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  1. On the news, it said that Andy was the only entertainer to ever perform over 60 years, in Las Vegas.

    His Christmas songs are played every year. And I hear "Moon River" on a station that plays songs of his era and earlier.

  2. Doesn't Mike's other Beach Boys band play Brian's songs, too?

    It does seem to be more about money. Mike gets more. His unoriginal band members get less. And Brian gets nothing, except for royalties from past albums. But not playing concerts is no money for Brian, etc.

    Maybe the original Beach Boys can hire Mike's "Beach Boys". Then Mike can rehire the unoriginal Beach Boys back.

    Or, Brian can do another tour with just his songs.

    If Mike hired non-originals, then maybe the original band members can work it out to play more of The Beach Boys songs, if Mike doesn't want to play in the original band. Or if he would rather play with the non-originals.

  3. And here's my new version of " Boats Against The Current " :

    I know it's over
    You said that it's over
    And pretending's not devotion
    'Cause were sailing separate oceans
    Worlds apart
    What was there has turned from our hearts

    Dreams of a dreamer
    No schemes nor a schemer
    If we're treading through each thought
    With philosophies that ought
    Could no longer be
    After time, all the things that we see

    Well, tomorrow-
    If I run a bit faster
    The things I know
    I learned from the past
    Feelings that were there
    Didn't last

    There's no romance to a sunset
    With two boats against current
    To the end

    A reason for reasons|
    A season for seasons
    With the changes of the heart
    What mattered from the start
    Isn't anymore
    Not like it was ; Not like before

    Until tomorrow,
    I'll run a little bit faster
    When I find that I learned from the past
    Those feelings that were there
    Didn't last

    There's no romance to a sunset
    With two boats against the current
    To the end

    If romance is a sunset
    There's boats against the current
    Until the end

  4. I agree with everyone. It looks to me like a 'money grab'. If Mike owns The Beach Boys name, he's worried that the other original members will get money off of DVD's or a CD from their concerts together.

    They are part of The Beach Boys image and represent their music. All the others can show that they are more genuine writers than him, thus deserving more royalties and praise for their work. That Mike is the last with ideas. Hardly ever the first.

  5. Brian has far more talent. He's far more original than Mike.

    Mike is acting like a manager who has little talent.

    Sometimes, managers like Mike don't understand that they don't have talent. I don't think of The Beach Boys with Mike Love, I think of The Beach Boys without him, because of Mike having far less original musical talent. Managers talk, but they are not great musicians.

    I know people with so much talent, it makes Mike look like a beginner amongst out-of-this-world talent. He's not in the same league as the best.

  6. This might work. From here, you can see photos, also.

    And Billboard Magazine was there, too. They write about music and artists.


    Or, for more photos:


    Surprise guest Prince sang a duet with Mary J Blige called, " Nothing Compares To You "

    Hosted by American Idol's Ryan Seacrest.

    It was billed as the biggest music radio event in history.

    Green Day was upset, because someone told Joe Armstrong that they had one minute left. He smashed his guitar, went on a rant. And his rep. apologized to the event and said he is going to rehab after this.

    Also scheduled were Taylor Swift, Pink, Green Day, Raskell Flatts, Lady Gaga, PitBull, Coldplay, Nicki Ninaj, Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Jane's Addiction, Lil Wayne, Usher, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Gwen Stefani with No Doubt, Kenny Chesney, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert. Shakira couldn't attend, due to being pregnant, they said.

  7. I think they are going to stream this on the internet. A live concert, or play it back later. They are bringing in an ecclectic, or variety of music styles. I can't believe how many are playing starting tonight. Unbelievable!! I'll check the list, later. I think this is a benefit concert, with others going on in Las Vegas this weekend.

    On Sept. 21st- 22nd :

    That starts with the letter I ( http://iHeartRadio.com ). At the MGM, featuring Bon Jovi, Rhianna, Aerosmith, Pit Bull ( who sang at this year's New Years Eve Special). Pit Bull has a comical way of singing, when you hear his famous song.

    Also in town, starting the 23rd, is Lady Gaga, Rod Stewart at Caesar's. And more..

  8. Well, Aventurine, I think it would be great for him to go to Europe, too.

    To get back to his musical roots. The songs of Bach. If Eric played Classical music, along with his songs, that would be a treat for them.

    There are about 20 bands that will play in Las Vegas, on the 21st of September. Including Bon Jovi, Aerosmith.

    I have a friend who wasn't scheduled to play at several events. He used to do that, sometimes. They let him play a bunch of times. As long as he was there, he could play.

  9. Your day, Brian. And happy birthday's to all the birthdays here.

    Hopefully, Brian, Eric is busy working on music. It takes a long time. Especially if he's working on new music. Or working orchestral music with his famous songs. To hopefully bring us some new music, and some concerts. If he's mixing some song sounds, that takes a lot of listening. For The Raspberries last DVD, I think Eric listened to seven or eight different mixes, before deciding on the final one.

    I know people want him to play in Japan. He would enjoy Santa Barbara, California. Where The Beach Boys played one of his songs during intermission, someone said.

