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  1. What an odd approach to this song; the organ, the slowed down vocals, everything... I find anytime that vocals are artificially slowed down, it gives the performance a slurred, almost drunk sounding delivery, and this is no exception. It's like the boys got hammered before going into a church to sing 😄
  2. I love this guy, you can tell he's a big Eric fan too... 7 different Carmen compositions as covers!
  3. Well said John! I hope (somewhat selfishly) it's not the end of Eric's recorded output but if it were, it would be a high note to end on for sure. I just got the Record Store Day 7" version in the mail today and had a listen. The alternate, more sparse mix without drums is a nice variation to the mix that appears on the Essential CD.
  4. I loved "Make Me Lose Control" from the moment I first heard it, and the demo is such a gem of a find. While I like the original subject matter of the demo's lyrics, I imagine it got changed in part due to the fact that it's not really a rock'n'roll number. The revised lyrics kept the nostalgic feel but probably made it easier to market. Anyways, the demo is great to hear, especially with Eric doing all the background vocals too. I think I read in the past that Jimmy Ienner was the reason Eric only sang lead on the final track because, apparently to Ienner, his backing vocals sounded too much like the Beach Boys (which is a good thing if you ask me), but alas...
  5. Awesome interview! I actually just picked up Starting Over last Saturday from the record shop and had refrained listening to it until I got a copy. I was quite impressed in particular by Scott's contributions to the album. His story of joining the band was awesome to hear.
  6. Hey guys and gals, the vinyl singles are now for sale for those interested! Thanks for even considering to purchase this release, I'm really happy with the way it turned out. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1854106804
  7. Yeah Bernie, the whole thing is fishy. The album art for the release looks really pro, which probably fooled a lot of people into thinking it's legit. But the name of the release is taken from a line in a song that doesn't even appear in the set (wrong decade) and the source must be a second hand copy or deteriorated tape since I heard pretty noticable dropouts in some the songs.
  8. It's a shame that some people feel the need to ruin an otherwise good thing. I happen to stream on Twitch.tv quite a bit and I have to deal with a similar dynamic; 99% of the people are very cool and respectful, but that 1% that's not is all it takes to put a damper on the mood. It's better to ban those people I say; no need to bend over backwards for them when all they're here to do is to cause trouble. Thanks for your work Bernie!
  9. Sorry for bumping an old thread but this song deserves more attention! Bernie and the boys did a great job polishing up the demo; there's some great production and playing in their version, which I believe might be buried somewhere on this site, but I was able to find it on YouTube. I seem to recall reading in the anecdotes from Marathon Man that Eric really didn't have much to do with the writing of the song, but man does he nail the vocal.
  10. Part of me hopes that the "Keep This Feelin' Alive" (odd title) broadcast would get a vinyl release, but I don't think it'll happen. It's really a great set of tunes at a great time in Eric's burgeoning solo career. It's odd how it really got released digitally out of seemingly nowhere.
  11. Nice list RCT! Looking at yours makes me wish I had squeezed a few more from Eric's debut album onto mine; he really came out swinging for the fences on that first record. As for the waltz feel on "Change of Heart," Rhonda hit the nail on the head. Technically, that piano demo isn't a waltz since it is played in 4/4, however the way Eric emphasizes certain beats ingratiates a little bit of that feel. The easiest way I can explain what he's doing in the demo is to count each pulse on the piano. He is playing in 4/4, which is standard pop, but he's playing eighth notes, so each measure gets eight hits (from one to eight). You'll notice that he emphasizes the downbeat (or one) as we would expect. But whereas the typical pop song would probably place emphasis on the 5 as that would also be a "downbeat," Eric instead emphasizes a eighth note early on 4. This gives the song more of a driving feel, as well as a bit of a waltz type sway. Hopefully that made sense haha. I've had musical training for most of my life so I take some of these concepts for granted.
  12. I don't know if you've heard this piano demo or not LC, but this may help you get an idea for the waltz feel that Eric initially had in mind for "Change of Heart." I do admit the production on the album version is perhaps less timeless than it could have been, so I could see getting left cold by it. But c'mon, that bridge! 😄
  13. Thanks for bumping this LC! I never got to do this so here's my 15: She Did It (after the melancholy of All By Myself and NGFILA, this was a ray of sunshine; masterful vocals by Eric) Boats Against the Current (probably the better song compared to She Did It, but also a more situational listen) I'm Through With Love (spine-tingling for a one-take demo piano/vocal) Make Me Lose Control (solid follow-up to Hungry Eyes, and the better song imo) Never Gonna Fall in Love Again (my favorite from the S/T 1975 album) It Hurts Too Much (this should've been a smash, deserved far more promotion from Arista) My Girl (excellent Brian Wilson inspired masterpiece with clever chord changes throughout) Love is All That Matters (absolutely lovely melody) Haven't We Come A Long Way (I think even Eric considered this "lightweight," but it works for me) All By Myself (this probably deserves to be higher, but it's been oversaturated) Foolin' Myself (my favorite ballad from the TYM album) Change of Heart (not everyone's favorite, but I see how it hit top 20, plus the bridge is killer) The Way We Used to Be (up there with Though With Love from the 1985 album) Great Expectations (underrated gem from the 1975 album, love the Tin Pan Alley slant) Someday (doesn't really fit thematically on Change of Heart, but it's a killer B-side)
  14. I've always enjoyed the lyricism of the song personally; I think there are some lovely poetic moments in the word choice. But... I must admit that hearing the melody in this new light does seem to bring it to the fore in a way that no human voice quite could, regardless of how talented a singer (like Eric) is.
