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  1. Same place, tonight at The Winchester. Music Hall. Wally is back, struttin' his stuff. He said, in the past, that he's been a good boy, going along with things. Sorry for the late notice. Just posted five days ago. Who knows, which musicians will be there. I was readiong, and just found it, reading.
  2. MikeC


    People still talk about The Raspberries on the radio.( Last January, during The Beatles anniversary).
  3. Cool pic, Teresa. Dave, that could be short stories and brief moments
  4. Back playing again, this time with The Surf City All-Stars (See their tour dates, with several artists, this year) is David Marks and Al Jardine ( See their tour dates, also ). .David and Al play on separate dates, then together with the all-star band. Surf City played a tribute concert called Remembering Ricky Nelson, with his sons Gunnar and Mathew Nelson, in January. Later on a cruise, in November, joining The Surf City All-Stars will be Dion, The Temptations,, Peter Noone, Brenda Lee, Jay Black, Martha Beverly , Joe Piscopo, etc.
  5. MikeC


    I was going to post this on a recent interview, by Eric. I personally could see Eric performing along with Peter Cetera, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, etc. The point is that more people get interested. Remember, they have fans on facebook, too. You can build up the concert that, way, for sure. Hey, you could bring in a comedian. Well known or not. Just good jokes. I've often heard bands say that they make more money performing than any other way. They bring T-Shirts, CD's, signed photographs, Meet-And-Greet, etc. Some give away CD's, sometimes, too, because they make money by performing at the shows. Here are a few, this summer-KISS and Def Leppard. Boston and Cheap Trick/Barry Gibb, A Bee Gees Tribute, with family members playing in the band. Olivia Newton John, who performs 'Grease' songs at The Donny and Marie Osnond Theater, at The Flaming Casino, in Las Vegas.
  6. Remember, Eric, there are bands perforrming together, this year. And, The Raspberries were mentioned twice, on the same radio show during the big Beatles anniversary week. The host said, "That's the second time, tonight, that The Raspberries have been mentioned. People had called in, talking about music, bands, and The Beatles.
  7. Good, Dave, for starting this. I'm the same way. I wonder what people might think. And I try to explain my thoughts, to be not misunderstood.
  8. Cheap Trick will be joining them. I don't know wherther or not that's for more than one concert. Or, if Bosto Band will play with different music bands.
  9. Paul Stanley, of KISS, said the latter band members should be inducted, because they have played on multiplatinum albums, and toured with them. He mentioned that a writer for the Grateful Dead was inducted, and he wasn't a band member. I see it as an induction for the other two (The recent two members). Hey, they could always walk in at the induction, with two fingers [On the same hand} supporting the other two}. Or, one finger on each hand......Wooops, might raise the wrong "one finger" on each hand. HAH! KISS has announced a summer tour, with Def Leppard. Paul Stanley says they are thrilled about it. Def Leppard is a theatrical style band, like KISS. But, Paul said there probably won't be rock guitar jams. Most likely two separate concerts, without both bands playing on stage at the same tim.
  10. I agree with Craig. And although it's a thourough voting group, thebands on the bottom of the pile might not get in for 10 or 20 years, since only the top five get in, each year. So, you need more people voting. And, with one of the music awards shows, artists won, in their category, because they had the most listeners on soundcloud, etc. But, not because of CD or Album sales.
  11. Bruce is playing at a Free Concert Festival in Dallas, on April 10th, I think. Maybe musicians on his new album will be there to perfrom, too. On Friday, The Killers, with another famous artist. Saturday, Tim McGraw,etc.
  12. MikeC

