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  1. I think it's one of the best ways for promotions, when you give a C.D. away. People start asking,"Who was that?" "Are there more songs?". "Where can I get it?" A friend of mine, gospel singer Jon Gibson, gave me a greatest hits C.D., last Christmas and Hanukkah season. He has the record for a new song most played on Christian radio, "Jesus Loves Ya". When he saw me, he said, "Give this to someone else,and bless them with it". He thought I had it, already. I've listened to it alot, and I'll buy it, since I didn't have it. I saw him walk around and say, "Do you have this one, yet?" I'll give it away at a study in a week-and-a-half. Jon has recorded with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, etc. He has, also, played for The Nelson Riddle orchestra. He played for an after party for The Golden Globe Awards, last year. (Michael sang backgrounds on a song called "Wake-up". The story is that when Michael showed up at the recording studio, at the height of his career in the late 70's, with those record-setting albums, hard-working Jon was asleep, after already recording most of the song). A side note, I've met the drummer on the record-setting album, Ndugu Chancler, or something like that, at an after party, for an all-star concert. I think he's played on two of Jon's CD's.
  2. I'll take a look later. Off to a conference for the weekend. Thanks, Bernie.
  3. I was listening to Kola, 99.9 F.M. radio in California. At 6:48 A.M., west coast time, they had a contest. Someone won a Raspberries CD. The DJ said, "You win the digitally remastered Rasperries Hits, courtesy of Capitol Records". Yes, me too, I couldn't believe it, either. The California station is at (www. ImAKolaNut.com) The next song was "Tugging The Line". I'm off to a conference, since last night, that goes today and tonight, then part of sunday. What a way to start off! Maybe, this is just one of the surprises for this year.
  4. I hope Steven takes care of his health. And, if Lenny has left, I wonder what singer or band/s will join him.
  5. MikeC

    Manilow #1

    Barry never thought he'd get a spot in Las Vegas, or at The Hilton. I have a few guesses about who got him the gig, but then The Hilton heard about what he said on T.V., I guess, and went for the contract. Or, someone told them. About last summer, of 2005, he said that if fans wanted to hear a concert, come over to his house, because he practiced so much at home. He meant it, at the time. I would like to see him do the music style of another culture. Something different.
  6. Lenny Kravitz will play in Southern California, too. And, scheduled this year, here, are Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel in April.
  7. I didn't catch the game, until near the end of the third quarter. Today, on a rock station after 12:00 P.M., someone said that during a solo guitar part, someone on the sound board couldn't find the right knob. So, what happened is that the guitarest kept playing, until about halfway through the solo, his guitar volume on the sound board was turned up. I've seen this happen before, when other people sing or play. The first group of musicians play, and everything is good. Then, when the next singer sang, someone gave him the wrong microphone, for the string section or something, and there was about 60 percent less volume, for a large crowd. There's alot of confusion, unless someone puts different tape colors on each chord and matches them on the soundboard. :p
  8. I just read the first post now. It looks like, to me, that someone is sending them. I saw this happen on a friend of mine, on his forum where it happened a few times. His is a religious site. Then, it stopped. But here, it's more.
  9. On My Way, and at friends parties, I like to change the lyrics, if it's music only, or sing off the beat of Frank, and go into the higher pitch near the end, of the songwriter, Paul Anka. It's quite an effect, because people can still hear Frank: Look around, look what he brought When you give of your self Do you give all you've got?!! In everything he'd say just the way that he'd feel They're not just some words. They're something that's real. Theeee record shows, and God only knows. -That I should thank him, Myyy Wa~yyy!!! Remember Your Way; His Way!!; And..God's WAYYY!!!!!
  10. I'll think of more songs, later: Honey(Bobby Goldsboro) I bought his greatest hits that are back out. It's in my car. I'll get the exact title in the morning. Patches(Clarence Walker) A sad song about a father in the south, who worked so hard. His wife prayed for his strength-"Lord, give him strength to make another day". Ol' Man River(Frank Sinatra)What a show-stopper song. Let Me Try Again(Frank Sinatra) My Way(Frank Sinatra)Because of the sadness, and strength of a man who gives his all, in spite of what he's been through. I can sing over his voice live on this one, and unless someone is looking, they don't know there's another singer. There Used To Be A Ballpark(Frank Sinatra) Have I Told You Lately(Rod Stewart) Papa(Paul Anka) This Is It, This Is Love(Paul Anka) Boats Against The Current(Eric Carmen) Go All The Way(The Raspberries) My Eyes Adored You(Frankie Valli) You're Just Too Good To Be True(Frankie Valli) Tragedy(The Bee Gees) It's The Falling In Love(Michael Jackson) I've song over his voice and the original song live, before.
