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  1. I wish I would have seen it now, because Oasis played. That's the band that Ringo's son, Zak plays drums in. Don't know whether he played or not. I would think absolutely so.

    I didn't have time to watch the ending ceremonies, but they said that people were lypsincing the beginning of songs, like The Who. I think that was for T.V., to make sure everyone started. Or it would have looked like no one was ready to sing.

    No delays on live T.V. for that type of telecast.

    Or, it would have looked like this:

    (Through stage speakers- 'Your on!') Then the lead singer looks at everyone to start. And how long it would take the band or singer to start playing, each time.

  2. Have a fun weekend, Eric. This could be a new trend, 'Weekend at Eric's.' Balloons, etc.

    Tell Bernie not to turn the music up too loud. Then again, you can introduce your songs that way to the neighbors. Maybe someone can play or sing some of your songs to you.

    You have been busy, afterall. Thanks for adding more to your book. Thanks to Bernie, as well as Billy from the board here who added more.

    Quick, someone borrow Jim's boat to catch some perch or trout.

    Amyone have any board games to play?

    Well, Sharades will do. The game where people guess what you are trying to say, by using a drawing board, too.

    Wally's still celebrating his, maybe.

    Dave, I think is out of town.

    Who's going to bring cigars?

  3. So that inspired me to write a folk song, which I've never done:

    The bass begins, with the fiddles playing, drums, and guitar.

    The singer says, 'Put on your hats. The straw ones, too.'

    Beginnging chords, by notes, can be (bdad) and (bdgd), played on the first and second frets, on the lower four stings[Not the two high strings of b and e-

    Verse: (G) Fixin' to get ready

    Putting jam on some toast

    The sun rises (D)early, ©and I'm (G)up

    (G)The Kettle's cooking coffee

    And that's fine and good

    A few things for (D)me

    Are ©just e-(G)nough

    Bridge:©Remember haystack riding-

    Those (Bm) days of long a-(D)go?

    (G)Sitting so high

    A ©fly goes by

    And (D)everyone's ©singing a (G)song

    Verse: (G)Gitty-up, Gitty-up

    But there's no horse to pull

    A truck, now, (D)rolls ©down the (G)road

    (G)So many people want to ride

    They ©figured it was (D)better,

    I was (G)told

    Bridge:And, ©haystack riding

    (Bm)Wasn't like it was be-(Cm)fore

    -)G)People standing up

    Less ©bales of hay

    But, (D)everyone ©says, 'That's o.-(G)k.'

  4. I hope you continue celebrating, Wally.

    There's a Rock event in L.A. on September 21st.

    All are welcome to play.

    It's on sunset blvd., I heard on the radio, last thursday.

    In another article, I was reading that some of the big concerts, with multiple guests are playing not only Rock, but other styles. This is a way to get more people interested in going, they said. Some smaller, lesser known bands, are getting people to set-up the stage, and food at the show. Advertising food and music go well together.

  5. Some of the best books to read are sports stories, which movies are made from.

    The Big Miss. A golf book about the pursuit of perfection, personalities, and the golf instructor. And trying to give your best advise. His most famous student being T W, by Hank Haney.

    And also from a magazine about animation, that I lent to a friend who studied that in college. I read quickly, and I think it said that industry made 55 to 57 billion, last year.

  6. Wink- I know who you are talking about, aventurine! Our James.

    Nancy was introduced to Paul at her second cousin's parties, Barbara. Paul kept wondering, 'Who's that? [My words] and got to know her over time, and dinners.

    Stella has become quite a designer, and many celebrities have worn her styles

    There is a Pete Best DVD- The Fifth Beatle, if I recall correctly.

    Also, Julian and Sean are half-brothers. I still say brothers.

    Ringo has two concerts, soon.

    Dhani Harrison's second album is out on July 31st.

    His band is called, thenewno2 written that way in the special edition. Dhani also contributed to The Beatles video game.

    I like the fact that James McCartney believes in his first CD, The Complete EP Collection. He previously had Digital only releases, Available Light And Close At Hand.

  7. Just happened to see this one:

    USA Today, Special Edition- The Beatles

    The 50th Anniversary Of Rock's Greatest Band

    Sold separately from the main stories.

    Even Pete Best is in it- The drummer before Ringo. Ringo was considered to be excellent in studio records, thus the replacement then. But Pete has played, still (The Pete Best Band).

    Photos of the sons- Julian and Sean (Brothers), Dhani, Zak, adn James. James is quoted about a recent controversy to play. He clarifies to say that he was thinking about playing with Beatles family friends, nothing more. [The controversy was over using The Beatles name, in their band].


    By the numbers- 600 millions albums sold, plus Grammy's.

    Moments- When Paul met John. July, 1957

    Film Credits- From A Hard Day's Night, to Let It Be


    Best Songs

    Worst Songs

    Solo Careers

    Pullout- Chosen by readers, a keepsake Illustration[ Guitar with The Beatles, With Album and Songtitles

    Best Album- The Debate amonst fans

    Controversies- Quips and Blips in the headlines

    Lexicon- Words and vocabulary like Yeah, yeah...

