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  1. Great one, Anne!

     I agree with Taylor. And, that's a great way to get more new promotion for an album, like Taylor's. And Taylor has switched over to Pop or contemporay music, now. I'm sure she includes some Country songs, still. And Garth Brooks went to iTunes, after about nine years of staying out of sites that sell music downloads.

    I also would like to see the record labels include multiple artists on one album. We could start with five, then 10. Did I hear 100 albums? Well, alright. But everyone could make money, being on the same album, or the same iTunes download. Apparently, iTunes pays more to artists.

    And also add some unknown artists on each album, like our own Matthew. The famous artists would receive more. And everyone could count on concerts for more money, each year. They could do their own, or play in other artists concerts.

    Musicians like Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley of Raspberries could be added to some albums. I know they liked their own songs. Back then, their record label thought other songs would fit better on albums. Spending time to co-write would have helped. But, maybe Wally liked to party-hardy 'til the wee hours of the morning. I don't know. Yes, he wrote songs, that could be put out, with agreement with the owner of his songs. I guess he didn't have full ownership and rights to more songs he wrote. It was more about consideration of a possible album recording, that didn't become a reality. Unfortunately, for Wally.

    Could he add them now, so that people could hear them, with agreement of his former record label?

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  2. A pre- Halloween treat:

    The KISS Band just did a concert on Wednesday, for winners of a contest. bSee Connect OCRegister.com/Kiss, Scroll down to "Readers Trown A Kiss." And they did perform for their fans at an Arena Football game, too. At the end of the season.

    More treats: Tickets go on sale in January, 2015: The first Rio Rock concert in Las Vegast for May 8th and 9th, then the 15th and 16th, of 2015. With Metallica, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, John Legend, and a lot more, For The Rio Rock Festival that usually is in Brazil.

    And a correction that Styx did 103 concerts last year, with 109 scheduled, to their surprise, for this year.

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  3. Excellent points. Great quote, LC.

    And some spotlights on Rocks Bands that can showcase their music, and the record companies can showcase new talent this way, too: Just have bands record their songs, and put them on movie screens.

    And there is The Beatles Radio, podcast on the internet, now. Playing song after song. Link it up to your computer, or business. If you have a flatscreen T.V., everyone at your business can see and hear it, too. Or you can ask them to show it, on their screens. With various artists and Ringo's song from an album, along with the rest of the band.

    If a band agrees, why not put some video on screen at a live concert, while people wait to see an artist or band play. This way, they can hear bands they never heard, before.

    Rock and other music genres can use theatres and have a Rock night, like a Saturday night, where bands are shown on screen. You can do this with an internet connection to the theatre.

    It also helps that someone explain, before the show, what the band was about. So the new viewing audience understands.

    And, vinyl records are coming back. On a different genre, Frank  Sinatra must have about eight albums, from the past, now on vinyl again. Including 50 never before released songs, from London,  in the 1960's. So, it looks like an artist contacts the record label to do this, because their name is also on an album.

    Bands like Styx did 103 shows, last year. To their surprise, they will have 109 shows. Joe Perry has recorded some songs with Paul McCartney. I guess due out by Christmas. It's in the sound mixing stage, now. Neil Dimond with his new album, on Capitol Records. The Who celebrates 50 years, next year. I thought I heard something about a show. The Rolling Stones have a documentary/ performance movie out, from a few years ago.

    Rock continues to be writen about, at least in new books by Ken Sharp and guitarest, Joe Perry, oif Aerosmith. Joe says that bandmember, Steven, has read the good chapters- through chapter four. He said, after that, we'll see whether or not there wil be a tour, next year.

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  4. Wow! Congratulations to Eric and The Raspberries. Just one song can keep the royalties from a song going.

    And just for that, you get the bonus of reading that the next "Star Wars' movie has already written in a part for William Shatner, who played as Captain Kirk, im the T.V. series. The new generation will meet the original generation of Trekkies.

    And will there be a superfecta, which means four in a row, on another movie? Hmmm.

    Plus, saturday night on T.V, September 27th, the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live will be hosted by Guardians Of The Galaxy actor, Chris Pratt. Maybe replay it on Youtube, later. Or, parts of the show, if they have it, there.

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  5. I agrre with that, Batman.

    It would be interesting. But, I think The Raspberries would make their own version, on their own, since they own the rights.

