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  1. That wouild be quite a sign to put up: All takers welcomed! Well, Jerry, she could probably share the extra $810.00 dollars from, of all things, public assistance.(Like she needs it?) I guess since Frankie's retired, she can collect that to raise the kids. That was mentioned in the story I read.
  2. You got that right, Gman. They are saying that he now knows the playbook, having just learned a little, a few weeks ago, when the Raiders lost. Not all due to his fault then, his team said. They are blown away by Carson's workout ethic. He was working out hard, during the off-weeks before his new games. He knows what to do, now. Tim Tebow is way ahead of some of John Elway's stats, like rushing about 550 yards. But as a pro quarterback, he can't score as many touchdowns, unless he passes alot more. Passing is the quicker touchdown, as opposed to running down the field to try to score.
  3. May all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday.
  4. I saw the story in The Examiner. His wife filed before Thanksgiving, after 27 years. She gets $25,000 per month spousal support, and brings in another $300,000 per month on her own. But the big deal is that she supposedly will be getting royalties from The Jersey Boys show that Frankie produced.
  5. Have a great time, everyone. I have go buy three different fruit pies, plus the gravy. I was invited to a famous celebrity's house.
  6. Lori, you can type, "When was Tourette's sympton discovered". In 1885, it was named after the doctor by that name. You can ask neurologists about it, too. Remember, if he was diagnosed 20 years ago, a neurologist will know. And there are the MRI's that can be done. That will show what's going on in his brain.
  7. A friend of mine has Tourette's. He is a successful psychiatrist. He also speaks on several topics of psychiatry. One year, he told me he spoke more than thirty times at different places. I've seen his symptoms subside dramatically, after he finished college. His Tourette's is just a small part of his life, now.
  8. More sunshine and happiness, on your birthday. Have a fun weekend, John.
  9. Thanks, Marvin. I was at that show where The Raspberries were recorded live. I've seen Billy twice on T.V. during the MDA telethon in September, when Jerry Lewis was hosting. He played drums, and he looked like that was alot of fun for him.
  10. That famous phrase, Kirk, that Howard Cossell, a boxing broadcaster said during one of Frazier's fights. He was a humble man, with all his talent. I had heard on the radio, sunday night, that he was nearing the end of his life. I was fortunate when Ali came to my school, when I was a teenager. I was only about five feet away from him, as I stood facing him. Ali would take a bus, for fun, around town, and joke with all of the surprised riders. He got everyone laughing. Ali was quiet and humble when I met him. And I sensed a great power around him. Beyond himself. An aura of greatness. I asked my friend there. He said he felt it, too.
  11. I never met Joe. But, I was lucky to see a few of is fights when I was little on closed-circuit T.V. That's where people would go to a big theater, and watch it live. Joe is part of the great history of boxing. I think he even sang the National Anthem once at a boxing match.
  12. Woops, I believe they all The Raspberries shook hands with some of the audience. Eric first, then everone else. It was over eight years ago, and happening fast. They all have class.
  13. Oh, I really think there will be more music. Or a video with character voice-overs that I suggested to Wally on the Partial Raspberries thread. A friend of mine worked on a house where someone had recorded just music for some animated game video. That bought him his house, a big dining table. And I would think one dollar or probably more per video, at least. I remember seeing the last Raspberries show. I thought it might be the last one. And I remember Eric and the overdubs. The overdubs looked at Eric. Eric put down his guitar. Wally looked around and at Eric, ready to play more. Then he put his guitar down and left. And Jim stayed around after to shake hands with the fans near the stage. What class.