    The Wives Clubs

    Musical Legacy- Following in Dad's footsteps.

    Family Connections- Charting their careers

    Where Are They Now? Artists, associates, and advisers

    The Death Of John And George

    Continued Influence- Catalog, Vegas Show, and video game

  8. Funny, John O, about the second Wilson.

    Ira, I should have written, 'You help me write them through'.

    I tried to reduce the words that could have read, 'You help me make it through [the writing]

    Geshwin's music being the inspiration for writing.

    But, being able to write without his music, too.

    Luckily for me, rare to be depressed.

    Yeah, Matt. And there is a story that supposedly Usher wanted to record with Amy Winehouse.

    Right on, Jean about comparing music now, to the past.

    And what Marvin said.

  9. I had to rush through those words, quickly, earlier.

    That was the Gershwin song, but mostly new words. From the thread 'New B. Wilson song! '(From 7-10-10)

    You're right, Ira, some of the best inspirations from Brian might, somehow, be a contrast of how he was feeling. Alot better now.

    Even Eric mentioned that anyone would become a basket case, having to do so many things: Dealing with his manager , maybe time pressures from the record company; Personalities of the band at the time, etc.

  10. I'll write some new words, from my original post of Brian's last solo album.

    You walk on heaven's shores

    And gave us colors that reach through

    Look now, and you still hear your tunes

    Those things you used to do;

    Your way of phra-a-sing

    -If there's a time like yes-ter-day

    Writing words; Writing thoughts

    Those things you'd always do

    Now songs can reach us

    As we read your verse

    Each song, amazing

    You could work them through

    Remember Now From Then

    A sound that brings a thought-

    The prize is waiting when you send

    From where you just begin

    You played the melody

    From where they came from

    It seems like times of mastery

    Working out each note you find

    Changing chords; More words will do

    As if 'Inspired' was your calling, too

    I'll make the phrasing new

    You help me make it through

    -Remember Now From Then

    From times and glories

    Those lasting stories

    -Remember Now From Then

  11. I heard Mike Love of The Beach Boys, on the radio. He said that recording this new album was as if time had not passed.

    'It seemed like 1965', he said. Getting together now, was just like yesterday, to him.

    I remember reading Brian Wilson's post on a youtube video of his last solo album. He thanked the fans.

    I wrote my own lyrics, the same week his album was released.

    Ira posted it, last year.

  12. I wished that NJ won at least one more.

    As the last seconds wound down, I was thinking of some of the superstars of the past- Marcel Dionne, who I met. Wayne Gretzky, and the way ice-hockey grew in California, when he arrived. Alot of buzz when he played. The thrill of seeing him break records with the Kings.

    They said that the Kings have had more coverage these past two weeks, than they have the last decade.

    The celebration tickets are sold-out.

    They played Queen's "We Are The Champions" during their final win.

  13. Funny, T. Ricky could have said, 'I'm too busy making money, not spending it. smirk

    The show that the Nelson sons are doing is mostly a labor of love, one of them said. "You'll see it in the show".

    I guess he means that there were alot of contributions by people. And the studios.

    I don't know about the T.V., since I didn't see his shows.

    But, if Universal contacts his family, then they could release it.

    Plus, whoever filmed the Ozzie and Harriet T.V. series, with alot of Ricky's songs sung right on the show. I think the series is on DVD, now.

  14. He said, you can't please everyone. So, you've got to please yourself.

    His sons didn't want to play Ricky's songs. Until one day, they were asked to play them for the troops, overseas. They couldn't believe the reaction.

    Then, they realized how [Frickin'] good his songs are (That's how one of them said it}. And decided to play them more.

  15. The article I read is titled 'Nelsons offer a gift to, and from, their dad'. http://www.Rickynelsonremembered.com

    A unique show, played by the Nelson sons, will be next saturday, June 16th at4 and 8 PM. Then sunday, June 17th at 2 PM.

    They call it an A&E Biography show meets high-energy rock concert. With interviews of John Fogerty,Kris Kristofererson, and Paul McCartney.

    They had such a great response in 2010, that they decided to do the show, again.

    They return to the county that they grew-up in.

    Mathew found a set-list that was part of his father's belongings, which helped in the order of concert songs. Plus, at least one of their own, as they record music, also.

  16. Wow!! Talk about alot of concerts- 16 more in June.

    And in August, they have concerts in Japan, home of our aventurine, second moon, hossy, etc, who are waiting for Eric to perform there. A guest performance by Eric, perhaps? With his own band.. Pre-Japan concerts are welcomed.

    What a sound The Beach Boys have.

    And one thing about Paul, he always competes. And really cares to put on a great show.

    Though, their music styles are different of the two bands.

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