  10. No, I still haven't seen the magazine.

    The Lufe Magazine is about the fifth Beatle, their photographer, Bob Whitaker. He passed away last year.

    Although others have been called the fifth, Bob was with them the most.

    Pete Best has been called the fifth. (His Dvd, "Best Of The Beatles"). Stu Sutcliffe, the guitarist from way back.

    Never seen before photos, including Ringo, who missed rehearsal for tonsilitis. His tonsils were taken out. Luckily, he didn't sing much then.

    Mick Jagger, backstage during rehearsal, joking with Paul and John. More rehearsals

  11. Glad your getting better, Vera.

    Yes, Jean, and apparently Frank Sinatra said that Jimmy Webb was his favorite lyricist. "Of all time". I think he was talking about multiple songs. Here's one:

    By The Time I Get To Phoenix- Jimmy Webb

    Do I Love You- Paul Anka (The original version)

  12. A few songs, for now, that I can think of. And mixing the styles of songs.

    I think some of the Country Music songs are a good find. Though my list has famous songs that lasted awhile, I guess, on the charts. And some of these artists have more popular songs :

    It's Only Make Believe- Conway Twitty

    Pop Songs:

    Heartbeat Is A Love Beat- The DeFranco's ( I hope I have the right title ).

    Julie Do Ya Love Me? - Bobby Sherman

    Knock Three Times- Tony Orlando and Dawn

  13. The pianist/singer was asked to direct The Pasadena Symphonic Orchestra, after the passing of Marvin Hamlisch. When Marvin lead the orchestra, the audience grew by 20 percent each year.

    He is known for being well-versed in The Standards. (The songs of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Berlin, etc.) As well as Cabaret songs.

    He has never been a music conductor, and was reluctant at first. He has been called a musician's musician.

    I believe he said next summer, for the 70's Pop Music program.

    I have my own Orchestra version of All By Myself. I came up with a Pop/Rock version, for fun, that I'm wring out the chords and notes on paper. The tempo is faster.

    I used some of Eric's words to help in the writing, and some of my own. The words can be dropped, for music only. New chords, and different from the original, except for the chorus. Which starts at the beginning, and once more in the middle. Then, dropping the words- Voila, a new and different version. At the chorus, the notes of All By Myself start on the word not ( The three notes ). Using French Horn and Violin.

    Notes are A, E, F#, A

    Violin and French Horn start this section slowly. (Key of C, or other key ).

    All By Myself (Repeat, but change last note higher, on second time). First time: The notes are C, G, A, C ( Back to beginning C).

    Second time, notes are C, G, A, C ( Up to higher octave C )

    Then French Horn and viiolin, two notes F and higher octave C ).

    Then, E and higher octave G .

    After this, the tempo changes to the Pop/Rock style.

    Drums begin:

    ( Verse )

    When I was young, I didn't need anyone

    Notes are A, G, G, C, C, C, C, B, A, A, E

    Summertime- Sights and sounds. We were having fun

    Notes are D#, D#, D# - D, D, C, A, A, C, D, C

    ( Bridge of song) :

    Each time you learn, ..... if you didn't before

    F, G, A, G/C ( Start G, then C on same word ). F, F, G, G, A, G

    Taking chances..... Just like I did - Hah!!

    C, B, E, E, ....E, F, G, A, B, D

    ( Chorus) :

    Whenever I'm with you

    D#, D#, D#, D, C

    I'm not by myself [ Echo All By Myself, notes only, starting on the word ' not '.

    C, C, G, D#, C ) , [ Echo is G, D, E, G ] .

    In every kind of season

    E, E, G, B, D, C, A

    I'm not by myself ( Echo again, starting on the word ' not ' )

    A, A, D, D#, C [ Echo G, D, E, G ] .

    ( Verse )

    Now I am sure

    A, G, G, C

    I used to feel insecure

    C, C, B, A, A, E, G

    Got it right

    D#, D#, D#

    And things are swaying again

    G, C, A, C, D, A, C

    ( Bridge of song ) :

    I've paid the price

    A, G, G, E

    It's like rolling dice

    B, B, A, A, E

    Which way life goes

    F, A, C, D

    Hold on when you don't know!

    C, G, D, D, D#, F

    [ Inviting people on stage here ] .

    Drums, Bass, Organ, and guitar :

    Come on, Come on

    B, C, B, C

    It's time to get up-uh

    C, C, C, C, D#, C

    ( Bass)repeats ) B, C, B, C

    Get up on your feet-uh

    C, C, C, C, G, C

    ( Bass, B, C, B, D [ Slight note change ]

    The people right there

    C, G, G, F, C

    ( Bass again )

    B, C, B, D [ Slight change on last note, again ]

    Come up ...And sit on a chair

    C, G, ... A#, A#, E, F, G

    ( Piano, Bass, guitar solo )...

    Then French Horn and Violin end with Pop/ Rock tempo

    Playing again, the notes of All By Myself

    Notes of G, D, E, G .

    Then orchestra plays slower ending

    G, D, E, C (higher octave C )....

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