  14. Marvin, I'll have to read these posts later, as I'm going through my football games to figure out who will win in these early hours(About 4:35 A.M. here). It's three hours earlier than the time shown on each post. I like music alot. But what I notice is both maturity and immaturity, sometimes. For instance, I always look at posts as oppinions. And stepping into the real world, there are many oppinions. Sometimes people disaggree. And that's alright. I posted once to get a balance of thought on a topic. Well, someone thought I was leaning one way, when the topic didn't explain the full thought. I had to explain the side that wasn't being explained. Another time, someone famous was upset at me, not realizing that I had read something on the internet supposedly said by someone he knows. It turned out later, that what I said was confirmed in a recent magazine, a month ago. And it mentioned how another person was approved by them. The same thing that I mentioned from another story. My original post was positive, so I'm glad it was confirmed by a famous magazine of something I read years ago, and mentioned again.
  15. May you have the happiest birthday, ever, with your family and friends.
  16. Well, if he did get married, let's make his wife feel at home. Here's a song by a singer/songwriter who wrote one of the most famous songs, ever! When he wrote that famous song, he thought about the man named Frank Sinatra. He joked how Frank needed the money at the time. I met the writer and singer of that famous song called "My Way" at a dinner, sitting at the table with the board of directors- Unbeknownst to me who they were, until Paul Anka walked in and said, "Hello". Here's another song he wrote. I believe Frank recorded this upbeat song. I substituted a line in brackets. I thought it was a pretty good lyric. Everybody Ought To Be In Love- (Verse) Empty rooms behind me No more nights alone A table and some chairs for two Now the world will find me With someone of my own The loneliness, at last, is through If everyone had someone just like you Then everyone would feel The way I do (Chorus) (Repeat next two lines after last line) Everybody ought to be in love; Everybody ought to have somebody (Verse) Imagine having someone Always by your side A bed for one can be so cold Someone you can talk to [Through the ebbs and tides] Someone you can have and hold There's nothing more rewarding to pursue Than hearing someone say, "I-Love-YOU! And everybody ought to be in love [That's good!] And everybody ought to have somebody [if you could!] Someone you love -Tooooo love !! '
  17. And, from my friend's song about love. He starts each line with the word, love. I just substituted the beginning word in each line. I've sung over this song before. Singing it, one breath to sing five lines, starting with What bears all things? It looks easy, but the end of each line is stretched out. In the middle of the song, here. A slow ballad : So there you were Your heart was broken -Oh dear Some things unsaid Words left unspoken Don't worry none- Daughter nor son Love's many lessons This is just one Love saw you through Made you brand new And it's an honor To welcome you to -Love education.... What is very patient? What is very kind? What is never boastful, baby? What is never proud, haughty or loud? What is very peaceful? And doesn't demand it's own way, baby? What bears all things?; Believes all things? Hopes all things? Endures all things? -Love is amazing And it keeps getting stronger Everytime you smile....
  18. She'll probably start another relationship soon, I would guess. Someone from where she likes to live. On another thread (Kim K..off the market, May 26), I said that people were already saying that moving would be the reason for a divorce. Just from what I heard on the radio earlier today, is that they both didn't discuss where they would live. Even after they got married. On the reality show to be aired later this month, apparently it is mentioned. Someone said that he said, supposedly on the taped show, 'When you move to Minnesota and have kids...everyone will be forgot about you'.
  19. MikeC

    SNOW ON 10/29!!!!

    Quick, Ira. Go outside and do the two step shuffle, like they do in dances. Before you have to shovel.
  20. A made-up Halloween story. There are sound effects, along with one of the characters of Halloween. We will use a good witch as the prognasticator. (A sound of a storm, with lightning, rain, and thunder). Good witch: EEE-HEE-HEE-HEE. So You, my friends want Me to tell a good story, Huh? Well, let me get my crystal ball that was leant to me tell you a story"": Well, I see into the past something. Ahh, it's,... wellll. Hmmmm(Thinking). She twitches her nose and asks the crystal ball, and says, "What else? Show me more of that episode. Yes, that one will do. She begins to describe it, but sees more that the ball is showing her. "Wooops", she says. "O.K. ladies and gentlemen. So You want me to tell what I see?" Well, yes- Everyone says. Why not?" Someone says, "Is this a joke?" She explains that it's up to them to laugh. It will help, she says. "I do this partly for laughs." "And here we go! So, I see that you thought you were flawless. And who is that in the crystal ball?- Billy, the one you promised to go to your prom with? But, you went with Scott, instead? Minus one point for that one. And when you got 10 pieces of candy from your aunt and uncle, you gave your brother only one piece. Minus one more point. Then she looks and says, "Oh, I won't mention that one". (She laughs). "So see how generous I am?. I only took off two points. And that, my dear, is the way to treat others. Counting points is one thing. But counting every point could go on forever!"
