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  1. The correct link is Http://valleymusictravel.com
  2. I'm wondering whether or not it will be filmed and produced for all fans. And those who cannot go. On their lodging site, Http://valleymusicfestival.com Fans can click on onsite lodging. To stay in desert Yurts with woodfloors, etc. Includes golf cart runs to the market, restaraunts, golf course and spa. Includes Thursday pre-concert tour trip to concert venue, for people arriving October 6th. (Scroll down to third section)
  3. http://home.deserttrip.com I guess The Buzz is just beginning. Dylan, McCartney, the Stones, Neil Young, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd founder), and The Who. All are playing Full Sets. At The Premier Polo Club. Tickets on sale, Monday May 9th. $399 for three day pass. $199 for daily pass. $699 for three day reserve seats. $1599 for standing pit. Add $25 for shuttle from campgrounds and hotels. This is nearby the world famous Coachella Music Festival, which just ended last Sunday. They have more artists, but limited to shorter sets sometimes.
  4. I hope your day and week are fun for you and your lived ones.
  5. Yes. Happy Birthday! Have a great time with your family.
  6. Jonesey's Show, mispelled. Anyway, check out the festval and famous guitarists, this weekend.
  7. On Hinesey's show this past wednesday, Guitarist Kenny Wayne Sheppard, a 39 year-old guitarist has played in The Jimny Hendrix Exprience Band with all original members. I think he is playing his own music, and othet styles.
  8. The show is 12 to 2 PM, Pst. And 2 to 4 PM, Est. One of his guests mentioned The Malibu Guitar Festival which started Thursday until Sunday, this weekend. One guitarist playef in Wings Band.
  9. Steve Jones, of The Sex Pistols, is back on the radio. Jonesey's Jukebox, 95.5 FM, KLOS. He interviewed The Raspberries, when they played in LA. He plays live guitar on the show, and does interviews.
  10. After dinner, and I'm at a European Caffe place with a friend. That song has become Gold in a variety of entertainment venues- On T.V. and singing contests, movies, and Las Vegas! That's more and more Gold! Happy Fourtieth Anniversary. Wow, like it was just yesterday. Actually it was in a recent animated movie.
  11. Prince liked to play impromptu short sets in LA and Hollywood. Just showing up at Hotels or small clubs with no announcement and playing. He did this to improve his songs later, trying to see what the audience liked. He also needed more talent, so he would go to several clubs, finding good musicians.
  12. Amazing that the first eight notes sung are the same note, then four more times, soon after that.
  13. I'm sure the record label would work things out, if Wally had a project. Just like for any artist, they would share. royalties for the project Wally wants to use them for. I'm guessing Wally wanted the songs released back to him. But they want to make money, too. It looks like Wally gave them the copyright and knew he would share royalties, if they were put on an album.
  14. Kay said that Capitol Records owns the copyright for three of Wally's songs. He could use them again with their permission for TV commercials or TV show, a movie, website advertisement, or for a fundraiser. By mentioning them in his credits. After the record label and he agree, his songs can be put out again.
  15. Thanks, Marvin. Twice, in the last five or six months, a Raspberries song in a movie, and TV. Movies reach a bigger audience that also watch movies on the internet. I hope Wally gets some of his own songs in a movie. Just write them, and kick back.You don't have to tour. It's an easier way to make money. If The Raspberries had gone to another record label, we would have heard three of Wally's 'lost' songs. The band was already recording a list of new preset songs that the record label agreed to. I guess someone in management told Wally they would be on an album. About five years ago, Wally and his wife Kay talked to Capitol Records executives about writing credit for songs that were not on any albums. Play them at a party. Someone will put them on YouTube. But, a movie is best to make money. Write them and kick back. You don't have to tour.
  16. Acoustic guitar, horns or strings etc.later, to avoid sound overlaps- (If everyone recorded in the same room at the same time). Maybe if there is another book about The Raspberries and solo efforts by Eric, Wally and Dave, it could be mentioned. I think Jim played drums for other bands, without a solo album.
