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  1. What a person and fan you are. Happy Birthday.
  2. My Way Tribute, starting near end of song-I've loved, I've laughed and cried..... Your best, you gave your best And now you rest, we will remember That charm.... that did no harm -Because of you, each year songs were heard through December. That step to give your all And you stood tall The fans cheered you so dearly And now again, Frank has a friend They call you Junior. ( Crescendo of end of My Way Song) With all you've got! .... To all your fans Like sisters and brothers..... we CHeered Frank's songs!! For us, in review.... And the things you said; With. stories you told us Are never dead... You sang them through; Those songs we knew We thank you....... Ourrrrrr Wayyyyyy!!! Thank you, Our Wayyyyy!!!! From Your Way; His Way.....You helped people.....God's Wayyyy!!!
  3. Frank and the Sinatra's knew of me well, on The Sinatra Family Website. I posted years ago. Frank Jr. was an incredible music historian. Especially, anythimg regarding his father. To hear him talk was an amazing experience. A very gifted speaker to add on to his outstanding leadership as a band director. He performed at a small club in England, merely by a fans' request to hear him sing and perform his father's songs. Someone wrote him their need for money assistance.. Frank Jr. helped him out. He was there for all of his fans. Onstage, when the bluelight was on him, he looked just like his father. Frank Jr. you gave with your heart and sang with dedication and your soul. Open the door, Frank Jr. has walked into Heaven!
  4. It set a new record in China! 172 million in its first 7 days. Kung Fu Panda held the last Animated Movie record, there.
  5. The news said he lived in Santa Monica, Cal. He was concerned about the band''s upcoming tour. I don't know if that meant health concerns, Or, a big schedule to fill,
  6. He let The Beatlles be creative, and inspured them to add instrumental sounds to their songs. In Las Vegas, he and his son helped create The Beatle's Love Show. Still going. Buy one ticket, the second one is half off.
  7. Great find, Bernie. I think everyone can tell that Eric 'Was in the monent' of the song. Difficult for anyone else vocally, because off the tone and voice Eric sang it in.
  8. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. Neither things seen or unseen. We are here, for you. Read a little. But pray every day. If you are a believer, see Jesus' in your prayer. For hope, understanding and listening to you.
  9. All of the endearing ladies from this site. I think some authors were there, too. Popdude went through the wrong entrance. One of Wally's close friends made the trip, from Canada. He had Thanksgiving Dinner with The Bryson's, sharing all of their stories about the band and songs.
  10. I don't think there would have been areunion, without this site. -All the support from fans, musicians. In LA, Popdude, Tony Cartmill, myself
  11. Nicely done! What an arrangement, still.
  12. He says he had an hour conversation about it, with Taylor.He said she thought it was funny. In HipHop, he said it is used as an endearing term. [I guess like buddy, or friend] .And that his wife gave her blessing. Depending on the culture your in, has a double meaning.
  13. I wonder what Kanye will say at this year's Grammy Awards. He called Taylor Swift The 'B' word. on his new album....That he made the ' 'B' famous. Come on now, Kanye. Your wife, mom, aunt and whoever else wouldn't agree with your choice of words. Your wife would have slapoed you, if you saod that to her. I bet they didn't know, until your album was in print.
  14. He is. scheduled to appearl at this Monday's Grammy Awards. His doctor told him not to sing or talk, for 48. hours.
  15. Take care Barry, and add Minerals to your diet. That is the newest revelation for exceptional and stable health!
  16. Barry is in the hospital, from former problems with dental work. He had finished a concert, Wednesay night. Not sure exactly the problem. He is in his final Live Tour, ending this summer at the O2 Theater.
  17. Have a Great Day for your Birthday Celebrations. As well as all birthday's this month!
  18. Awesome, Jim. Just to be in The Hall amongst your peers is unique.
  19. Youtube has a conbo package for songs and streaming videos.$ 9.99 per month. Garth Broks sat down to talk to one sie. Not sure it was YouTube, but I think it was a very popular site. He was one of the last to have his songs streamed, for lack of pay for his work. Even T.V. shows are streaming on the internet. Far more watch on the internet, it is said now. Artists like Taylor Swift changed from being paid pennies on one site. And singer Adele broke some new album release record. A new online world record. Nothing from her in years.
  20. Misspelled 'streaming'. I haven't read all the posts, being in a rush this morning. So, you can use facebook or other sites to redirect people, and tell other artists to get onto more streaming sites. But, I. think that it is great for any new or an established artist to put short versions of their songs on Youtube. This way, people will want more of the entire song. [ Why don't more artists do this?-] I did some of the sound for some new group. More coming up. They are good. But, I will see what I think of their next recording to tell who they are. One of the artists has a screen actors guild card. He called me up last week, to record in a few weeks. We recorded live video in a large white screen back screen, as they sang over their own pre-recorded vocals. We spent three late hours on a four to five minute+ song. I told them on each acting/ talking take whether it was a good or bad take. Sometimes, the singing was behind the original soudtrack, an obvious visual mistake. (Words heard when the person wasn't singing). Using Bluetooth from the pre-recorded vocal, the singing played through the studio speakers through a phone. And also the studio video/vocal recorder at the same tine, singing over the original vocal, and live to video. The last song had a heavy message, about living the right way.
  21. And, on your facebook page, you can tell everyone artists you like, and what type of song it is. Is it. an easy listening song that you suggest to others, because of how the mood and lyrical good sence it makes you feel, etc. Rock, Country Music and on it goes.
  22. I would do the same thing, too. All of us can go to other streeming sites to pay , now. You notice though, that music radio has been far ahead of internet music streeming. You freely hear music, all the time. I don't feel bad, since artists get a share from radio play, albeit maybe a small amount. So, enter now to a new steeming situation to more possible profits. It is very wise to put music on several steeming sites, and gaining your residual dues from them
  23. Now, to the particular choices we all make, and what can we do for any change with online music. Well, the Beatles, on Christmas Eve,(Happy Crimble was the greeting) have ageed with Universal Music to now do. prepaid music on about nine streeming sites. So artists can change to doing this way, also. I always thought it was wise to perform songs or play a concert. Getting a higher dollar play, in doing so.
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