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  1. There's a world-renowned place called, City Of Hope, in California.

    It's one of the very top in the world.

    They are dedicated to cancer research.

    Patients from around the world go there.

    They are discovering new treatments. And how to slow, and stop cancer.

    They vary their treatments, according to what works.

    One way of treatment for people with tumors, is to zap only that section, instead of the whole body with medication.

    This way, the body functions better, instead of bedrest needed with chemotherapy, which affects the whole body.

  2. The newspaper said that he contributed about 40 years of music, and being a producer of songs for other artists.

    The Bee Gees songs have been covered 6,000 times, it read.

    There alot of cancer research, right now, that's been ongoing.

    A show at The Excalibur, in Vegas, is a great tribute to The Bee Gees. It has film and photos of the original Bee Gees during the show.

    It's the Australian Bee Gees Show. Considered to be the best tribute in the world. They have played in forty countries, to over one million Bee Gee fans

  3. Thanks, Tony.

    He said he will miss aventurinE for awhile, but he will really be AdventurinG .

    "Who is Don Juan James?" will be one of his first new ventures put on T-shirts and sold in stores and restaurants.

    Later, he will say it's him. Their new messiah.

    He will put out a new Margarita glass with, "It's all about love".

    He will describe his philosophical ideas about life, three more years left of child support payments, and his writings about love and romance.

    And a new game show called, "Let's drink but work, part-time". He will market it throughout latin america.

    And if Eric ever goes on tour in latin america, James can already be making T-shirts. And put more of Eric's great CD's in stores there.

  4. The real reason James is going to Panama:

    He can afford two girlfriends.

    Motels are cheaper there.

    He can golf or take sailing lessons for $5.00 per day.


    He can have friends over for two weeks, instead of one day.

    He wants to grow tomatoes and sell them to the local restaurants for $1.00 each.

    He found a swinger's club he likes.

    He's made a movie with english subtitles, knowing that the locals would have to see the movie twice to understand what it was about.

    He can live off of two concerts using Eric's songs.

    It's cheaper to write a gazette paper there.

    He always wondered what it was like to jump of a forty foot high boat, in seven feet of water.

    He can get free rides on the canal.

    He can save on car insurance, not needing a car.

    He's finishing his child support.

  5. Who knows, Wally might be playing some gigs overseas in Europe.

    I'm sure he'd have fun over there.

    Wally seems like he really wants to play in a band, again.

    I just had a thought that Wally could be playing in two bands this summer, because he has played concerts a coulple of times in the last six months or less with other musicians.

    His son (A guitarist/songwriter) should get some gigs going there, too.

  6. Who knows, James, maybe you can teach a class on music or some songs that have been written by Eric and others. (Now-and-then) on a saturday or sunday. When you have more time to teach.

    Tell them about the site here, too!

    Some of the other sites keep people busy, but I see no sense in that, unless you share a class/subject interest. Or music. Those who are artists of any kind benefit from other sites like face book. And those who write and sell stories or books.

    It's great that you are reaching out, once again. This time, to another community.

    Remember, you're like a neighbor here, no matter where you go.

    That's why the worldwide web is so great. Everyone enjoys being connected some way. Here, and elsewhere.

    Tell us about what's going on there- With music, the culture, festivals, the arts, museums, food, restaurants; and movies.

    Don't forget to learn some Spanish, too.

    If you play some guitar, I would imagine that you'll be an instant hit. Latin cultures love music. Even if you play only chords and sing.

  7. Yes, as many as possible should see a neurologist, when they play a sport like football.

    I believe that the brain tells people that something is wrong, through the sign of depression. But, I also believe that injuries, like scarring, are not good. The body's natural electrical current is affected. But there's research showing that scarring can be healed so that the function of the rest of the body is not affected, i.e. Depression.

    The brain is so smart, and it stays active, even subconsciously.

    It stays depressed to tell the person to help it.

    Sometimes it's from a cold, a relationship, maybe not eating food, or an injury.

    More research is showing that new brain cells can be grown; and helping the person to feel like themselves, again.

  8. Bob Dylan will receive the highest honors medal for all of his work in music.

    Also, Bob and Maureen McCormick ( of The Brady Bunch T.V. series ) once attended the same church.

    The story that I heard on the radio is that, one day, Bob's girlfriend, who also attended the church asked the pastor's to come out to visit her boyfriend. And out walks Bob, interested to learn about his girlfriend's faith. Bob then became quite a student, attending classes. And finally, writing some memorable songs from his learnings.

  9. Life Magazine's new issue of Dick Clark, And the History of Rock 'n' Roll. By chapters, with multiple photos:

    Introduction: The Music Man

    As Dick Remembered It

    "For Now, Dick Clark...So Long"


    In The Hall

    "It's Got a Good Beat and You Can Dance to It"

    Rockin' the Box

    It Wasn't Always Pretty

    Farewell...to A Friend

  10. He was less than one hour away from one the top neurological clinics around, The Amen Clinics. Dr. Amen has been on several PBS shows. He has worked with a few NFL players who were having bad symptoms from playing football. Other neurologists have gone to several players before, telling them that they want to study their brains.

    They said that he was the best roving Linebacker, ever. He would move from sideline to sideline, making plays after he fell down. He was one of the few linebackers who no one could block. One play I saw, a player ran straight towards Junior, on a full stride. Junior sent him directly back, about six or seven yards.

    A neighbor has already established a foundation regarding head injuries, which he apparently had himself.

    People who have gone to Samoa, Junior's heritage, always mention him there, when visitors tell them where they are from, over here.

    His wife said there were no clues this would happen.

  11. Reaching out with power and energy. Those around him can touch him and talk to him. Bring in some music, too, and play it.

    He had just announced a "spectacular" recovery from cancer, being in remissiion. Then he went to the hospital for a blood clot in his colon. And that's usually something they look for, after any medical operation.

    I was wondering how he caught pneumonia, but then I realized that he had another operation. That's when people catch things.

    He was more suseptible to catching something then.

    I was about to add some things that might help, after his last announcement.

    They need to keep his lungs drained properly, so he can get oxygen.

    For now, he has to be fed intraveniously.

    To get a quicker gain on better health- electrolytes, and probiotics(That's a food you eat, in some yogurts) which help in bringing proper culture levels in his body, for higher and quicker recovery. What probiotics do is to regenerate energies in the body, and balance. It helps other foods eaten to work their best. People lose this, as they age.

  12. Rod Stewart had caught the flu, so he won't be able to attend.

    According to an article, yesterday. But the Faces bandmates are thrilled that a friend and replacement dropped everything to arrive and play some songs with the band.

    One of the Guns and Roses bandmembers, Axl Rose, won't be there. Due to his own choosing. There was an article where one of the other bandmembers spoke about that disappointment.

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