  21. Here's a made-up joke: Relatives get together, and they're sitting at a dinner table. Everything is set, the silverware, the plates. A wine glass, with another glass filled with water or a soda. Two forks. One for salad. And a small coffee cup for after the meal. The topic comes up somehow during the meal- Alright, who here is perfect? One of the kids says, "Me? No!" But the next one says, unbelievably, "I am!" The aunt says, baffled, "You are?" The father says, "Oh, that's what he has learned to say for the past week". Suddenly, a new word arrives- "Not!" His father says, "I thought he only knew three words. "No", and "I am". He asks him, "How did you learn that new word?" He said, "My sister said, 'I am not!'" Everyone laughs, because he doesn't yet understand that he's not perfect.
  22. How to figure out when someone got married: The man speaks much less, and the woman talks more.
  23. What's that one song by David Bowie called? "Fame". Someone later wrote a similar title, but with different words and meaning. But it was received with a positive response. Here's another example of how the reaction would be totally opposite here. (And sometimes we say things that other people think are negative, yet we don't have even a second thought about saying them). This, though, is a positive example : You hear another favorite band at a club. For some reason, only one speaker works for one person at the particular moment- the singer. He or she says, "I guess I'll play it- All by myself". It catches your attention. Because you like the band, or know someone in the band, you go home absolutely elated. You react differently, because those three words aren't associated at all with the person saying them. Smiles on your face, you tell everyone how they mentioned that song. But the person wasn't talking about any song at all.
  24. Thanks for your pics, Wendy. Great to see Jim. I'm glad Tim had a fun time, and he got to see Jesse's band on the same night that Wally played. We love you, Wally! Do you smoke cigars, yet? I mean puff. Not good to inhale the smoke. I'd walk a mile in your shoes, anyday. Well, maybe a few steps. Your shoes might not fit me. Hah! It's not easy to play so many songs. You are always cool to me. Your jokes are to make us laugh about life and our experiences. You worked so hard at what you do, so keep on joking, in fun. Do some stand-up comedy, and play a few measures of music on your guitar, with your jokes. Some people do part of their act that way. Or better yet, make a video game or something with music, and some one-liner jokes. Or do the voice of a character being portrayed in the video. People have made alot of money like this.
  25. Wally likes to joke around. When I met him, I realized how he likes to talk. I think that was his way to say, 'Oh well, I'll sing the song myself'. But, I really think that Wally likes to do songs he likes. So, I think it was great for him to play the songs he did. He is a great leader. And I hope he continues to do concerts, in the future. A long time ago, it seemed like Eric wanted to have a good relationship with all the band members. I know he thought highly of Wally, and his musicianship. And he told him that. 'What was this or that song, without Wally? Who could play it like that?.' Not every song that other members wrote could all be played in a concert. So it was a few of the other styles that weren't power-pop that were brought into the concerts. This can be hard to do, if one song is Country, and the rest are Power-Pop and Rock. But, everyone did their best with their own song. As far as I know, Wally is one of the few guitarists who uses no effects when he plays. During the recording years, certain songs were accepted to be recorded. While others weren't. This is usually because a record company wants the most commercial songs to be played on the radio. When they have alot of songs to listen to, they try to put the best ones that they feel will sell. At that time, artists who worked for various record companies didn't always have control over which songs would be accepted. They knew which songs they liked. And the record companies would choose what they wanted to put on the record to sell.
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