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  1. I agree with you, Marc. It really seems to me that everyone is making more doing concerts, and maybe getting a song on a T.V. commercial. Some people, like KC and The Sunshine Band have one of their songs playing on a T.V. show. Then, there's the movies. A music spot there is great, because hundreds of thousands hear it. Most of the people I know doing concerts are bringing their music to sell afterwards. The internet is great, because I can find songs that I never knew about, plus other music bands and singers. The good thing about all this is that you don't have to depend entirely on a record label. You can go to newspapers to get publicity, like Ken did for The Raspberries this week. And, to different radio stations. And, believe it or not, there are many people who aren't famous, who do stand-up comedy, or music. And, some of them go to other countries with their talent,too.
  2. Way to go, Ken. With Bernie's second post regarding Popdude's article, I counted eight papers, plus the radio play Thursday, October 20th, on 103.1 Nine spots. Talk about getting publicity out! I'll be listening tomorrow.
  3. That was fast! Well, if you're hungry later, there at least three places open 24 hours: Denny's, Del Taco(Burritos, Fries, Shakes, Fish Taco's), and Canters, with restaurant and bakery. This is a place of history. I think it has the largest menu in L.A. (On Fairfax, just about a block north of Beverly Blvd. Or, east of HOB, then south about one mile on Fairfax). People would go here just to see comedian Rodney Dangerfield and have a good meal. He would stand up and tell his jokes to the restaurant patrons. It will remind you of the sixties era. People from the studios, like CBS, would go there. Aggiesjc, Tony, and Marlene, part of the lunch and dinner menu at HOB is Grilled shrimp with spinach and rice, A veggie sandwich, and triple layer chocolate cake. My favorite place happens to be in Pasadena called Burger Continental. It is about 15 minutes from HOB. The name is nothing like the food. They serve Greek and Mediterranean food, with entertainment. Belly dancing, sometimes, and live music. They have quite a brunch on the weekend.
  4. It finally hit me, this past Sunday. It was The Raspberries 35th anniversary, and here they will be this Friday in California, playing for all of us. What a treat! We're all so lucky to be able to see them. Some of you know that I've never seen them play. I only heard part of their songs this past Sunday. I was looking up a topic about Eric on another site. Within four or five days, I found out through this site that there would be a concert.
  5. That's great, Trindy. I'm glad your birthday had special surprises.
  6. I've heard about other shows like this over the radio. When they put it on the internet, there could be a three to five minute delay, or more, as Bernie said. It's important that the radio station know that they are supposed to put it on the internet on the weekend, because there could be someone different who didn't hear about it during the week.
  7. Oh, and remember to 'mic-up'the audience. This means you set mics towards the audience, or in the back to pick-up the live effect. And there are subtleties. At each part of a song, notes are accentuated, or played louder. It's a good idea to ask the musicians if your mix-down is close and correct to what they did live. Otherwise, the intent of what they want to convey (soft or loud instrumentals) is not on your new CD to sell. If you record the original live, this would be easier on the down-mix, because you can hear the different levels. Go through each song, and let the musicians listen, later. Remember, if a particular section was not loud or soft enough on the original, it can always be changed before distribution. I would write notes about the original recording, look at them, then do the mix-down.
  8. That's an idea, John O. When you do something like this, I've been told that the mix-down, of all the sounds, can take hours to do it right, because you want quality. Each song might have different sound levels, when they're played live. It takes time when you have alot of songs to go through. If one song has keyboards loud at the beginning, the next song is less, etc. A good thing to do is to watch what the sound engineer does, because you can set the same levels, later. Because the sounds are played differently live(maybe louder, because of a large room and people, you probably need to remix to stereo levels that you like when you intend to distribute them. Otherwise, everything is too loud, over a home or car stereo system. But, they can be mailed later. You can buy small trailers, like a 14 footer cheap, even when they are new. Buy a generator separate, about $300- $650.00. Look them up in the newspaper, or an RV magazine. A friend of mine, who sings, wants to do this. I told him he could go to shows, like music or comedy, and do this, and mail them, or sell them there. Comedy is the easiest to do, unless there's alot of music. You get your 'money's worth' when you make this a business to do for other people, too. Otherwise, it might not be a wise investment. I think it's better to rent something like this, when you need it for on-the-spot recordings.
  9. Have a good trip, Roadie 3. The weather should be fine, but maybe cool, sometimes.
  10. I just heard the same station, 97.1, say they are having a music contest by sending an Mp3 to them. Whoever wins, gets a $500. 00 certificate to The Guitar Center. There's one in L.A., not far from the HOB. I think it's for best guitar lick, keyboard solo, and drums.
