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  1. Excellente, James! What an observation Susie B. about James. I also enjoy Youtube. I do like what one teacher did. He realized that all people can't afford an education. So, he and others put all schooll studies on YouTube. Math, Science, Algebra and. Calculus Math, I'm gussing. Anyone can become educated through a learning series of online classes.
  2. Raspberries mentioned on Plaschke and Zelasko sports radio. show, a couple of weeks ago. The ' ever wondrous, knowledgeable -[ and more platitudes]Jeanne said, someone was watching a Raspberries Video on the in studio screen. A producer, or someone. I think she meant the music band, because she didn't say Raspberries commercial. And with The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack, someone might have wondered about who played on the song. which went Platinum and sold one million copies, but probably played. 20 times more, around the world. Both privately, and on the radio. Or, someone was listening to another song. Both are outstanding hosts and they are also on podcast and you can playback interviews regarding concussions as part of the discussion as well as the new Will Smith football movie about the character's concussions which debuts on Christmas Day. I think Jeanne is originally from New Jersey.
  3. Kasey Kasem's children and his brother are suing Jean Kasem for elder abuse , wrongful death and emotional stress, according to today's LA Times California section.
  4. I hope they can resolve it, too. Billy Joel had to sue his former brother-in-law. If I remember, it was over 16 million dollars that Billy didn't get, earlier. Surprising to me were other families with T.V. ministries in the news, in the the past: The Robert Schuller Hour Of Power Ministries- The elders of the church didn't like Robert Jr.'s teaching style, different from his father's who had stepped down from the pulpit, because of health issues. And they were losing T.V. viewers. So, Robert Jr. left to a bigger T.V. ministry that is more popular. His sister taught for a few years. The church was sold and became a catholic church. Robert Jr. was there to hand over the future to them. The Crouch family, of the TBN Minitries had a big argument over money, after their father's death who started the T.V. ministry. Jim Neighnors, famous for Gomer Pile acting character- Eight or nine family relatives argued over money and the house he owned.
  5. We've seen this happen to late actor Gary Coleman. His management spent everything he had; He had to go back to work ,again. Singer Billy Joel, only given little money for a highly successful early album in his career. I think it was around $20, 000. Even while his songs were played, constantly on the radio. Radio weekly top 40 radio host Casey Casem. His last wife wouldn't let his own children see him, or to have a say so in his dying last days for healthcare needs. He ended up with bedsores. She sent his body to Sweden or something. Only she knows where he is buried. These are examples for why. Eric needs to gain control over this fund issue. Otherwise, who gets the money later, could be decided by his brother. Perhaps taking more than his appropiate share. And giving less to others. Eric's loved ones deserve the correct future of inheritance, later. And the continuation of a fund to pay over time to them, also. ( If he wants to give them more over a longer time, rather than all of it at once). And to continue using the fund for chaitable causes, if he chooses.
  6. MikeC

    P FSloan

    What a writer and talent!
  7. Yes, it looks like. a reasonable move by Eric. And that the issues are permission, accountability, good faith, and what is the proper management of the funds. Is it managed by one or two people? If one person managed it, did the other person know or approve everthing? They will decide on court. It looks like Eric had good faith, in the beginning. But, found out later what was going on, and wants to change that.To manage the fund as Eric would like it to be used. Not solely by one person, since Eric's royalties is part of the reason for the trustee fund. With extra uses to be used with Eric's input and approval in matters for personal use and care of a parent, for example. It's best to have a hands on approach to funds.- And what or who the money is assigned to. Who gets the money later, when there is a Will document. By not doing so is not being a good steward of one's own money/monies. You have to know what it is used for, so that it is used wisely and with permission. For what purposes. (A clause to get permission to use funds in certain ways). I guess the money for the Range Rover was to save from taxes. Meaning, the trust fund owned the vehicle.
  8. And astounding! I hope it all works out for your family, with your insurance.
  9. I've heard the same song chourus on late night radio, for a dance. Eric's song, ' HungryvEyes'. A promo for an auction. He was on T.V., from a video done years before. 'Go All Way, the ' entire song at Agua Caliente Casino, near Palm Springs. Cranked up very loudly. It was a weekend crowd and a lot of noise from slot machines, and the card tables. They have great speakers, so everyone heard it, easily. Ringo played a concert ,there. At their17 million dollar theater.
  10. Some of Paul's songs are on display at Carpenter Theater.
  11. Paul and Ringo give commentaries of songs on their new Deluxe Set, 1+ . Separately, and together. It looks like the ' Real Love newer version video was at someone's house.. Remarkably done. John singing and playing it solo. Decades later with Paul, George and Ringo. Singing to their own recording ( On playback) together in a living room. What a song! And showing each of the three playing, before on the latest version. About 10 years ago or more.
  12. Karen used to shop by her house at Gemco,. A ore that is now Costo stores . Richard and Karen appeared on TV with Richard's piano teacher.
  13. Pauls favorite female singing voice is Karen Carpenter, of The Carpenters. Remarkable tone, timbre and resonance in her baritone voice, he said. (Paraphrasing). Paul appears in a video conmentary. It's part of a video that Rickey Nelson's sons have used for their tribute concerts. On the video is also Kris Jristofferson talking about Rickey's music. Wanting to do a tribute, the sons found a song set listi n their father's belongings. And realized it was the order they also wanted to do in concert. Some video used was courtesy of film studios, when he acted.
