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  1. Thanks, alot, Darlene. I was checking this past week's local newspaper, not The Hollywood Reporter. And, the next date that should be on HOB's show list, in the newspaper, should be The Raspberries. They listed all of the current shows before the 21st. I'll check this weekend's newspaper. I imagine that there are going to be alot of surprised faces, when they realize that The Raspberries are back. Even more surprised that people say that they are better than before.
  2. It must have been commentary from another radio show, before, that I was hearing, Popdude. I didn't hear it at the beginning. Plus, I didn't read the entertainment section of the newspaper. Thanks. Good points by everyone. Yes, Ira, Brian and Eric have started again. It looks like Eric kept himself in the best shape through the years. I didn't know who was gone from before, Cozmik. I never heard of The Wondermints, until now.
  3. I didn't see last weekend's show, when the Beach Boys made a special visit to celebrate the centennial(100 years) birthday of Newport Beach, California. But, I heard the fans had alot of fun. Actor John Stamos(correct spelling?) made a surprise visit and played along with the band.
  4. Yep, you all are getting it. You're on your way to incredible marketing savy(wisdom). In Southern California, A Big Band station, 690 A.M., 101.1 F.M.(Oldies) and 99.9 F.M.(Oldies also, with a different kind of presentation- It seems less commercial, and more 'people'-relational inclined), all promote different styles from their main style.
  5. Whoah!! Is that classy or what? Look at the material. A new item to buy, maybe one day? Could they design one for men?
  6. If they do a new album, maybe somebody can record a new Christmas song or two (Eventually, a powerpop Christmas album-Next year?). That definitely would get every radio station's attention- A little guitar at the beginning for two bars, next drums, then singing(Maybe four words, like 'I can't live without'..). The intro words could be part of the song title. Later the last word, 'without is repeated' with one or two more words in the title. [All of a sudden], there is a bass line, and no one else(No singing here). Then, maybe drums playing only on the down beat. Next- vocals and bass, then keyboards, leaving everyone to wonder, "What's that?" I always call these, 'music effects'- Getting their attention with something different from everyone else, because everyone expects the instruments to play at the same time. -Remember, no one can forget Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas'. It is so traditional, but has lasted decades on the radio stations. I hope they do a new album. I realize, though, that they could put out maybe five or six songs on a CD. Then, keep on recording, with another five or six on another album later. Then, both are on the market. Who does this? No one that I can think of. But, when I go to the music stores, some artist have one, another two songs that are all sold in a 'singles release section'. So every single artist is together. And, one of my favorites is when they take one song, and remix it, at least one other way, and sell it. Now, there would be three CD's.
  7. Yes, sllvnbil, a friend of mine told me awhile back about that site. He has CD's there, plus at Amazon.com , etc. Finally, people can get their music out there to be heard, and they don't have to depend on a record label, necessarily.
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