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  1. I heard Paul, and Tim Piper ( who puts on a John Lennon show), on Mother's Day radio broadcast,

    talking about songs for that day. Tim played a few bars of Elvis's "Love Me Tender".

    Paul sounded a little tired. maybe it started a month ago.

    It might be one of those things that go out, but over a few months, instead of weeks.


    There was something going around, and some people took two months or more, to recover.

    Mine lasted over one month.

    Usually, blowing my nose, especially after sleeping.

    Then walking, swimming helped reduce the nose problems.

    Sitting in the hot room, or steam room for a few minutes.

    But bring water or an electrolyte drink, if you stay for 20 minutes in the steam room.

    I do five minutes first in the steam room, then five in the hot room (Sauna room)

    Or, just five to eight minutes in the hot room, a retired pharmacist told me.

    Bring a towel with water on it, to breathe a little water into your lungs.

    Because saunas dry our lungs.


    Stretching exercises, to keep the body moving, at least once per day.



    I changed up my diet with all greens mixed healthy drinks.

    For salads, changing to balsalmic or vinargarette dressing, for the best blood circulation.

    As we get on in life, we don't digest food as well.

    So we can add enzymes that add that, naturally, with papaya, mangoes, or pineapple in the mornings.

  2. A great name! We're all lucky to have heard music of all genres. If we could all sit at a big table, we could share so many stories.

    If that's you in the photo, bring on the songs. There are many music fans from around the world, who stop in to read.

    Wally still writes, Kay says. He writes poems and songs. He is retiring, in a few years. So, he will be more available to record new songs. Kay says she will push him.

    Eric has the new album, and wally is featured there, also. Jim still plays Not sure what Dave is up to.  But, he likes the great Country Music, which has become very popular, with Rock N' Roll, etc.

  3. It's difficult to write popular songs that are hits.

    Wally should be the very first to admit that.

    If he could, that would be astounding.

    But, with all the bands, that didn't happen.

    Even with Wally being in any band that he played in.

    It was impossible, even for him.

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  4. Thanks, Russ, for the great interview. And who knows, maybe  Eric will have a Hall in Europe named after him and some o the names of the people who  influenced him, in classical music. With a concert, a party and dedication of the Hall. And video streaming, if that was possible, for people who couldn't be there.

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  5. Marvin can encourage Wally. Fans here are amongst the greatest in the world. Incredibly with fewer people.

    I hope Wally can get back to his roots, or songs that he liked, early in his career. Maybe a CD lie, "Wally and Friends Play Badfinger, The Choir, etc." Something he would really enjoy. And how about Christmas songs, with a violin riff, like he plays on guitar. Wally played violin, which would bring him back to his music beginnings. A riff intro to 'Away In A Manger'

    It would have been better if Kay responded to The Raspberries fans with just a correction, Like, the article that the fans were upset about was written months ago. Not intended to coincide with Eric's new CD.

    And for Wally, it really is a Brand New Year. Heck, he even gets paid for past work. That's pretty cool of Eric.

    But Wally nissed the whole prospective of the years past. Everyone wrote songs, but The Record Label wanted certain songs, for the best of the band, they felt.

    So, hopefully, more songs later for Wally.

  6. Eric has now been redeemed, as I was reading a script, today,  to co-write and produce - this thought came to me: Might as well raise the facebook total even higher now. For an incredible insight, I just happened to think about-

    Hey, could someone please tell Kay's friends on facebook that Wally is on Eric's new CD? And that Kay should be praising him, instead? -Psst, Wally is on Eric's CD, folks. Please tell Kay. He gets credit, too.

    Imagine seeing a counselor- Let me see, Wally is on Eric's new CD, and you're upset?

  7. Wally's gets into the  time warp machine and hears, "Wally, Wahhhlyy!! When Wally gets out of the time warp machine, he sees his earlier self. With the double guitar, and the V-Guitar. Confidant, struttiin' and striding again. He says," That was me?"The earlier self looks at Wally and says, "I have a concert to play. Time to go" 

  8. Apparently, there is some "New" song with Paul and John Lennon.

    With a technique called, "Mashing", two songs are put together.

