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  1. I personally thought Eric sounded decently at home with the style on those two singles. It's atypical of most of his other work, but I see that as a positive actually. Even within his released efforts, he ran quite the gamut of genres and influences. Heck, just compare the differences between a song like "My Girl" to "Tonight You're Mine;" a pretty stark contrast if you ask me. I will say a genre I never expected him to explore was country/western. Turns out, he did a demo of one and better yet, it's on YouTube! At first I didn't think it was even him singing, as he nails the slight twang and low vocal range in the verses; the choruses sound much more like the vocal performance style I've come to expect from him. The writing does seem a little weak when compared to his typical standard of quality, but regardless, it's been stuck in my head since first hearing it the other night: "High Cost of Loving (Demo)":
  2. I just found these two tracks today; it appears as if they were slated to be released as both sides of a single for Epic Records, even being given a catalog number (10669) before ultimately getting shelved. It's unfortunate that these never got an official release because they're two wonderful songs: both are quite well written, tastefully arranged, and feature the quality vocal performances typical of most of Mr. Carmen's material. Most importantly to me though, they're unique in that they showcase a style that he never really explored either with the Raspberries or his solo work. "It Won't Be The Same" in particular reminds me of a bombastic Phil Spector-type production in all the best possible ways, and "I'll Hold Out My Hand" is yet another wonderful Carmen ballad that's distinct in its arrangement and sonics to anything else he's done. The YouTube tracks linked below are serviceable in terms of sound quality for unreleased work, but I'd really love to one-day hear these in their full glory. I wonder if Eric even has any versions of these laying around... Anyways, enough of my ramblings, enjoy! "It Won't Be The Same": "I'll Hold Out My Hand":
  3. Thanks for the kind words James! "Fanny" would be a bit of a daunting task to cover, but I think it's still within the realm of possibility. Although, even the Bee Gees themselves went on record saying they didn't do the song live because the vocal layers were so complex! Main Course is easily within my top 3 Bee Gees albums. It usually vies for the top spot with Spirits Having Flown and Odessa. However, most of their albums are great IMO. There are only a couple I'm lukewarm on, but that's pretty good considering there's over 20 of 'em!
  4. Agreed LC, "romantic" seems like a strange adjective to attach to "Last Night," but otherwise it was quite a nice review!
  5. Wonderful and classy write-up. Totally agree with the author!
  6. It might be my favorite Bee Gees song period! I actually did a multi tracked vocal cover a while back as I was that in love with the song! The brothers' harmonies are absolutely incredible on it. Fanny is another one from the Main Course album that blows me away with every listen.
  7. I stand corrected then! I thought for sure that NGFILA hit top 10 (you must admit that 11 is quite close). I think my point overall still stands though. Top 20 hits aren't something to just write off as marginal achievements. I think the writing style really just bothered me. It's clear to me through their word choice that they don't think all that highly of Carmen.
  8. A somewhat enjoyable read, but also a bit snarky and factually incorrect. Anyone who's done a bit of research would know that "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again" (which was the follow-up to ABM) also hit the top ten. Plus he had top 20s with "She Did It" and "Change of Heart." I hate when writers try to make it sound like Eric had no real success between ABM and "Hungry Eyes." EDIT: The part about Kid Leo and Scott Shannon was cool though.
  9. I'd love to see Eric come back on here again. Unfortunately I only discovered this site in the last couple months, but I've at least had the chance to comb though some of the old threads with his posts. Some of his insights have been a joy to read, and I wish he'd share more.
  10. Great find Lew! I hadn't heard those stories before. I can sort of relate with Eric, as I've written a handful of songs and the music always seems to come more naturally than the lyrics.
  11. I wouldn't call myself a huge Burton Cummings fan or anything, but I really do like a lot of the Guess Who's greatest hits ("American Woman," "These Eyes," "Laughing," etc...) and his first solo single "Stand Tall" is an absolute classic. I've been meaning to do some exploring of his discography since I've liked pretty much everything I've heard so far.
  12. Well shoot, maybe it is legit! I may have to do some searching for that broadcast.
  13. Hey Lew, I live on the west coast, so it's really not that late here! As far as the duet, it appeared on one of Louise's albums, titled Dreamin'. No single release according to Discogs, but it's also on her Best Of compilation.
  14. This is a nice little gem I found on YouTube the other night. It's so incredibly 80's cheese, but I love it regardless. I wouldn't have ever imagined Eric singing the theme from Growing Pains, but I'm glad it happened! I had no idea who Louise Mandrell was, apparently she was quite the country star in the '80s and had hits doing Carmen's songs like "Maybe My Baby" and "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips."
  15. Some really nice write-ups about Eric here. His voice is truly one of a kind, and I'm jealous of his ability to hit C5's in chest voice like they're nothing. I did notice on "Brand New Year" that there were some falsetto notes, but I had figured that maybe he had backing vocalists doing those. It's great to hear that he discovered that part of his register again! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only other time he reached into full-on falsetto was during the "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" demo.
  16. Carson looked like such an adorable dog. I'm sorry to hear about his passing. Dogs are truly man's best friend, and losing one is like losing a member of the family. My sincerest condolences to Eric & Amy.
  17. It seems like a very plausible explanation, although we won't know for sure unless Hall and/or Oates confirm it. The reference on the Wikipedia page just points to this thread!
  18. I absolutely loathe this style of writing, and unfortunately it's all over the internet. They pretend to be impartial by throwing in a backhanded compliment here and there, but really they just want to hound on the artist. I've seen similar articles written about Billy Joel and the Bee Gees as well. It's sad that these writers have nothing better or more positive to put their energy towards.
  19. I really enjoyed that podcast. Eric and Greg had a great rapport together. I'm also personally glad they focused on his music career rather than talking politics the whole time. I'm not a huge fan of Fox (or cable news networks in general) but Gutfeld seems like a great guy who's genuinely into music.
  20. That would be awesome Bernie! It sure would save me a lot of work!
  21. Thanks James! I love all three songs but "Boats" is extra special to me. Also I think I was really stoked I had got through the other two without any major mistakes as "Boats" is the easiest out of the three to play on piano, at least in this arrangement. Of course, it makes up for it by being the hardest vocally! I wish I could sing it as silky smooth as Eric does on the recording!
  22. Thanks for the pointer Kirk. I still have a feeling this one will take me a while though! I think I'll probably need to transcribe it to sheet music before I start learning it, which is a whole other process in and of itself. I don't believe anyone has notated the piano part for this and made it public online. For the medley I was lucky enough to find some brand new original sheet music books for Eric's first two albums on eBay. It didn't have the solo for All By Myself, but I was able to find that online separately. I want to also do "She Did It" but the vocal on that one is brutal so I'm still working on it
  23. Wow. Just wow. I can tolerate John Travolta's NGFILA, and I had regrettably heard the Michael Damian version of "She Did It" before, but that Babes in Toyland cover takes the cake for the absolute worst! I can't imagine anyone listening to that unironically.
  24. Thanks for the kind words Kirk! I love Starting Over as well but to be honest I'm not entirely sure I have the piano chops for that one! I'll have to see if there's some sheet music available for it somewhere online. There's no way I can pick out what Eric's playing on that one by ear!
  25. Hi again Eric Carmen community! I recently recorded a three-song medley of Eric's songs that I wanted to share with you all. It is a live recording so there are some mistakes; my nerves sped me through the piano solo and I can't hit the high notes in Boats as effortlessly as Eric does, but I still gave it a decent shot. I hope you enjoy!
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