    I Was There

    Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees has started performences, again. A tribute to his brothers. Some of their familiy being in the new tribute band.
  13. Just like it was only yesterday.
  14. And, just recently, they had a dispute over whiich members, from the beginning or more recently would play at The RHOF. It came to a boi after one of the original members called a radio station . And has been decided to enjoy that day without any members playing songs. Hopefully, they can play something.
  15. I agree with them. And a download version would have sounded too compressed, I think. All the sounds would not be as clear as a CD sound.
  16. Thank you to all the engineers on the album. From me, that means I will always remember you. Of course, not until March 25th, when it is available then. Like your insights, Natalia. Always entertaining. And everyone else. Eric, I'm glad that, now, you are rediscovering the best versions of your songs. And to see your talent from the past. We always have tried our best to encourage you. When I post, that's what I was trying to do, too. Excellent on leaving the reverb and effects on your voice out. I wonder if all the reverbs from the other sounds on a song actually have an effect on the vocal sound anyway. I guess that's a sound engineering question. Glad to hear about Steve. I wonder how he is doing. He used to have a radio show.
  17. Back on T.V. Wednesday, Feb. 12th at 8:00PM, but check your listings. The show had a high 13.35 Nielsen Rating, considering The Olympics were on. That night was a double show, The Grammy's with the tribute.
  18. What a time to celebrate. The Beatles, Eric's album, in the near future. Have a great time, this weekend.
  19. There is one more song at the end of the show tonight, chosen by fans at radio 100.3 The Sound, which played The Beatles top 50 songs. I left it out by mistake, having to read my own rapid hand writing before I typed. More or the pudding story. The Beatles would tell the talented chef downstairs how to make a particular pudding. The chef would try each time, but always received it back, with laughs from the boys. Don Was has his own Record Label, Blue Note Records. Elton John has a story on the web about recording until eight in the morning. George agreed to play, "Here Comes The Sun". George had musician friends, Joe Brown and Alvin Lee, who has played recently.
  20. Another station 100.3, The Sound srarts at (:00AM EST tomorrow. They put Patti's interview on K Earth 101, now. Mick Jones, of Foreigner said The Beatles used to order pudding and send it back. A joke with a five-star hotel chef. The Set List: Maroon 5- All My Lovin', Ticket To Ride John Mayer, Keith Urban- Don't Let Me Down Ed Sherren- In My Life Imagine Dragons- Rovolution Stevie Wonder-WE Can Work It Out Alicia Keys, John Legend - Let It Be Kate Perry- Yesterday Eurythmics (Reunited duo)- The Fool On A Hill Dave Grohl, Jeff Lynn- Hey Bulldog Brad Paisley, Pharell Williams- Here Comes The Sun (With Cirque Du Soleil performers ). Jeff Lynn Joe Walsh, Dhani Harrison- Something Gary Clark, Jr. Dave Grohl- While My Guitar Gently Weeps Ringo Starr- Matchbox, Boys, Yellow Submarine Paul McCatney-I Saw Her Standing There, Get Back, Bithday Song AllStars Together- SGt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, With A little Help Of My Friends
  21. Also add Aloe Vera, as it renews and heals our organs. I like Boccoli for it's Folic Acid Value. This is very good for men. Plus, maybe add liquid Vitamin B's for better abilities and with more enthusiasm to do things. Then last, I do stretching. Asian stylei I tilt my body, left and right to let the ribs massage the internal organs, producing more oxygen and better function. Otherwise, they just sit and stay still, all the time. And one lying down on the back Feet straight out, and like windshielf wipers left to right, 15 times right, and 15 tiimes left Then like pushing a brake pedal in a car, forward a little, and backward Finally, with the top toes only, not the foot, forward and backward, same amounts as before.
  22. In the Letterman interview, three fans talk about that historic night. 30 minutes have been added to the show. Also on Webcast, 50 Years Of The Beatles Sunday Shows start on CBS at 3:30PM EST, 6:30PM PST, Archival video, and The Beatles historic, artistic, and cultural impact on society. Lots of songs, and concluding with Ringo and Paul, then an allstar cast finishing. You can look up the Set List from the Grammy's Giles Martin helped produce the song structures. The producer told musicians not to be too respectful, because that is the tendency when they are in the audience. But to get the songs right in this moment. Peter Frampton (Guitar) , and Joe Was (Bass) are part of the House Band. Joe was the music conductor of the show. Their vynyl record values range from $750. to the rarest promotional 45 at $30,000 (Anna/ Ask Me Why- side two)
  23. Our bodies change, later. They lose things like hormones, which are found in protein shakes, Like L-acytlcarnine, and L- arginine. Because the body breaks down, it really needs the hormone boosts. Alot more green in the diet. One doctor now eats 80- 85% green foods. The vitamin Co Q10 brings energy back to the heart and muscles. It's part of what they are made of. About 60% or more is lost,at his age. Check out India, and how a town there has the lowest Alzheimers in the world. They eat curry.....
  24. That's good that he is on that. This show took 10 years for the producers to get all the songs, and talent together. Paul even asked the producer , "Can we talk about what you want me and Ringo to do?" Or something like that. Peter Frampton and Don Was hung out with Ringo backstage. Ringo said that he didn't know that the Ed Sullivan Show was popular. He was going to open hair salons in America, and almost missed his chance to play for the band. Look for photos, if they are there, from my post above. For the show, one of the Monte Python's actors narrates videos, Dhani is playing with some famous musicians, for the song he plays. Some people thought Ozzie was drunk. But someone told me, that is how he talks.
  25. Sunday, Feruary 9th, is the 50 year celebration, provided by musicians and Paul and Ringo. Ringo said all the Beatles are present in mind, when they play (Paraphrased) On Sunday night, they are adding David Letterman's interview with Paul and Ringo at the Ed Sullivan Theater. That was done after the Grammy Awards, I think. See the celebrations from Capitol Records, all weekend at K Earth 101 Radio, including today;s. Come on down, and bring your comfortable shoes for a possible walk there, because of parking. 9:00am PST and 12:00PM EST Beatles radio show on sunday http://Kearth101.cbslocal.com/ Ed Sullivan, and how Elvis wished them all the best success. And scroll down record values at http://www.moneymusic.com Plus, more celebrations all weekend: By K Earth 101 Radio. There are a lot of interviews, Backstage Grammy photos, etc. You might go there and see if you can replay stories from the radio of: Patti Boyd, George's first wife, now Eric Clapton's wife. Foreigner rock star story, how he was the opening act for The Beatles in 1964. Peter Asher, how Paul and John played a song for hin in his basement, before a lot of fame. Today, they replayed Ringo, then George. Ringo thought the band might last four years. George thought three months And Paul thought he wrote "Let It Be" ( which he really wrote. That was a joke!) Paul said how he woke up from a dream with a tune playing in his mind, and some words. Interviews this week about The Beatles from more musicians. Click on John Lennon photo about how he met Paul. Scroll down for behind-the-scenes photos from this year's Grammy Awards. One is with two Paul's: Mccartney and Williams
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