  14. Great, Kirk! Thanks to Paul! Without him and at least one more songwriter, they probably wouldn't have a theater named after them. They have sold over 100 million albums. And The Carpenters have a theater named after them, in Long Beach, California. Next to the university where. they attended and studied music. Karen's favorite music to sing was Cristmas songs ahd Carols. Http://www.carpenterarts.org And their website: Http://www.richardandkarencarpenter.com They have sheet music. and Karen's drum set on display.
  15. John Lennon's guitar sold for 2.4 million dollars, in Beverly Hills. It was played on historic recordings, surprising even the auctioneer, with the price it was bought for. A drum head broke another auction record. From one of Ringo's drumsets, I presume. Over one million for that! I got the Deluxe Set, too The booklet talks about each song. It's very detailed- When it was recorded, location, Producer, UK release, First Charted, US release, and when first charted. Then broadcast, 2015 edit, Filmed, location, and date of broadcast. I tried to play it on my center console in my car, with a touch screen. It looks like a tablet. The radio works. But the DVD and CD player don't. It should, but it might need a code, first. I wanted to listen, on my way to visit friends, saturday.
  16. Just announced. on T.V., at Best Buy 1+ [ One Plus]. A 27 song Numbet One CD or two.. It is separately sold from Deluxe set. I saw it on back-to-back T. V. commercials. On two different channels. Ane maybe someone in The Beatles family read this thread. Notice again the plus mark on cover. The brand new Deluxe Set includes a CD and 2 DVD"s. With 27 Number One Songs. It includes a stunning remix of songs in 5.1 Stereo. And 50 High Quality [HQ] videos of never before seen alternative versions of songs and recording sessions. Including one that shows Paul or someone sliding on the floor. [In his socks°, I guess], and reversing and walking the other way. before he gets to the Microphone.Joking around , for the camera. It also looks like there is a booklet inside with photos and stories. About 20 to 30 pages. This is an exceptional buy, before the holiday season begins.
  17. I was walking by a T.V. and looked. At that moment, about 8:22 or 8:24 am, Eric was on television, with long curly hair.
  18. Thanks, Aventurine. Good eye to catch that story.I'm glad that Eric wants to write again. Thanks. Eric , for insights to how the album was put together. And it seems that there was a change with The Raspberries concept of being one band to becoming soloists. Everyone was writing. Wally and Kay went back to Capitol Records, (decades later, and about three years ago), to try to get credit for three demo songs that Wally wrote, in the 1970's. I guess they were songs that were recorded, but not used on any album. Including The Raspberries. The confusion came when the demo song copyrights were owned by the record label. It seems to me that an album song list was already done. And maybe Wally handed it to his manager. But, everyone was already in the recording studio recording songs that were already set. Maybe someone said, 'I will listen to it'. Or, ' Save it for the next album. But everyone was busy recording all of the other songs. And maybe Wally mentioned it to another band member, too. They had to concentrate on previosly agreed upon album songs, by others who were in charge of the original album concept. And Wally had personal problems that he had to take care of. At one point, he wasn't around anymore with the band. So, no more band and no more recordings Thus, the songs were lost. Again, it might have been during the final recordings.The point is that it was late, or not heard in time. It was only considered. By then, there were no more albums. And Kay said that those songs will never see the light of day. Actually, they can be heard again. All you must do is to acknowledge the record label on the album. In effect, they now would get some of the royalties of those songs. By acknowledging them, now everyone can hear them. In movies, and concerts. You can play them at 'a party, since no one is paying you for a concert. You can say, 'These are songs I wrote. But since there were no more albums, they never got produced to vinyl recordings'.'.And for songs on Youtube, put song title then record label name on your video. And being in a band is difficult. But more difficult when everyone wants their ideas that are best for a solo album . Since then,, there have been solo efforts. And. albums. created on their own, by Wally and Dave.This way, they could do entirely their songs, as soloists and perform them in future concerts. And maybe more, later.
  19. Happy Birthday, to Darlene and Tony. Have fun for the whole week. Tony, who called me a betting genius, once twetted my football picks. I believe over 47, 000 people saw my picks. Although I didn't know they would be tweeted, until I saw the tweet. It was five correct picks on the superbowl, and two more sports. 7 wins on one day. Plus the playoff games, before. For an 84 percent win rate.
  20. Each Beatle has a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. But all or just two, also have a Star in front of Capitol Records. If I'm correct, Paul and John's Star were moved, or exist in both places.
  21. I would guess that Ringo has read posts here,too, because Eric posted a Happy Birthday thread years ago, to him.
  22. Ringo's commercial was for the new loafer style shoes, out now.
  23. Ringo's commercial looked like it was partly filmed in his backyard. It looked llike he was by a pool. Ringo celebrated his recent 75 year birthday at Capitol Records, with fans being invited. Some of his musician friends sent well wishes. (Also see Billboard Magazine for photos, etc). He asked that everyone type in the words Love and Peace on Facebook at 12:00 pm, in their own time zone. And Paul has read some of our posts. Even mine, I found out, later. Paul does an upsidedown head stand for health. (Palms of hands and top of his head). Something he has been doing since he was about 25 years old.
  24. Some post Beatle's tidbits. A recent 50 year anniversary of the film, "Help" was approved of by Apple Corp. for a free showing outside. There was a tribute band that played, also.It was shown in blueray format, in pasadena, ca., a few weeks back. Paul once lended his Yamaha bass, after a surprise Abbey Roads studio visit. The surprised musician was having probems with his own bass during recordings. Paul walked in and said use this one. ( Not an exact quote). This was recalled by a band on a radio program.
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