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  1. Thanks, Cozmik. I'll have to check that out. At first, I thought it was Paul Stanley of The Kiss Band. Thanks Smittie, I've re-edited my earlier post.
  2. Yes, mymooladi. See my post at the top of this page with the website? That's who has been putting these on T.V. One of The Brady Bunch's stars co-hosts the advertisement that shows a whole bunch of songs, with othere singers, too. Some of the best songs are from that era.
  3. with Bobby Darin. And the latest? Folk singer Bob Dylan, who has released his PBS T.V. special, now on DVD, about his life and songs at the stores this past two weeks. He sings for The Kaiser Permanente Hospital care- Times Are A Changing.
  4. I was lucky. Last weekend, I was watching T.V. late, a commercial for music came on, and I saw The Raspberries-Please Go All The Way; Eric Carmen-Hungry Eyes where the camera pans right to left showing the singers, then Eric walks across the stage singing, and later again, Eric Carmen- All By Myself. This year, there have been commercials by singers Frank Sinatra and the Ratpack-Target, PetCo and Ebay commercials changing the words on songs written by Paul Anka, Puppy Love, and My Way(on EEEBayyy!), Louis Prima, called Las Vegas' greatest lounge act along with Keely Smith who sang with him, on The Old Navy(a clothing store), and Macy's(clothing), with
  5. Have a great birthday . And keep it going for a week with remembrances.
  6. Well, I just finished chapter one(Markin' Up The Score) of Folk Singer Bob Dylan's National Bestseller of 2004 called Chronicles: Volume One. I went to buy music, and low and behold, on one of the DVD shelves-of all places- was this book. I started reading the thirteen pages(Yes, 13)of praise reviews for the book, before the first chapter, while listening to a Bobby Goldsboro 1968 CD. The first song is "See The Funny Little Clown". I had no idea what the song was about, since I just bought it, but it seems to fit, from the reviews, of part of Bob's life in the past. He had played in basket houses, and he was hired to play at the Gaslight.
  7. Thanks, for the info. Marvin, and raspberrywine. The rest of you, behave yourselves, or Alice Cooper won't let you onstage. There's only one left, after I bought mine of Born To Run. Last night, I went to two stores. (I want to learn to play some of these songs on my keyboard and guitar). The first didn't have it, yet. Here's what I've bought these past two days: Jim Croce's Greatest Hits, a three CD set. And another surprise, I believe this season is Bette Midler Sings The Peggy Lee Songbook, with 10 DVD songs, including an alternate version of 'Is That All There Is?', and home footage of Peggy Lee, Film Appearances, and interviews with Bette Midler and others. Then three more, so far: Streisand, Guilty Pleasures with a DVD, an interview, plus four music videos, including the duet with Barry Gibb, Above The Law; Rod Stewart's Volum IV, The Great American Songbook. and Hank Williams, Definitive 2-CD Collection, with 'I Saw The Light', etc(Did The Raspberries do the same song title?). I noticed he has the same title as one of the Bee Gees songs, 'You Win Again'(That's from their Number Ones CD), which sold quickly last year, new. And they just brought in another stack, again. Next up, for me? Something from Kiss.
  8. It would be great to post what things, or people, you have been thankful for, and what they have meant to you. I'll be celebrating on monday, first. Then, at least one other place on thursday. Sometimes, there are get togethers afterwards for fun and laughter. I'm considering going to Las Vegas, because Paul McCartney will play at The MGM Grand, the day after Thanksgiving. Cherio, folks. It's a bit of a jaunt, I suppose, but there's no time like now. Carry on, 'til next time.
  9. This is one of the music sets to get. I just heard about it today, on the news. Marvin is right about how Bruce and the band play on this DVD. There is no doubt at all, about how hungry they are in this footage. The comments on the local news is that it shouldn't be missed. The Born To Run album, at that time, really was a make-or-break effort. Bruce's first two were flops, and he finally made something commercially accepted by alot of music fans. One could say, 'They had a hungry heart'.
  10. Sounds like a great show, Paul. There has been alot of praises for the recent concerts in Southern California, including of The Eagles band that you are covering their songs. Let us all know, if your out this way in California, or Las Vegas. Keep playing whenever you can, because it keeps you busy. I just bought a great guitar book to study, last night, because I'm going to be learning Rock, R&B, Country and Folk(Like Bob Dylan and Gordon Lightfoot). I'm getting the basics first, but I'm really going to develope my own playing and vocal style. The latter is harder to be somewhat unique. A friend of mine does Gospel music, and I know the Country style a little, and I will be showing him that, plus writing an original song to make it interesting, too. His wife said that he might ask me to play for him. He's recorded with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and also does R&B, Pop/Soul. I'll be thinking of you all. Do your best!
  11. Weschester Cathedral- I Can't Smile Without You- Barry Mannilow In appreciation to his fans, Barry brought someone up from the audience in his England show, I heard Rock singer Cliff Richard say when he was being interviewed. Cliff was mentioning that there are different styles of music and each has it's place in music. He took a friend who wanted to see the show. I know that Europeans, especially, like alot of styles of music.