  11. Sometimes the musical acts from the same era are shown with many bands on one tape. And, they are recorded live in one night at a concert hall and shown later, on T.V. Or, a DVD or video by themselves with their own songs, interviews, and maybe footage from the past. Like, places they played. They talk about other people who played there at that time.
  12. By the look of things, if The Choir does more concerts in the future and records them, like The Raspberries did, we might see both of them on the www.PBS.org site, where many musical acts are shown on local T.V. I was talking to a musician friend of mine, last night, about the Dionne Warwick tribute at www.KodakTheater.com . He told me that he watches the same local T.V. show that I do, at www.KOCE.org .(See monthly highlights). Last month, there were more singers and bands. Dionne's tribute could be on national and local PBS stations, eventually. Just seeing how happy the singers and musicians are to talk about their programming, when they sing on that show, or talk about a show they did on video or DVD. It's sort of like, "Yeah, this place is where we want to be".
  13. Glad you had a great trip, Billy K. My dentist's wife is from the Philippines.
  14. He's got the right idea. Remember the vinyl 45's, with one song on each side of the record? I've been wondering for the last few months why there has to be alot of songs. Why not five now, and five to seven later on a CD? Or, like he's doing- One now, and see what happens with it on the charts. You can buy the CD's now with one to three or four songs. Some are remixes of the same song. A disco song can have fewer lyrics on the remix. And he's right. There's nothing like the entertainment industry. I believe that movies, with good songs or a great soundtrack are hard to beat. But, four years is a long time to make a disco song. I see, though, because he raised all of the money himself. Bravo!! But, dream. Without imagination, your dreams don't have wings.
  15. It's a good idea, maybe for later in the year, like Thanksgiving or later, because more people could watch. A holiday theme is best at that time. Show them rehearsing music in a garage. Then, later, everyone has a big meal together, and they talk about the meaning of friendships, family, and what's important at that time of year for everyone. A few jokes, or 'The jokes on you' antics at the dinner table. If you watch The Simpsons, like I've been doing lately, you can get some ideas. Cable T.V. would be less expensive than the main T.V. stations. I was talking to my friend today, who is producing an animation film project in the future, but not doing the actual animation, and learned some things about this. Get ideas, and try to put them together.
  16. I saw Lou Rawls in Las Vegas, once. I didn't know that his albums sold 40 million copies. When I listened to the radio, there was a sound clip played with Lou talking about today's singers. He was saying, "It's taking six months to record two songs. If you don't know what you're doing, go play in a garage." His accountant of four decades spoke about him(Malloy was his last name). And Lou did something very rarely seen or heard of. He invited his friend to hear him sing now and then, in the recording studio. I think his friend sang, too. Lou sort of took him under his wing, he said. But, Lou's singing was too cool for his friend, and behind the window, in the sound-engineering room, his friend would try to get Lou out of his coolness and more into the song, doing gyrations, his friend said, or making Lou laugh, to get him at ease with the song he was recording.
  17. I didn't mention that the Disney characters were there, too, because Disney used to own The Anaheim Pond.
  18. I was calmer during rehearsal, because I felt cooler. I wore a suit. People applauded and whistled, so I knew there was some effect in practice. I always rehearse as if it's the real thing. That's probably what they thought, too. As I was walking out to sing the second time, my daughter and her cousin decided to stop and to turn the corner behind me, out of my sight. So, I said,"Stay nearby". I was being as calm as I could, because I was about to sing. My mind was on the song now. I found out, later, that they stood behind the plexiglass. My daughter said, "You sounded good!" I walk out, and they close the two gates(Same as the Ice-Hockey gates with boards and plexiglass so people can bounce off them safely). Now I'm on the turf. I look around and there was alot of security on the floor. There were alot of Sheriffs behind me, left and right. Now it's live. I see the teams. Some athletes are looking down and concentrating. -The Cheerleaders. I walk up to the microphone. Now, I'm ready to go. Everyone is still.. It was surreal, but fun. The "House lights" dim. And they shine some lights on The Flag. Now, they put alot more lights on me, and I know for sure, "I'm it!". They make it fancy, and all the lights above me look like they are 'rolling' towards me, from way high up, as they do a partial, or half-circle turn. I could see them in the corners of my eyes. This was new to me. Like planets at a tilt, partially pointing up but at a slant, then swiveling down. I could barely see anyone in the audience. Then, my name was announced. And The Song. The cameraman, to my surprise, was right next to me, on my left. I could reach him in two steps, it seemed. He moved around as I sang. The song was sung in the style of Frank Sinatra, because I figured hardly anyone did that. People say that I can sing his voice to a "T". Although I'm uncomfortable singing like someone else, it was what I had been learning at that time. It took me two years to bring my voice down to the baritone range, from first and second tenor, when I sang in a university choir. I really wanted everyone to remember that day. Before all of that, I brought the song with me to the stadium, on sheet music. Everything I did before helped alot.-Three bands(Two different bands at one time). I went through the song. And each word. I was looking for interesting intonation. Changing that throughout the song. Holding some notes and words longer. Sometimes shorter, on purpose for effect. And to let the words give the audience a "word-picture". As if a phrase of a sentence, or each word, was going to hit them a certain way. I was telling a great story. I had three days to get ready. I've done solo singing, but never "The Anthem" before. We got our seats, and I tell the other family, "I'll be back later to sing The National Anthem". It was fun being in the dressing room. I could even hear the players and the coaches talking down the hall. The room had a shower for the shows, a sink, tables and chairs. They asked me,"Do you want a sofa?". I spent more time reading the song, thinking about it, and relaxing. The people who worked there were great, plus they gave us food vouchers for the snack stands. They invited me back. It would be fun to sing at an Ice-Hockey game.