    But, I would think that some of  the songs on WorldWideBand would be used to make an album, CD, or music download. The original contributors would now get paid for a physical product, not just a download.

    If I was adding to a song, I would take my part of the song and make a brand new drum track. Now, it's my own, because I didn't copy all the other parts of someone else's song.

    Can you imagine doing these songs live,  in concert? With multiple musicians, for each song? All of the musicians couldn't travel, unless their expenses were paid.

    And later, after thirty years, I think the song becomes public domain, where anyone can record the same original song, and get paid. So, a renewal must be obtained, to avoid this. I don't know, for sure. It's just what I heard about.

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  6. I think you're right, Cheryl, because this is revenue from sales that are on the site, where the song/s are played. Clicking on a product is more money for the website. They sell the product, and get more money.

    I should make a correction that the fans aren't making money, the website is (from advertising products like more music, etc)

    The WorldWideBand app gets money to the fans, from the advertising. The fans share it with the website., using newly created songs. Someone, like stewart starts the drums. Then bass, etc. added on. As well as singing. Everyone gets paid, because they added music or vocals to a song..

  7. Wally, Dave, etc. from The Raspberries, here is your new chance to make money, from original and new recordings that you have done. The new day in music is here. You can continue to make money, again. From Rock, Country, Classical. Or whatever music you like. It looks like a few other sites are doing this, also, but withoutcollaborating with a famous, professional musician.

    And now Stewart Copeland of The Police music band, along with his longtime friend Kevin Godley, who took two years to develope an app caledl, "WholeWorld Band"- (Also, look up article," Copeland Music App")  for all music enthusiasts to record with professional artists, minus all the money for studio. The talent pool is biigger, so fans, the artists, can all get credit- And make more money than their albums are making, because of the fans covering the same songs, but with their own vocal or instumental add-onn version, to the original music track, without all the rest of the instrument sounds, yet.

    Other famous artists have stopped by Copeland's studio, who also does orchestral music now. As well as Rock, of course. But, being online now, you don't have to do that.

    It allows fans and artists to get paid for  songs on Youtube, using minimul music tracks, like drums from someone like stewart's WholeWorld Band app, and create the rest, The fan, the artist, and collaborators get paid, and are credited to what they create. Multiple versions can be made of any one song.

    Record sales were down, almost 15 percent, last year. But streaming is very popular. That's why the app was developed. And to get fans involved, to make more money for everyone.

    On Youtube, cover songs account for over 200, 000 hours of music videos. Music videos have been streamed 36.6 billion times. But, the cover songs, by fans, have made more money now, than the original songs, from the advertisers on Youtube, for example.

  8. Robert also ad-libs his lines in the recent movie, "La Chef". They accepted what he said in the final cut. I will buy it and GOTG on DVD, for sure, because they are both well written stories.

    It's a fun movie, about a chef who sells superb sandwiches, traveling in a food mobile. And teaching his son the ropes about business and life. And how a food critic is won over, and wants to invest in his company/restaraunt business.

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  9. So right, James. And we are looking forward to more music.


    There are so many places to bring your CD, or to play live.

    And later on, Christmas songs with some of yours.

    -At hotels, maybe casinos.

    You can get musicians and find a place to play.

    Or, people who play different styles of music.

    This way, it's a better event that more people can go to.

    Maybe at an art show......

    Or,  during intermissions, or after a boxing match,  etc.

    Hockey games, basketball, baseball, football.

    Then you bring a paper to tell them about your next show.

    -Our next show is in two weeks at.

    And on your paper, where you will have more shows, later.

    Your schedule of shows, And more bands to  be announced at the next shows,

    on your webpage.



    If you go to a comedy club, you can do some jokes and play your guitar.

    Some play at beaches.

    Some at parties. Like tupperware, and whatever else.

    So, really more people see what you do.

    Maybe they tell their friends.


    Some were discovered on street corners,

    like Robin Williams, and
    Wayne Newton.



    There is a podcast that requires this: Just your CD.

    And they tell you:

    You have no manager? Alright, that's O.K.

    No Record label? Check, still O.K.

    No one marketing you?

    No famous producer? Don't worry one bit.

    No need to wait any longer.

    And your homeless friend-

    Tell him to get ready to play.

    But where? Alot of places.