  11. Bernie said, on [A Message From Eric] that tickets are going fast. I just got my backstage ticket, today! I couldn't believe it, as I logged on to The HOB website. Thanks, Bernie and HOB for opening that back up. It was sold-out before. I was planning to go to San Diego, for saturday, and I guess they have another band playing saturday night in L.A. So, it's Friday, the 21st, in L.A. for The Raspberries. It's all working out. I was thinking of seeing two Raspberries shows for both cities, but, somehow, it was meant to be this way. But, I think it would have helped to have a radio interview with songs played, in San Diego. And then, the DJ could mention the concert a few times each week.
  12. I was hoping The Raspberries would be in San Diego, too, Tony. Especially because of the culture. Oh, well, they could always try the Del Mar Fair next year. Del Mar is famous for it's race track and is about a twenty minute drive north of downtown, off the 5 fwy. I've taken the train from San Juan Capistrano, Cal., which is in Orange County, then south to Del Mar, on a date before. You know quite alot Billy K. Yes, the band can play what they want. It's most important, I feel, to go to your own style first, and let the other style/s work around it. It's easier doing it this way. Then, you can start with two notes, for bass, and just repeat that for awhile, and watch things happen creatively.
  13. I've got to get that song, Money Down, Marvin. I'm into the positive sounds a song can make, especially when good lyrics are combined. On the radio,L.A. has alot of music styles(Rock, Jazz, Big Band, Salsa, Contemporary, Gospel, R&B, Country) and you could take one style on any song, let's say Country, and change it to Contemporary, Rock, or R&B. Then, change the lyrics, too, later.
  14. Yes, Mam. I don't have The Berries recordings, but I will. I mentioned Funk, because I don't know who plays it. I rarely play it. But, I think it is a challenge and sometimes difficult to play. You can combine Rock and Classical music, Contemporary with Classical, Country with Rock; Blues with Rock, etc. It can sound positive, and fun, when another style is included, and one instrument plays funk, rather than everyone through the whole song, and at the same time. When I recorded a song in that style, some people who've recorded in the music business heard it. They both produce and play, and both are black. Mine was R&B, with Rock and Funk. It was near the end of the song, when I hoped they'd remember it. I played single notes on the keyboards fast, for about eight measures, and, out of the main key for those bars. The only other part was bending the bass line throughout the song, rather than playing a straight pure sound, because of that style of music.When I saw the look on their faces, I thought it stunk. Well, it did. And that's Funk. They told, "Man, you got the Funk". I knew, then, that I did it right on.
  15. Thanks, Eric and Jim. We know the band cares. If you want to play or do something a little different, how about your take on a Roy Orbison song? He was popular, even when he went to his recordings. I've read that people were so excited just to go to the music recording studio to hear him sing and play. They thought of it as an event. Do you play some Funk music? Or, maybe on your next album. I can imagine the surprised look on people's faces. I think the 'trick' here is to go to the solo parts fast after the start, when it's live. Most people 'jam' later in the song. I tried it once, and it worked when one part, at least, was played off-key, and/or off the tempo of the normal melody. Regardless of all that, it will be my first show. I think someone mentioned recording the show. And, don't forget, some backstage comments if you want, or a short interview on film.
  16. Thanks, Bernie for the explanation from Kay. You're right, Billy K. Croce's. I want to visit there. Great point, Tony. And Baby sister, that's a thought. A van might be better, because they can leave and send another van later after drop-off. A limo might charge for wait time, but a deal can be made.
  17. Aggiesjc, if you can't get a refund, I'll trade that room saturday in San Diego, for one in the future there,(Just call them first) and you can stay in Los Angeles on Friday-Saturday. Oh, how could I forget the famous Viper Room, on Sunset Blvd, in W. Hollywood.. And guess, what, I think there's a ski party that night there, that I'm invited too, before the snow season kicks-off for Mammoth Mountain Skiers- See MammothMountain.com(forums/mammothmountain, page 2--Update. Here it is. Get Ready. Get Stoked and Par Tay). I've never been at The Viper Room , but it's probably a small place for a band to play at, or to sell CD's, too.
  18. Yes, SugarBabi7 and JuliaD, I'm not in L.A., but close enough. See my suggesttions on[A Message From Jim]. If there's another show or performer that night in L.A. or Orange County, then The Raspberries might be able to be a surprise guest, and still have a Meet and Greet session. Heck, maybe the next day, we could treat The Raspberries to a late morning breakfast after 10:00 , on saturday. Remember the music store idea, too, because that's the easiest on a short notice to do.
