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  1. Finally got my password reset. Forgot last one.

    How appropiate to put Paul singing on first page.

    Alright,  great news for music fans. I don't know who had the idea, or who is involved.

    Let me hear a drum roll. 

    This news is probably unbelieveable!!

    I heard it a few weeks back on the radio.

    You can tell your musican  friends from the 70's or before, Eric.

    The. music magazine Tiger Beat, will be starting up in the future. There are supposedly 17 investors. And some or all are famous. Maybe KISS. Band is involved.

    Don't forget to tell Bernie.

    I'm sure they would be extra smart to feature bands and artists again of that era in the new magazine.Since you performed at that time, 

    A retro band section would be appropiate. With a link to a song or website.

    Imagine hearing people talk again about current and past bands on their website.

     Plus, a commercial featuring Ringo playing drums in one scene wearing a new line of loafer shoes.. Waliking in the next with another style. I think there are three or four styles.


    Actres Salma Hayak, featured in a Got Milk photo does the animated voice in the movie, The Prophet.

    Which is. series of poems that are put into talking form.  Maybe the most different movies out this summer.




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  2. More photos and wellwishers on Billboard website. 

    Including PaulMcCartney, who said his father shares Ringo's birthdate.( He would have been 113 today). Paul sang happy birthday from his concert in Norway, last night.

    Steven Tyler, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkeys , Paul Stanley of KISS. Yoko Ono.


  3. Great songs. On the radio, the talk wws about how the songs were better cowritten together.

    They would have written completely dufferent songs, on their own,  they said.

    Ringo is celebrating his birthday at Capitol Records, today., June 7th. All fans welcome. 

    He wants fans around the world to say "Love and Peace" on facebook at 12:00 pm their own time zone.

    He was on a commercial featuring loafer shoes that are available to buy.

  4. Passed on, recently. Wishing her family time together, with good memories.

    She was friend and wife of John. Mum or Mom of Julien.

    She lived an abundant life.


    Sometimes she was photographed with The Beatles.

    -With John's permission, although she didn''t want the spotlight.

    She swung with it, anyway, and realized she was part of the whole party.


    She was married several times.

    Her son Julien likes photography and music.

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  5. I enjoyed singing "Can't Buy Me Love" with some friends at a party. 

     Probably the concert,, the night before.

    But, he needs to take care of his voice.

    Warm teas, like mint, or chamomille.

    Aloe vera drink, to rehydrate the vocal chords.

    Coconut drink, hydrates better than water,

    to bring his energy up.

    Steam, like a portable steam machine.

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  6. Kanye should be blamed for the loss, if he cares so much.


    I'd have your back James. He would not have a chance.

    After one swing, I wouldn't swing, and he'd be down.


    I won a karaoke contest, after the superbowl It was a private party.

    I have had professional vocal training, too.

    I could have won against Kanye.

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  7. I didn't know it was your birthday.

    It should be a fun week.


    Have you been ouit with Angelina abd his girlfriend? Or Tommy Tunes and his family?

    You said Angelina  was getting divorced.

    Maybe he is in booyah heaven, now, with his new lady.

    -Booyah, the word he always used when he sent greetings to people.


    Latley, I've been out late at friends parties,

    after 1;30 A.M.

    One time we finished after 3;30 A.M.

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  8. I wonder whether or not Joan Jett will be tuning up  the guitar she bought of Eric's, since she's being inducted next year. Eric could resign it, and Joan could play it for the audience there.

    At the Grammy's, next year, the soundtrack is nominated for Guardians Of The Galaxy is nominated.

    And George Harrison, as well as The Bee Gee's get a Lifetime Achievement Award.

    The Who celebrate 50 years. Maybe the house band will play some of their songs, too.

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  9. I was hoping the soundtrack would be nominated, by being a number one on the charts.

    It would be a good show, too, if they give some tribute to The Who, on their 50 year anniversary.

    If any of the nominees go to the show, you could even make it part documentary, somewhere else,  to record interviews of the nominees. And their unlikely road back to the top, on the same soundtrack.

    Hey, David Foster has his own studio. Could some of them record a song or two together? O.k., maybe a party, instead.

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  10. Good observations, by Nikki.

    The point I make is that with all the media, you have to advertise your product through them, too. This increases your sales, or concerts for fans. Use their success, to gain more success for the music that you want to promote.