    John's "Imagine" is speeded up.

    While Paul's "Band On The Run" is slowed down.

    For an interesting music experience.

    But, I don't know, for sure,

    But, maybe it's going to be out soon.

  9. Yes, ira. And the Afikoman, or Matzah, half is broken at the meal. 

    And the other half is hidden. When someone finds it, later,

    though it is rarely taught- Some believe, that looking back at the past,

     both halves of the Afikoman

    represent the broken body of the Messiah.

    The most revered rabbi, over the last 100 years,

    who is the most respected of them all, says this is Jesus, the messiah,

    to other faiths. That he is the one who is being waited for.

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  10. I looked up an artilcle about The Raspberries, awhile back. It's titled, "Fresh Raspberries" by Cleveland Magazine.com Issue date, April, 2007 That's when I fouind out about Wally's concert, last week. When I was reading about Wally I listen to all the bandmembers equally, because it's their own perspective. I accept all the bandmembers as well, regardless of what they thought.

    I wanted to hear from Dave-  About his perspective of the band. Well, every bandmember was quoted. -And, even Kay. I found it interesting that Kay would let Wally do that interview, from what she said in the Fresh Raspberries article. Online, Wally doesn't like to write, so Kay conveys his messages and thoughts.

    That's a unique situation.

  11. Unless games means that Wally couldn't play all of his choices of songs, from other bands. And his own songs. I meant the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles. Called in by fans, who talked about The Raspberries, on the same show.

    Here's more positives-

    I just realized that Ace Frehley, of the early KISS band is also working on his own animation film. ( His own project) Who knows, maybe Wally can work with him. Imagine the two great guitarists working together. I think Ace was consulted  on The Guitar Hero game. They've both had ups and downs  in life, like everyone else. Ace said he has ADHD. He would probably be great to work with, for Wally. Maybe Jesse can work with him, on a new project. (Read the latest Rolling Stone Story, on KISS, and scroll down, for his story).

    I would take those riffs from all those songs that he thought he deserved credit for,  and write new songs. Put them throughout your new songs.

    There you go. It's up to you.

  12. The Raspberries were mentioned twice, by fans, on the same radio show during the big 50 year anniversary.

    I was at Agua Caliente Casino, around 1:40 am, when they played GATW, loudly, because the crowd got louder and louder. Wally shouild start a music project, for an animation film, or something. I've always supported Wally. I think, if it was me, whatever Wally said, I'd turn to the next musician to get the song started. Whatever it would be. Professional on stage need to be together.

    What I would do, if I were Wally, is to take that famous intro, and put it to a new song. Then, slow or speed up the playing. Play and write what you want.

    Here's a, perhaps, therapeutic title: This Time, It's Mine. Not intended as a joke.

  13. That was fantastic, Eric. It was the greatest earlier move in your career..

    And, Ace agreed with Paul of KISS- that some bands with replacement members have been allowed into The Hall, while others haven't.

    And, I don't think that Ace has publishing or patent rights on latter KISS products or it's images. So, he couldn't go out and play as a  KISS cover band, since I think he doesn't own that brand name. KISS always plays as KISS, extending their image and songs, of earlier and latter times. I have never heard of them playing, currently, as a KISS cover band.

    Every professional goes by their brand or vocation name. Like a doctor, or business. Just because someone isn't in their business anymore still allows that business, brand or doctor to coninue, into the future, also.

  14. And, the question to ask, in regards to sports, is, 'Has there ever been former athletes from the same sports team name and brand, put in their SportsHall Of Fame, and a player or players from the same team, decades later?

    Profoundly, the answer is, 'Yes"

    But why?

    Because the latter player earned everything he did, like the earlier athelete.

    And newer KISS members earned everything that their name is attached to. They played on multiplatinum records. And they earned it, all by themselves. The former members didn't play on their albums. The newer albums give them credit. And, promoting the brand name, just like any athelete does, by carrying the team name from fifty years more or less.

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