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  1. It's at http://www.kcsn.org/programs/satudays-with-the-beatles I heard it last weekend, when I was in LA. It's on from 1 pm to 4 pm est. Or, from 7 pm to 10 pm across the pond.
  2. Songs are, "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love" "The Games People Play", etc. He had cancer. But recently caught the flu, that turned into pneumonia.
  3. Happy Birthday. Have fun, if you go to Vegas.
  4. I would ask, "Can artists be more independent, now?" Can they create their own hits, without record labels? Why don't they play more independent artists in the main stream radio. Which I have found very entertaining, because it's so different. Maybe not as rehearsed, but more natural sounding. Without a specific hit writing formula. It's more about individual expression, than having only the best singers. Or a produced look or image.
  5. Thankfully, Eric, YouTube has given people more play and views. It is known, now, that record produces in the music industry look for talent on Youtube. Even atheletes use YouTube to show scouts their abilities. A friend of mine once told me that artists know what they do best- Writing, singing, arranging, and re-aranging. And the record people are only interested in hit records.
  6. It was a sold-out event, with men's preliminary bouts. Rousey's introduction song was "Bad Reputation" by Joan.
  7. I went to the music store. I couldn't see their music their. But, on their site has a lot of information. They must also like the Beatles, because of their song about linda. Still not sure which song that is, as I listened to just part of their interview. Satuday and Sunday shows, still, I believe, for them.
  8. I'm so glad for your responses Aventurine, and MK45. It seems this band must write good songs, since they were on a major radio station. I can tell that this band has fun with their music and performing live. Thanks for teaching me about the inviting organiziations. And Billy sounds like himself, as he had struggled, years ago, with alcoholism.
  9. The match is the first UFC Women's Championship fight, ever. Saturday night between Ronda Rousey and challenger Liz Carmouche. The president of this event said, " It takes a certain type of person, personality and fighter to appeal to everyone. And she's got it." - Referring to Ronda Rousy, who was a former Judo Olympian.
  10. The bout will be on Pay-per-view. I think it's boxing and not a MMA bout. Joan is also a fan of Eric's , and has one of his guitars. The lady was asked what song she will be using, and she mentioned Joan. One of Joan's songs will be heard, as one of the women's boxer's is introduced. I'll look up the boxer's name later. I think the bout is this friday or saturday.
  11. I briefly heard them on a radio interview. One of them has written a tribute song to Linda McCartney. One of them stepped out of the band. So, I think it's still the original four, unless the fifth is there now, too.
  12. Wow, Bernie! When I was a teenager, I went to see Sammy Davis, Jr. with my family. My foster brother was asked to ask Sammy to do his own impersonation of Jerry. He went to the stage, and Sammy said, 'Wait, hold it stop'. He got the request and instantly oblidged. Walking and talking like Jerry.
  13. The brilliant owner started out with a PhD in Chemistry. Then he bought property, fixing up some himself. He then partnered with investors to buy the Lakers. He was one of the few owners who made his living off a sports franchise. He liked playing poker.
  14. He will be starting out in New Jersey, in April. I think he's in his 80's, but he has a great talented mind.
  15. Terribly sad story. Their children barely know them.
  16. I always admire drumming. Happy Birthday.
  17. Happiest times. Stay warm Bahoodore.
  18. MikeC


    Have a great time on Christmas, or Christmas Eve. Some celebrate on Christmas Eve, and see their friends on Christmas Day. In the news The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood got married to Sally Humphreys. Guests Rod Stewart, his wife Penny were there. And Paul and Nancy attended, also. A lot of movies out, and a lot of variety. Tom Cruises movie, "Jack Reacher" has received high praises by audiences. An " A- " grade by people . The Hobbit is the most seen movie. Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" promises to be quite a show, too. Good time to see very good stories, as well as humour. Sales should definitely be up for the movies, after Christmas. At the box office, in order of most seen were: The Hobbit Jack Reacher This is 40 Rise of The Guardians Lincoln The Guilt Trip (With a fun steak dinner eating challenge, for $100 if finished ). Monsters, Inc. 3-D Skyfall Life of Pi The Twilight Saga Plus, new movies out now. "Les Miserables", "Amour", etc.
  19. I'll read later. Paul was on so late, the he and the band weren't in the newspapers, including USA Today. Maybe a time deadline. ON PBS T.V. tonight at 9 P.M., The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Most likely other times or another day for different regions to be shown later, I guess. Back to back stories for sitar player Ravi Shankar. Who really was more like an inventor of interwoven sounds. Start with a note, play some chords, reemphesize note or notes, etc.
  20. It will be televised on 34 T.V. stations, and seen by up to two billion people. The Rolling Stones, I think, were added after they did a concert over here. The sitar player, on a few Beatles songs, has died. He was 92. Another concert in L. A. this weekend by several stars. Not sure what charity it will benefit, if it is also a charity concert.
  21. Happy Birthday's to everyone, as I can't always keep up. Hope you had fun with your families.
  22. Much needed gas supplies are on the way, shortly. Engineers were already sent out last week to help from other states. Anheiser-Busch company has alread relabeled cans to send as six-packs of water. Generators have been given out. Clothes and food already sent. One of my friends said that snow, supposedly, is on the way. I heard from three people who live in New York. One said his parents lost their home. They already found an apartment. It will take one year to build, because of the amount of houses needing rebuilding. He was out to dinner with his wife saturday, when I talked to him a second time. He lives on the bay, and had some water damage. Gas lines were still five hours waiting. All of the generators were sold-out, as I told him that would be his greatest investment, from $ 600 to $ 1200 dollars, or less.
  23. Happy Birthday, late. And to RockynRobin, and Tommy Tunes, plus the rest. I'll post a new album by some group I heard on the radio. Most likley on the Cruisin' Music thread. Or, What Are You Listening To thread. I will look it up later. They do a song dedicated to Linda McCartney.
  24. Little Richard, I think he said, retired from performing. I believe it's because of his energetic shows. He puts so much energy into a show, that it's difficult to do that for the entire show. He liked touring, but he felt he couldn't do them in his famous style.
  25. In a recent Life Magazine, there are rare photos of John and his first wife. As well as the other Beatles members. Never published before. I wished John had recorded more albums.
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