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  1. Glad to hear from slvnbil.

    I think, too that Julian is very smart. He could produce their show. Isn't he the one who sounds so much like his father, John? Who is being honored in a show, now? [see my post above].

    They need a good producer, to tell them what is good to do, or not, in their show. Also, whatever show they do, it's good to do something a little different than just play songs for an hour-and-a-half.

    If they play mostly their own songs, and some of The Beatles, that could turn out better for less comparisons. But, people will find a way to compare them. That's human nature. Yes, I know, there really is no comparison at all.

    It was a time, back then for The Beatles when people saw their talent; had the desire to manage them, and really help their unique sound on their records-

    Called, "The Wall Of Sound". That's where their producer would re-record vocals over two or three times. Then play them all together on the playback and on their albums.

  2. What a moment for The Monkees and Davy's daughters. One of the daughters said that Davy thought he was having heartburn pains, and not chest pains.

    Peter has posted a bunch of photos from the memorial tribute on Zimbio.com . Look up Davy Jones Memorial, then scroll down to where it mentions Peters' photos.

    It was sad that Mike wasn't there. I guess he hadn't toured with Peter and Micky, either.

    I was buying other music, when I saw The Monkees DVD's from their first season on T.V., about $35.00

  3. Speaking of fashion Angelina, Stella has produced an Addidas activewear clothing, and I think shoes, also.

    I hope Julian gets involved. Maybe they could use some of the photos that he has taken, to be shown on a screen onstage.

    And I've seen the huge John Lennon Box set, with outtake songs, never heard before. It's about $110 dollars.

    Good point, Blackhawkpat. They will be reviewed. If they play within their talents, it can be good. What kind of spirit or vibe that others get from their songs will be what the critics, I guess, will be listening to. What will stand out? Their harmonies?; The stories in their songs?; Their music?;

    And. can they create some songs, with maybe a measure or two in each song, that will be unique to them? That someone will say, 'That was different there. Who else does that?'

    One of The Beatles has generated alot of interest-

    There's been the ongoing, and return of the "Just Imagine"-'The Legend returns. And you are there.' show on the weekends, now in L.A.. It's John Lennon portrayed by a talented artist, Tim Piper.

    Here are the reviews. All by separate reviewers: Critics Choice!; Breakfast-with-The-Beatles' Approved![That's a weekly weekend radio show, every sunday mornings, on radio stations].

    Remarkable!; Go!; We Say Hello! Masterful! AMAZING!; Uncanny!; Brilliant! Then the last review was just five stars! in a row, without words.

  4. Oh, definitely, they should dive into it. They should approach it as part work, and part fun. Having some humour will help as they tour.

    They could make a pre-recorded DVD of each of them talking, before their concert, behind a curtain-

    'It's you; Hey, It's you; Is it dark in here? Zak where are you? "I'm over here". Aren't you supposed to be playing the drums?

    Hey, I think it's time to play. Who has the song list? Alright, we'll wing it, and play whatever comes to mind. Is anyone arguing yet?.. A One-Two-Three. (Pre-recorded screams from Beatles concerts), and then they begin.

    I would like someone, or each of them, to say something humorous about their famous fathers in the concerts.

    Joking around, or just play part of a theme.

    Like Ringo does in Live DVD, from the Genesee concert hall. It was hot there, his band members told him, "Take it off"! And when he took off his jacket, it was to the theme of striptease music. (With laughs from the audience).

    And more humour:

    James of his father- Paul gave me just a little to get by. That's why I still have to work. And actually, the other band members write songs, too. We'll play some of their's. I don't mind. Smile and laugh, and tell the audience you're joking around before the joke.

    Dhani: My father was great. Now, I get more selections to play in this band. And who's going to tell me otherwise? Hmmmm?

    Zak: I almost didn't make it here. The band members told me to go amd buy platform shoes if I wanted to be taller. But they only had three-inch heels. They were so loud as I walked, I could have played a few songs with my feet.

    Even Frank Sinatra Jr. still sings some of his famous

    father's songs. He sings them, because the songs are so good.