    There's a swapmeet.

    Talk to the manager, or one of the booths that sell music.

    And how about those car or boat conventions.

    That's right. Not many artists do that.

    So, it's all yours to go out and perform.

    No need to wait for anyone, any longer.

    Maybe, they are sitting around, too.



    That'snot how they work.

    Send it to us, they tell people.

    If we like it, you're on there broadcast.


    They play several styles

    One time the response by listeners was overwhelming,

    wehn they play music from the 60's.

    Because hardly any other music station was doing that.

    The DJ received so many thanks, it was unbelievable.


  10. You might add some top forty songs, when you play live.

    Play at weddings or receptions, afterwards for steady work.

    It helps to do some storytelling, and jokes.

    Just be stupid, and get them to laugh.

    But practice your jokes, before with a few friends, or on the phone.




    Here's how Weird Al Yankovic got to number 1 on Billboard:

    Each week, he released one song, on Youtube.

    The audience grew, especially when they realized it was new,

    and by popular artists.

    He said that others write in a serious way, but his comfortable style is comedy writing.


    Since your'e not selling those other songs, and only yours, it's alright to play them.

    Maybe you can get on someone's podcast, where different music styles are played.

    And, you can also find out from other churches who is visiting to speak during the week,

    or a sunday, and play worship songs, as well as one of your own songs.

    Humour is great, too.

    You can change your own words, to get a laugh.


    And remember, most likely, Jesus would be out and about playing songs.

    He might really spend less time at church, and with everyone in the world.


    Wherever you sing or play, develope that style.

    With comedians, then humourous song

    At church, with a straight face.

    Play to the style that they are used to, and also introduce humour.

    That gets better attention, I believe.

  11. This artist atttended The Raspberries concert on Sunset Blvd., at The House Of Blues.

    He has also acted, written a book about a year ago, and plays Rock N' Roll.

    He will be acting in the future, also.

    He is also performing on August 20th at the same venue for a benefit concert at 7:pm.

    Watch on Youtube, or a re-streaming site, if it's there.


    The House of Blues-

    which is looking for a new location,

    because the owner wants to build apartments there.


    Who is this artist. Snap your fingers, and guess-

    Alright- Hint...The song "Jessie's Girl"

  12. Yes, what a year. And if you hadn't written that song, now in the GOTG movie.

    Everyone can celebrate with a cake, including all the songs in the movie.


    Green Day plans to release three albums: Sept. 25th, Nov. 13th, and Jan 15th.

    The first one with a power-pop song.

    Weird Al Yankovic, who is a fan of everyone he parodies got a first: Number one comedy album in 51 years, on Billboard.

    New sensation, 5 Seconds of Summer, signed with Capital Records.

    Number one, in 71 countries, on iTunes.

    And actor Christopher Walken will portray a tap-dancing pirate, in a TV series.

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  13. It was expected to make 65 million dollars. I haven't seen it, yet.

    And guess who else has a movie out? Mick Jagger is the producer for "Get On UP" He has a very small scene, that he says is not significant to the story of James Brown movie-

    Spinning to a snycopated beat, mm Shoes turn in cirles with your feet-uh

    Fandango and Visa credit card have a deal: Buy two tickets to any movie, and get one free ticket for 'GOTA" movie. That means any other movie name, too, other than GOTA. Or two for GOTA, and the next one free.

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  14. Right on, Wendy.  Being positive is better.


    I was reading about the director of GOTG, and in his early years, spent 8,000 dollars on the Marvel Comics. 

    He became a big fan. And, by the way, it looks like this is part one of more Marvel movies in the future.

    Maye Elton John's Rocket Man will be in th next one.

    They are spending 170 million dollars to produce this movie.

    The story is about everyone is different, but we can care and get along.

    And it is great for the new fans to be from this work of art.

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  15. He was told to rest up a bit.

    And he is xcheduled to perform again, July 5th, for the US part of his tour.


    It was a mysterious illness, but a little more rest, and he will be rockin' again, he said.


    He was joined by wife Nancy, who had been celebrating her cousin Barbara's retirement.

    Stell also came along.

    After they got back, someone said Paul and Nancy took a jaunt to Abbey Road,

    for photo's with the fans.

    And rompning around, having a good time with friends.


    I made a typing error above, that should be Stella.

    But I like Stell, too.

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