  19. Echoes of yesteryear. Imagine what it would have been like if the grand marshal spoke on a microphone, with a slight echo through the speakers: Ladys and gentlemen, we now present the Stongsville High School Marching Mustangs. The announcers must have said the school's name on T.V., though. Tonight, Wednesday, January 4th, it looks like a band called Big and Rich will be playing, I guess at half-time. They are different from most Country bands, because they play rock, too. Their Bio says that they are fun to hear, and they like all kinds of music. They make people laugh and cry, sometimes. They are being heralded as a breath of fresh air in the music industry. I had the priveledge of singing The National Anthem at The Anaheim Pond, in California, for an indoor soccer game, which is now defunct. I started to think about the famous singers who sang before and since then, like Barbra Streisand,Bette Midler, Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney. I went to a sheet music store to make sure I wasn't singing the wrong words. I got the oppurtunity through the soccer coach, when I met him one day. He just said, "See the secretary. She'll tell you what to do, and when to be there". Just like that. I brought my daughter and her cousin, and stopped by a local restaurant to give three more tickets away for the game. The other family came to the game. Everyone thought it was a joke, until they saw me on the field with the cheerleaders and both teams. I rehearsed once, before about two or three hundred people. Then, they sent someone to the dressing room later. When I came back out, there were almost 6,000 people. They put my name up, on some of the scoreboards. It was televised live, and I saw myself singing part of The Anthem, later that night on a local T.V. station that the coach and a player came to talk about the game.
  20. Glad you're doing alright, Aggiesjc. We caught alot of rain down here.
  21. Best wishes to everyone-The Band, Bernie, Kathy, Ken, Gene, The Crew, The Overdubs; And all the fans. This will be her third appearance this week: I watched part of the Rose Parade this morning, and I saw Country singer Leann Rimes being interviewed, before 9:00 A.M. PST, on ABC T.V. And apparently, she kicked-off The Rose Parade. (Think we could get The Raspberries there?) She had just performed at a New Year's Eve event in Orange County where Righteous Brother, Bill Medley is The Chairman Of The Board at The OC Pavillion. -At www.OCPavillion.com . And, wednesday evening, she will be singing The National Anthem at The Rose Bowl, before the start of the much anticipated football game between two of the most talented teams around. There is no doubt at all about the excitement this game is already bringing. Some say it's USC's best team ever. Folk singer, Bob Dylan's song, "The Times-They Are A Changin'" played for Kaiser Permante Healthcare T.V. commercial on ABC, which had a float in the rainy parade.
  22. There will be two more sequels, according to Dircetor, Peter Jackson. The next one, which already began filming this past September, 2005 is expected out this summer. It's called Son Of Kong. Universal Studios finally allowed Peter and other actors to talk about it before Christmas. I found out on my two disc DVD set that shows how the film was done.
  23. That's quite a story, Craig. "Patches" is one of the greatest story songs, I think. Clarence talks on some parts of the song, and sings on others. The song brings tears to my eyes, just thinking about the lyrics about his father-"When he tried to get up, life would knock him back down" And, Adam Sandlar commented that Clarence wasn't affraid to sing close to the microphone. If you heard the song over the radio, you would have thought the recording was just done recently.It was that good. They do a great job putting songs on the airwaves at 103.1 FM.
  24. You put alot of thought into that poem. Thanks, Darlene. It was great to read.
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