance! No doubt Eric is singing live, although the backing is probably pre-recorded. Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes also hit it out of the park. Great vocals, but their stage chemistry is also great to see.
  21. Yeah... don't know how to feel about this one. It's supposed to be a parody of other biopics, but the trailer did not do the best job conveying that. I may still give it a watch, but I won't set my expectations all that high.
  22. Honestly the disconnect between Oliver and Eric about the song illustrates the power of effective songwriting. Eric, like many other successful songwriters, has this incredible knack for writing emotive yet somewhat open-ended lyrics that allow for interpretation by the listener. This allows people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, to attach themselves to the meaning of the song. Maybe Eric didn't write "Light the Way" as a war anthem, but that's how Oliver viewed it, and he sells it as such in his recording. That's to me what makes good music, when different people can pull their own meaning out of a track.
  23. Yeah, it seems like the link is broken, but it's still available to listen to on YouTube: I also agree with the sentiments of others in this thread (many from a decade ago now, haha). I like "My Heart Stops," but this is the better song for my money. Clive had a high success rate, but he missed a potential hit here.
  24. Which is hilarious, considering in another interview from 1987 when Eric was promoting "Hungry Eyes"/Dirty Dancing, Dick mentions something like "when you were here a thousand years ago with the Raspberries." I know he hosted a LOT of shows, but c'mon. Eric had been on Bandstand at least a few times by the time Change of Heart was out.
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