  12. Marvin, yes,I like all of these reunions, because we are starting to see these people wanting to enjoy playing again, as they did in the past. They can see what's going on in music, and might be saying,'We have something to share, too'. From seeing and hearing some of the current acts, I hope someone will step up. It looks like next year will be a good year to see concerts. Some of the styles of the past, might just be the "new" music to be heard soon, again. Alright, on with the shows!
  13. Yes, raspberrywine and Julie. I thought it might have been a first, and it was. They were talking about it on the radio and news. There had never been songs played live before to astronauts. It was a special surprise, because I'm pretty sure that hardly anyone in the audience had heard about it beforehand. It was reported that the astronauts were bobbing to the beat and sipping their drinks through pouches.
  14. There was a Paul McCartney concert in Anaheim, California at The Arrowhead Pond, on friday. But, he might have been visiting. I read in the local paper that some of Paul's crew went to see The Rolling Stones at The Hollywood Bowl. Paul is to play in Las Vegas this month at The MGM Grand, on the 25th. Right after Thanksgiving. The Rolling Stones, a week before. Of all of the big hotels, this is the one, it seems, with alot of good deals.
  15. I like this article, because it shows something important about music. Yesterday, I was listening to Rocker Cliff Richard, who I had mistaken on the radio as Keith Richards when I first heard the name.(It happened to him years ago, too,In San Francisco.A sign said,"Welcome to San Francisco, Keith Richards"). He said something similar to the article that music doesn't know your age or who you are. He says the industry categorizes people with another name that they add. Cliff has a new CD now that he is promoting. What a special surprise to me! I wrote to him years ago, seeking some advise about something, and received a letter with a special stamped seal from England. He is now, also, called, Sir Cliff Richard.
  16. MikeC

    Job Hunting

    Ernie, a friend of mine used to work in California as an Insurance Claims representative. He would drive his car to different places for damage assessments, then he took his reports back to the insurance company at the end of the day. He moved his family to Florida for better housing deals, and they all like Florida.
  17. Peggy Lee is highly regarded. I think there was a special tribute at The Hollywood Bowl this past year for Peggy, with many singers paying tribute to her. She was using some of the best arrangements, although she might not have been as famous as others, but those arrangements are really dynamic to listen to, as well as the way she would sing them.
  18. Darlene, if you look at The Meet and Greet pictures, from New York, at the top middle photo, is someone named Mike who was also at the L.A. concert. He's wearing the white, then patterned blue shirt. He was wearing a Raspberries Shirt then, and he brought a twelve-string guitar, hoping to get it autographed. He said he wouldn't sell it on EBay. He's been a Raspberries fan for a long time. I think he said he's from New Mexico. He said he has played in bands, doing some of his own music.
  19. Nothing that I've heard on that. If they do, I'm wondering whether or not they are including songs from different concerts that they've done. Also, I think it's good to have some commentary, written onscreen when you see it, before and/or after songs or the whole concert. And, maybe with interviews backstage telling stories with the band members telling stories about each other, or things they've learned, through the years, about the music business and the changes they've seen. I realize that it's a good time to start on this, since we'll all be shopping during the holidays.
  20. An excellent overview by Dan. I never knew about some of the things The Raspberries went through, until I read what Eric said. They were definitely overlooked when they could have been promoted much better, because this is what a record company is supposed to do.
  21. I saw the two photos, too. Thanks Matt. For everyone else, on the left side, type Eric Carmen for pictures on the Getty site. Next, look to the middle on your screen. If you click "9 people.." then scroll down to the letter E for Eric, that's where you'll find the two photos together. One photo features Eric, Ringo, and others as members of the sixth incarnation of The All-Star Band.
  22. It was on their front page, or the MSN Entertainment News section. Paul McCartney has a concert, in Anaheim, California, on November 11th. On the MSN.com site, you can still read that story about The Beatles for about 3 hours and 23 minutes more tonight, west coast time. I never heard of Bob Spitz before, but they say he managed Bruce Springsteen some time.
  23. Thanks, sterling and hof63. Marv, here's where I got it, today, on the MSN.com site for October 30, 2005. It was on two pages. Spitz spent six months in Liverpool, and he interviewed 650 people over six years. The book starts with a remarkable evening in Liverpool, after a lengthy stay in Germany for The Beatles. Apparently, alot of practicing was going on, because, when they came back, the audience was so startled and excited about how they played that night, and that carried over to three years later, when more and more people started to here this amazing music. It also mentions how Lennon and Harrison could hardly stand being in the same room as McCartney. Many bands have gone through that scenario. But years later, the first love and respect came back amongst themselves. A few beers, I suppose, and everything was fine again.
  24. I noticed that one event for Frankie Laine was done at a festival for, mainly, something else once. From that time, his audience grew. This might be the fourth event in about six or seven years. Las Vegas might have had more than 700 people at a hotel once, for his celebration. When there is one event like a festival, people walking by can see a marquee(a sign) and walk in. Some people don't listen to the radio, or read much of newspapers, until they see it on the same days of the event.
  25. Happy birthday, hungryeyes. I tried, but couldn't get on to it. I noticed today, that it was alot more time to go from adding a reply, then back to the rest of the posts. Someone else mentioned the same thing, on another post, about not being able to post or something. Maybe it's busy on the internet, aside from this site, today.
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