  17. I think there are more photos of their rehearsals, showing microphones over Jim's drumset There might be books about what Capitol Records used, in their era. Or, pick another artist with them then. Or go the bookstore to find out. Order of recording- Usually drums, then bass first. Maybe all during that era. (Now, bands can do partial recording, and add on more easliy with digital recording). Or, record everyone on separate soundtracks, listen and go back over to see if everyone played their part correctly and on same beat And re-re-record over mistakes. This also gives the band and producer to talk about add-ins, and more instruments.(Sometimes, or usually, the producer hears songs the first time in the recording studio). Eric and The Raspberries practiced alot. So they were ready to record. Whoever produced their albums knows how their albums were recorded, too. But, I think they might have brought their own amplifiers hooking them up to guitars and bass guitar. Then to the sound-mixing console. When I saw Jim's drums live at The Reunion Concert in LA( The one produced for Dvd release)., I think it was a pillow or cushion and a towel, in the bass drum. One way to tell about microphones over the drum set, is to listen to different albums. If there were several microphones, (like. at the bass, over a few cymbals and tom toms), the best sound is heard. Less microphones, less clear. Eric mentioned Vox amplifiers as well as Marshall's, if I remember in live concerts. (For studio as well )? Voice microphones might have progessed and changed, after each album. The studio probably had its favorite.
  18. Helen did a Chrstnas show that I found out about late, last December. Yes Pat and Anne. And now artists. can swirch to a prepaid streaming format. The Beatles have an agreement with nine streaming sites, through Universal Music Group Corporation, starting this past January. -Find a song, pay and. listen. I even heard. some of their own songs on a salon T.V. screen. Their own website plays only songs by The Beatles, and songs by each musician on their solo albums. Some people use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, etcetera. Some artists use Youtube to talk or to clear a personal matter that is not true. Telling their fans the true story. Paul's only concern, Mary Ellen, he said was one day not being able to sing the high notes. His talking voice is at a lower pitch. A little water during a concert break also help one's voice. As well as warm mint tea, or chamomille tea, long after a concert. Some artists also use steamers to help more, too.
  19. Helen Reddy started touring, last year, after years. Paul Williams ( "Yes, I'm still alive", he said). He produced The Album Of The Year Winner, and toured last year. I'm not sure about this year.Our own Kirk met him, under a Paul Williams thread, on this site.( An evening with Paul Williams, in Cruisin Music thread, second page). Sone had short careers, like Bobby Sherman (Julie Do Ya L ove Me). Http://www.Bobbysherman.com. And some shorter, like The DeFranco's ( Every Heartbeat Is A Love Beat). And they went on to successful Real Estate careers. Bobby wanted to give back through public service, serving his community. Someone last year did a Billy Joel tribute concert. I would go to a tribute concert. With The Beatles, there are several tribute shows. And one in Las Vegas. One today at The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, where many Rock Group Tributes are played regularily. Some change one letter in their name like Led Zepagen(Zepallin), or something like that. Also tributes to Journey, Rush, etc. And Jason Bonham's Ultimate Led Zepallin Tribute who will perform tribute songs of Led Zepallin at a Southern California Indian Casino.
  20. I'm surprised. Billy doesn't consider something different. Why not just put out three songs at a time. - Songs in three, because it seems that internet song downloaders like just a few songs on any album. This will make selling easier, with the music consumers preference of a few songs from various artists. It also could allow songs to.be recorded over more time. This could make it better for Billy, as he could still have a normal life, and to enjoy chef cooked meals at home.( I think he has his own professional chef). And changing chef's, I guess to lose weight. Billy could conduct an orchestra; And playing other styles of music that he enjoys. An artist , who has recorded songs of The American Songbook, Michael Feinstein, conducted The Pasadena Symphony for awhile. One artist he knows, Paul Anka, took very popular Rock songs (Titled Rock Swings), and turned then into the jazzy Big Band style. And they all turned out very impressively. I'm so glad that Paul did something so different. He has over 120 recorded albums. Averaging about two albums each year, over his career. ( Over fifty years). We saw another friend of Billy's, Sir Paul McCartney l, in a Biographical Movie about Glen Campbell's Life( In some ways, similar to Billy's). Paul and his wife Nancy are seen in the story. Paul has continued on performing. As well as Ringo. From the Grammy Awards, Paul raised his arm high singing to Glen's famous song Rhinestone Cowboy. As Glen sang, Paul pumped his fist on the chorus words, Like a Rhinestone Cowboy. After the show, Paul is shown greeting Glen. And Paul will have a North American tour, this summer. Glen had identical experiences as Billy in marriage and drinking. his sorrows away.Maybe Billy's losses caused more focus on his past, and less on his future. But Glen has cognitive problems and had to retire from performing. Remarkably playing so well as before, but forgetting words. Sometimes forgetting what he said. The movie will make anyone cry. (Available on the internet,, to buy).
  21. Thank you Hossy, for the great photos and stories!
  22. Late,; I'm not always in this section. What the heck, one more Hapoy Birthday!
  23. It's your time, Dave, to have fun!
  24. Enjoy those Raspberrie's songs. Have a great Birthday.
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