    Though he is not trying at all to be his father. That's impossible. He gives the songs themselves the respect that they desearve.

  5. That's why, missm and pauli. His family thought it would turn into a media circus.

    I'm glad that the band members will attend a public memorial. I couldn't see them doing nothing for him, since they were band members. Especially Peter and Mike wanted to write and record, and got into arguments with T.V. and record producers to do that.

    There's a great article in the L.A. times, ( Latextra ) section, from March 1, titled "Monkee's Romantic Heartthrob". They also show a photo of the famous customized Pontiac GTO convertible.

    They were on The Ed Sullivan Show as guest performers, the same night The Beatles were on the same show seen by 75 million people.

    The Monkee's had an amazing four number one albums in one year, because of the T.V. show that people watched every monday.

  6. What a voice that stands out. At a casino near Palm Springs,(Agua Caliente) they have a Monkee's slot machine.

    His funeral is today, March 7th. Some public memorials will be held.

    I was reading The Hollywood Reporter, and Mickey Dolenz told Billboard.com that the band members would not attend his Davey's funeral, since his family wants a low key service.

  7. Just beginning to read two magazines that are new on the rack, plus, a book on CD of The Brady Bunch T.V. Series- Here's The Story, by Maureen McCormick:

    Life: Bob Dylan- Forever young. 50 years of song. Bob had an influence on The Beatles, to get their writing a little better. I'll find the Rolling Stone Magazine article, where it's mentioned, from Nov., 2010, I think. I have that magazine.

    Rolling Stone: Paul Mcartney- Paul's Fresh Start. His New Album, His new life, How The Beatles almost reunited.

    I read just a quote, so far.

    And, speaking of entertainment, the highest earner for all entertainment wasn't any movie, any artist, or any band.

    And I'm not sure if this is a three year total or more.

    'The Call Of Duty' video games have grossed around 7 billion dollars. Then again, it's because it's what?- $30.00 or something. Or else it would be around 2 billion dollars, at 10 dollars. Don't know, because I don't play them. There must be alot of advertising involved with that.

    And then there is another record not to be broken, of 'The Hello Dolly' stage show. I believe it was over 5,000 shows by Carol Channing. Who was doing them, I think, into her 90's.

    And the generosity by the artist Prince, in giving away CD's before concerts.

  8. Thanks, for the corrections, Marvin and missm.

    It took only a few bars of the first song, to bring happiness to my ears. And I hadn't drank nothing. And there was no singing, yet. I liked it, when some of the intros were completely different from the rest of the song, with an off-tempo beginning. I'm mostly into the words and music, in this type of album. It doesn't bother me, if the greatest singers in the world sing these, because it's a story to me.

    I'll have to get more of those artists, missm.

    I'll give more away, when I buy my next ones. That's what I usually like to do.

    Oh, it's worth it, just for the photos. Eric was playing guitar (Eric Clapton) with the chimes (That's the sound, by the drums, where you swoosh them to get several pitch sounds) in front of his guitar. You see the glass room where Stevie is playing harmonica while Paul has the earphones on, listening in the same room( And what an incredible artist, as you see when the chords change going to lower notes). Speakers in that room are built into the wall at Capitol Records. Of course, their famous singing microphone, I'm guessing from the 60's. Diana and Eric in one photo. Paul, directing some music, before he sang his part, or maybe a retake of a section of music.

    I realize that Paul was singing from certain music arrangements. It's like a movie that is re-made, years later. The first director filmed one way, while the other will reinterpret it.

  9. I listened in the car, on the way to L.A., today.

    I've put it in my DVD/CD/MP3/HDMI/WMA, etc. player, now at home. And listening again. And more to learn all those words.

    Before I bought the CD, I wondered, 'Will there be a different intro on some songs?'-Yes there were. Will there be vocal differences, where it accentuates more notes, rather than singing it straight through without much variation in pitch ( Higher and lower notes in a song )'. -Yes. And, for fun, which songs could be changed to salsa or Cha-Cha? That way, there's a little more variety with the music.