  19. I know the quickest way to play anywhere on short notice would be at music stores. But, if someone else is playing Oct. 22nd at an art center for music, you might be able to jump on. The show is already on somewhere, so you could be a surprise guest. A friend of mine, who sings, does this. In West Hollywood, I think the music place is called Sam Goodies. Nancy Sinatra brought her band over. It was packed. Bring your music, etc. to sell. Also in West Hollywood, The Guitar Center, where they sell musical instruments. Outside on the sidewalk, they have handprints of musicians from around the world. Announce your show at HOB's there, if you wish. The Catalina Bar and Grill. On Cahuenga, in the heart of Hollywood, just south of the 101 Fwy, about four blocks. Steve Tyrell and Debbie Boone, who just started singiing again. I think it holds 100 or more. Herb Albert's(Tijuana Brass) Restaurant called Vibrato, in L.A. In Agoura Hills, about twenty five minutes west of House Of Blues, at their Country Club, there is a theatre, and many well-known singers have played there. It's advertised on the radio. The Universal Amphitheatre, about four miles north of HOB, off the 101 Fwy. Pepperdine University, in Malibu, Cal., at The Smother's Brothers Theatre. Citrus College, in Glendora. East, about thirty five miles of Hollywood, off the 210 Fwy. In Long Beach, California, The Carpenter Arts Center, named after the famous duo. I think the brother still does shows there every Christmas Holiday. The CoachHouse (www.TheCoachHouse.com), in San Juan Capistrano, Oct. 22nd, Hot August Night- A tribute to Neil Dimond. I don't know, whether or not it's possible to play just before this show. Galaxy, in Santa Ana, California. Oct. 22nd, Home Grown(A Band?)-www. GalaxyTheatre.com The OC Pavilion(www.oc Pavilion.com). Bill Medley, of The Righteous Brothers started here, in Santa Ana, California. No one else is playing Oct. 22nd, but if you want, some entertainment friends of yours could do a benefit concert. It might be too short of a notice though, to do that. Elizabeth Howard's Curtain Call Theatre, in Tustin, California. A dinner and show. Now showing, Grease.(714) area code.
  20. O.K., and here we go, like a roller-coaster ride, only better, because this is The Raspberries!! Here are some to start out with: Check this website.(www.ocpavilion.com). This is in Orange County. About one hour from L.A. No one is there on October 22nd, but I think it's best to play with another concert band(Or, bands?) at the same place. Or, call your entertainment friends for a concert, even a benefit concert. Adress: 801 N. Main Street. Santa Ana, California. Off the 55 Fwy. Go west about two miles from fourth street exit, then right turn. This is important to note here. Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers has a show through Dec. 18th called 50 years of Rock and Roll. I think he's the Chairman. More..
  21. Stand by, Jim, and the rest of the band. We all love you, too. Don't worry. This is something I do on the side. Some say I have this gift of connecting people. I'm coming up with some ideas that I'll post here, or on [san Diego Show Cancelled].
  22. I'm sorry to hear about that. We might be down, but we're not out. It's time to be creative, now. If we can find another show, or performer. Let's jump on another show quickly if you can. Keep praying. There must be something. I can't let The Raspberries down. You're way too good, and I know L.A. and Orange County are high demand entertainment places. I'll check the venues for Saturday, October 21st. I'll be checking L.A. and Orange County shows. By the way, in case you don't realize this, The Raspberries could be moving up to a popular showplace. Somehow; somewhere. I'll see what I can do here.
  23. Yes, the best and happiest to all of you, Ira; Darlene. Le Shanah Tovah.
  24. Yes, I'll be there. Maybe L.A., but most likely San Diego. A little Country jingle: Half the time I'm thinking Half the time I'm not Someone said, Everytime you give Just give with all you've got
  25. Dang! By the time I got back, it's gone. But it sounds so exciting. But, great job Raspbernie. To see a recording of The Raspberries rehearsing or playing live would be a special treat indeed. And playing songs other than their own. That's why they're great. The Raspberries can educate people from the music of the past. And, yes, music then, is so much better than today. Ironically, there is so much more sophistication, but little lyrical meaning. Some bands are taking a year to record, because they are using more than fifty record tracks(I've actually heard 80 to 100) on each oversynthesized song. What happened to live musicians playing? Well, thankfully, The Raspberries know how to play.
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