  15. What really impresses me about the slow version is how relatively effortless Eric still manages to sing the melody, despite the fact that the notes have been stretched to be significantly longer than in the original recording. Those high notes aren't easy to sing for brief moments, let alone sustained in the way he manages to pull off on that slow version. I really like both approaches to the song; it's hard to choose which one I like better since they each have their own flair.
  16. "The Way We Used to Be" is one of those songs (among many in Eric's discography specifically) that gives me chills every time I listen to it; this version is no exception.
  17. Thanks for reposting that thread, LC. I too wish I could've been privy to this site and Eric's music while he was still active on here; some of the anecdotes and insights he shared on here were incredibly fascinating. But hey, we at least have some of these archived threads to ooh and ahh over.
  18. I would not doubt it at all if some "Let's Pretend" sneaked in there subconsciously! Thanks for the kind words. I hope to get some more songs out for sure.
  19. Congrats to Cyndi! She's a great artist and the "She's So Unusual" album was such a phenomenal debut album; talk about swinging a home-run right out of the gate!
  20. I'd seen this one while perusing through YouTube before; that's a great cover. I'm jealous of this dude's range and vocal clarity; I can barely sing this song in the original key on a good day at 24 🤣
  21. I've heard a handful of cover songs where a word or two gets altered here or there, and a lot of times I just chalked it up to a simple mishearing of the lyrics. Especially in the pre-internet age, it is very possible that the cover artist flubbed the word because that's what they thought they heard on the original record, even moreso if lyrics were never printed with the record or it never got sheet music. However in the case of Frankie Valli, it's odd, since Eric's album DID have the lyrics printed in the gatefold, plus it got a songbook, and the lyric undoubtedly says "perfection." So if Valli did mistakenly say "affection" instead, he clearly wasn't looking at a lyric sheet or bothered to double-check the accuracy of the lyrics. And if he did intentionally change the word, I have to wonder why. Like others have said above, it really doesn't make much sense in the context of the thoughts surrounding it. I'll admit I'm not the biggest Frankie Valli fan, but I do own an album of his and some of the stuff he did with the Four Seasons. His piercing falsetto was incredibly impressive, however at other times the nasality of his tone puts me off, as is the case in this recording; it doesn't hold a candle to Eric's delivery in my opinion. I'm sure it was flattering to Eric to have someone of Valli's caliber cover the song, but I'm sure the changed lyric didn't thrill him, especially after reading his bio and the agony he went through to get every single lyric just right on the Boats album.
  22. Haha Lew! I turned 24 at the end of last September, and my brother is 22. The photo we used for the artwork is admittedly a few years old at this point!
  23. I forgot to mention this too (I don't know if anyone else picked up on this), but the chord changes right before the pre-chorus on "Stay in this Moment" were directly inspired by a similar set of changes Eric did in "Haven't We Come A Long Way," which is another favorite of mine.
  24. Thanks for the permission Bernie. I did actually place an order to get some 7" singles made back in October, but obviously the whole vinyl pressing process takes a considerable amount of time. The pressing plant's quote estimates a late March completion date, but the timeframe is a loose one. I did order some test pressings as well, which they'll have me approve first before the whole batch is stamped. I'll be sure to post here again once I have them in hand. Once they're here, I'll be selling them through my discogs storefront: https://www.discogs.com/seller/kyletx500/profile In the meantime, I guess I could go ahead and share the song that'll be the on the flip side of the record. This song was primarily conceived by my brother, who wrote and played most of the instruments on it. We decided to try something different and do all the vocal tracks in unison, which I think ended up sounding really unique. Hope y'all enjoy this one too.
  25. First of all, thanks for the kind words everyone. I've recorded a handful of original tunes over the last few years, but this is the first one that really came out "right" and I can feel legitimately proud of; the writing and recording really meshed in a good way. Thanks for echoing that sentiment, it really means a lot. You guys definitely picked up on the Raspberries influence, although I guess I didn't really attempt to hide it all that much 🤣 IWBWY is my favorite Raspberries song and I was certainly going for something similar, although since I'm a pianist by nature things definitely mellowed out a bit. Some of Eric's ballads, including "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight" and "Someone That You Loved Before," were definitely inspirations as well.
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