    And which songs, if they were sung live, can have the singer with microphone, a hat, a stool or chair, and a little bit of acting during the song. Sitting at a table on stage, then walking around; gestures, smelling a rose and giving it away, loosing his tie or something. A fun and light time with the song.

    I got the last one at the store. People must have bought it on the holiday weekend. And I'll buy more.

    What a treat for me. It was the exact opposite affect for me.

    I always found myself trying to find songs from that era on the radio. The reason is the words. And Diana Krall did a great job in musical arrangements. She kept it simple, more like a trio with add-ons. The most fun would have been playing in that band.

    I compared this with Diana's last CD musical arrangements for Barbra Streisand. There were more strings on that CD, "What Matters Most" which has a deluxe version, also. That CD were songs only written by the famous writers who gave Barbra her most memorable songs.

  10. On a radio commercial, Paul said he might have been channeling Fred Astaire and Fatswallow (Sorry, I have to look that one up, but that's how it sounded on the commercial).

    I'll review it by the weekend. It's a first go around for an album like this for him. Also, these are probably songs that are not sung by everyone. You can always change the tune to Rock, with new chords. And that will work, since it's a style he's used to.

    I see this style of music to be difficult. But I also like lyrics of that time. What helps is talking the songs through, and stretching out the words more. Unlike most singing, you don't have to sing each phrase in perfect time. You can sing before and after the beat, to get a better interpretation of the thought in the song. Sung easily, like this:

    And so....., it's Valentimes again....

    You wonder where and when

    Each day you spent

    Sending thoughts her way

    Making time to say,.....

    It's... Valentines, again!

  11. Paul just got his 'Star' in Hollywood, this past thursday, I think it was. He thanked his fans and said, "It was because of you" that he got his star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I was surprised that he was the last one to get a star.

    I thought he had one already. They did mention Capitol Records. So, I wonder if it's right somewhere near the studios. It's been awhile for a walk on the walk of fame, but I think I've seen one for Ringo, George Harrison, John Lennon, and The Beatles. I'll be going out for a visit, because there is also a famous boxing Gym near Hollywood and Vine. Vidal Sassoon, the famous hair stylist/entrepreneur had a wish on his 70'th birthday to go to that Gym. And he got to see one of the top boxers training there. Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer, trains boxers there.

  12. I'm wondering, too, about a possible tribute or mention of Amy Winehouse in the show.

    And Adele, who got approval from her doctor after vocal surgery(vocal hemorraging, from a benign polyp) to sing, will be singing, also. She is nominated for several Grammy's.

    I was reading a story, and her doctor said the typical recovery time is 3 1/2 to 5 weeks recovery.

  13. She sings a duet in the movie. And also a Gospel classic: "Eyes On A Sparrow". I've heard it before. As I'm paraphasing the song, I'll try to remember some words. It is sung with a very positive tone. The chorus has echoing verses, sung after the singer sings. Gospel songs are sung with alot of enthusiam.


    Why should I be discouraged?

    Why should the shawdows fall?

    Why should I feel so helpless?

    When things have gone wrong?

    -When Jesus is my portion

    My constant friend is He

    If His eyes are on a sparrow

    Then I know He watches over me


    (Clapping your hands on each downbeat, starting with "sing")

    I sing

    [Echoes begin] I sing



    I'm happy!!

    I sing because I'm happy!

    I sing

    -I sing


    Because I'm Freeeee!!!

    And His eyyyyyye is onnnnn the SpaaaaaROW!!

    And I Knowww Heeee watches over meeeee.

  14. It was a sad story, again. She was supposed to sing at a pre-Grammy's party, put on by Clive Davis. She was found in a bathtub, according to the news, by her entourage.

    If she was under a doctor's medication, then drinking was not a good idea.

    She had just finished filming a movie, due out on August 17th, called "Sparkled". Put out by Sony Pictures.

    The photo of her with season 6 American Idol winner Jordan Sparks is incredible and great, from the movie.

    Her ex-husband, Bobby, was in Mississippi, doing a concert with The New Edition. The media wasn't allowed in. He perforned anyway, but was very saddened upon hearing about the news.

