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  1. Everyone deserves a great Mothers Day with your family. I was going to send out some tribute lyrics to some of their songs, yesterday. A tribute to The Carpenters, on that day. Coming up soon, this week.
  2. Johnny Depp showed up on The Pirates Of The Carribean ride at Disneyland. Dressed as a pirate for the movie. Any part in that big movie is a great part. Hello, to Paul. I saw his wife. I turned away, for respect. At first not knowing. I saw Paul's website editor, later.
  3. I don't know. But, Eric did mention a backup band to possibly play some concerts, in the future. ----Depending on everyone' s schedules, or current concert obligations by other musicians.
  4. Congrats to the new married couple! Eric has known Amy for awhile. A new helper. Have a great honeymoon! - Europe? Vegas? Say 'Hi' to Celine; - Palm Springs, or Coachella to see the legendary shows this weekend? It was 85 degrees early evening in Coachella, a few days ago. Reduced tickets, online.
  5. Gary was on the radio show, Coast To Coast, last Sunday- October 9. He answered questions about his about books. Including Paul, John and other topics. Replay his interview on their site. Or type his name to find recent radio interview on a internet radio App, like iTunes, or iHeart Radio, etcetera.
  6. This Saturday, October 15th, in Toronto. (See his books, on the left). Http://www.rgarypatterson.com With live Skype interviews with Peggy Sue Gerron (Buddy Holly's song, Peggy Sue). Leo Lyons (Bassist, Ten Years After). Bill Harry- Mercy Beat Magazine, (and John Lennon's best friend). Seminar is called. Take A Walk On The Dark Side- Rocks Myths, Legends and Curses
  7. Two of Willie Nelson's sons play guitar ( called, Promise Iof The Real Band) for Neil Young. They play smokin' gushow, for a lively show.
  8. A second concert weekend, October 14-16 was added last May, anticipating big crowds. A website, not sure, has half-priced tickets available. And Bob Dylan has just won The Nobel Prize!! He plays his set Friday night, Oct. 14, before The Rolling Stones. Bob played his songs last week, in their original forms, making fans happy. All artists were incredible, according to one radio station.
  9. And your Birthday Bonus- Available on CD, The Beatles, Live At The Hollywood Bowl. Added arre four previously unreleased songs, from 1964 and 1965 concerts. Also in mid-September is the Ron Howard Documentary, Eighy Days A Week-The Touring Years. Then on 180 gram Vinyl in mid-November will be The Hollywood Bowl Album. Download Streaming of Documenatary through Hulu website in mid-September , also.
  10. Hapoy times, on your Birthday! Hey, The Guardians Of The Galaxy will become a ride at Disneyland, next Sumner. Right after Part 2 of their new movie, on May 5, 2017.
  11. Part of the song is in the animated Zoological. And it achieved a new Animated Movie Tickets Sold Record, in China. Eric and The Raspberries have seen recent success, this past year.
  12. Have a fun week to celebrate memories and good times.
  13. Happy Birthday, in New Zealand!
  14. Happy Birthday! Just saw it.
  15. He recemtly announced he has Peripheral Neuropathy, which affects the way he plays guitar. No word on future concerts. Http://www.Billboard.com Hit the search key and type his name.
  16. I haven't read the book. Eric has a new and number one album on the charts called I Still Do.(44, 000 sold). And #6 same song title. Followed by new albums by Bob Dylan (42,000 sold). and Tom Petty.
  17. A Gem of a song, Kirk!. Great recreation. Amazing, even without piano.
  18. Different. With the orchestra, it. Mmade it more dramatic.
  19. She probably could have done concerts. as long as she wanted to.
  20. Thanks, Matt. I'll listen to his songs.
  21. Goldenvoice Promoters should try to add live-steaming to movie theaters, at a reduced price. Or at smaller sports or entertainment theaters, like in Ontario. About one hour west of concert.
  22. See Http://desertsun.com. Entertainment Section, May 9. A second weekend was added, today, Goldenvoice Promoters said. But third party buyers bought out most of the tickets. Fans and residences of Coachella Valley will get another chance around October for General Admission tickets. Other tickets available, still.
  23. More vocals on first song. Add the word ' Hah' before later lines for an effect. Second song, more vocals on 'smile'. Second vocal sings fifth note higher.( Lead vocal C note. Second vocal G note, for example). Third vocal changes notes three times on ' smi- i- ile for more intetesting notes. Crieating even morr interest in the song.
  24. Too Late For You, by Paul Anka -The beginning lyrics: Moonbeams on my window Paint a midnight rainbow A TV sings a Star-Spangled good-night.
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