    But, still the movie industry is number one, because of more movies produced. Then video games. And books, which is about 36 billion dollars each year. Use all of these to promote music.

    And I believe it is up to the artists, now, to change the way things are done, from the streaming sites, to the label, and little to the artists/ writers.

    I realize that the video games cost a lot more  than an album. But, units sold might still be higher.If not, this is why video gaming is number one, now, because of the higher cost of the games being bought.

    It looks like artists could avoid this breakage problem by starting their own record label, together. Maybe 50 artists, more or less.

    But, they'll have to write some new songs, first. So, when a site pays their new and self-owned record label, the money goes back to the original writers and musicians. Before, it always skips the artists portion, reduced to very little royalties.

    And, a new artist could also start their own label, too.The established artists might only record their friends songs, together. This way, the new artist doesn't have to depend on any other artist, if they aren't on a famous artists record label. So, they, too, would get money paid back to their own record label, and back to themselves, from the music streaming sites.

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  11. It is sad that the writers and singers don't get paid. I hope the new change at youtube was brought about, partly by Garths' meeting with them. And that the $9.99 monthly fee will send money to the artists.

    The future of one portion of the entertainment is projected to be 91 billion dollars, by 2015. That's the video game market. Supposedly, now, 11 countries bring in 1 billion dollars each year.

    The top entertainment money maker is not from any one movie, any artist, actor/ actress or any music band. The top all-time entertainment world record breaker is a video game. But, that industry does ongoing advertising for the same game, each year. Then, another game the next year.

    The music industry could advertise their album or song on the video game package, or before the game begins, near the beginning of each game. Or advertise concerrs, like this way- "Buy Rock Music". Celebrate all music, today. Enjoy a concert, or whatever the advertisement could be.

    Or, music artists can make a video game, or games with different genres, People can hear a song, or more songs as the game is played. And be included in the most popular form of entertainment. Or, really, what people buy more of, which are the video games.

    Ironically, the music artists can get music interest back to an audience, without depending on record labels to do that.

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  12. Way to go, Taylor!

    There are more Jingleball tour concerts in various cities. Taylor is also scheduled, also, on Dec.12th. Tickets have been selling very quickly, over the last few weeks. Some seats are beyond the side view of the stage. And some at the back of the stage are available.

    More concerts, with various artists: Nov. 30th, Dec. 2, 5, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21 and 22.

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  13. You Tube announced $9.99  music each month. Listen to a song, an album, concerts, etc. And just in time for Charitable giving, (Chrities to receive concert proceeds), Taylor Swift and others are prepariing for The Jingle Ball Christmas Concert at The Staples Center, on Dec. 5th, with Capitol Records signed band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Pharell Williams,etc. 5 Seconds Of Summer were popular on Youtube, long before signing up. They say they are a band that can play, not just a boy band, trying to look good, or just being a comodityto sell music, with real talent. And many more solo artists.

    Another Big Charity Event to follow the first event.

    What someone said are the biggest bands in the world will perform at The Inglewood Forum. The Foo Fighters (Ghrol and company) have an obligation, too far away, to make it back in time. The Almoust Accoustic show to feature , over two days:

    Dec. 13th: Linkin Park, Incubus, Fall Out Boy, System Of A Down, Walk The Moon, Royal Blood, and New Politics

    Dec. 14th: U2, Weezer, Imagon Dragons, Interpol,  Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, Vance Joy, Alt J, and Tears For Fears.

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  14. Yes, Susie, Brava!

    And the album concept would be different genres. This way, you are bringing Rock back to the forefront, by the other currently famous artists who talk about the artists, from the past, who influenced them and their own music, today.

    That movie Galaxy of The....brought back former songs, and was a hit Album. And customers who go to these artists concerts can get a CD or Download for, let's say $5.00. Or charge, a regular CD price or higher, like $12.00  to $16.00 for a reasonable price, with several artists and genres on the same album. Some movie tickets go over $20.00 when there is a screening of a 3-D movie. I saw $26.00 at the huge IMAX screen, once. 

    Artists can promote each album, at separate concerts on their own, or with other artists at the same concert.

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  15. Another album concept idea is to have one currently famous artist, with two songs, and the rest of past songs of other artists. This saves new recording expenses for every artist. And the unknown artist could use an online music app. if they can't afford to record in a studio. Just agreements are needed with the music labels, and voila, ce ca,- There, that's all.

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