    She was the first artist to ever record seven number one hits, according to the news.

    It was mentioned that she had come out of a nightclub or bar on this past thursday night. Someone said they saw scratches on her arm, and bleeding on her leg. A photo was on the web where she looked asleep while she walked out.

  15. Quoting parts of the song and substituting some words, "Too Legit To Quit" by MC Hammer":

    Sweat running all over my ch-chest

    I don't quit, no.

    I just press harder

    Than I ever did before

    Going for the dream

    That I have in store in my mind

    And I know that I'm making it

    I gotta get mine

    And nobody's taking it away

    No.'Cause Giants don't play that


    Too Legit to quit

    When I feel high post

    Don't you play me close

    I dig 'em smack

    And get 'em back

    And I'll hit you with a dose

    Of Giants power

    And play it by the hour

    I'm shaking like a quake

    We put up scores, with all our power

    If they thought were confused

    Abused and amused

    Competetors were there

    And we played by all the rules

    We were at our best, in every kind of test

    It's ashame I gotta do this

    But, I remained the same

    Unchanged, gotten better

    Never known as a sweater

    Kickin' it at the top

    Because we got ourselves together

    So roll with the team

    Who showed that they were "It"

    Kickin' it at the top

    Because we're too legit to quit


    Too Legit

    Too Legit To Quit....

  16. I put money only on one part of the game. And I won!

    This year, no prop bets. Just one on the game.

    I almost put money on the Patriots. I thought about it, and went with my instinct.

    Last year, I won all seven bets in one day. I posted five of them before the Super Bowl game. ( See NFL playoffs 2011 thread, near the end of the posts_.

    The other two were other sports.

    Five on the Super Bowl. -Three props. Then the winner, and over the total. It was a minus 3 ( -3 ) for the favorite, the Packers. They won over that. And the game total went over the predicted number.

    In sports, minus is the favorite. The Patriots were -3. They had to win by 4 or more, if you had bet on them to win. If they won by three, that's a tie. And you get your money back.

    Plus is the underdog.

    Example, the Giants won by four. They were a plus 3 ( +3 )

    If the Giants had lost by 3 or less, and you bet on them to lose by 3 ( +3 ), you would still win your bet. If they lost the game by 4, and you bet on them, you would lose your bet.

    And the underdog can win by any number at all, as long as they win the game outright - They can win by one, two, three, ten, twenty, etc.

  17. I was rooting for the Giants.

    Who would have thought the Broncos would win from passing, which they are not known for. They usually run for toucchdowns.

    I put money on the Broncos to win as underdogs, and the game total to go over the total ( 34 ). They won both. I thought the Steelers would win with a field goal in the final second before overtime.

    The Broncos scored 17 points by halftime.

    For the entire season, they had only scored 33 points (total) by halftime. Then, they broke the Steelers defensive record, this year, by passing over 80 yards late. No team had done that against the Steelers.

  18. I think Eric played somewhere, about three years ago, but not sure. Jim played drums, I think it was mentioned, for a few songs. There was a band already playing that night.

    I wonder whether or not there will be another addition of Marathon Man, the book. An addendum. Especially if Eric creates recordings, in 2012. With some of the changes in his life, it would be worth reading what he thinks, now, after all that he's been through. Then, and now.

  19. I forgot to mention one of the overdubs, Billy Sullivan, who played at Wally's concert. And who also played on the DVD that The Raspberries had recorded, live from The House Of Blues, on Sunset in L.A.

    I heard it (the place) jokingly called, "Anything but The Blues" since hardly anyone ever plays The Blues there.

  20. You, too, Aventurine.

    It will be both excellent, and awesome.

    Thanks to The Raspberries who played in 2011. Wally, Scott, and Jim. To name a few. Then again, it's New Year's Eve. Who knows who might show-up to play and sing a song tonight. Any surprises. Maybe will see something on YouTube.com .

    Jim can practice without all the noise, with his digital drum set. And listen to an artist and play along with the singer or band's drums.

    I heard that there is a new car, in Japan, that will be ready in 2012. cool

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