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  1. And what happens when one artist has 200, 000 single song units sold.

    But, the next artist has 150,000 units sold, but has 50,000 more streams than the 200, 000 real sales artist?

    Is the second artist, with less sales put ahead of the first. 


    Some fans stream more because they have more time. And they want to listen several times.

    Those who are busier, stream less.

    But, there interest is the same, because they tell friends. And think of the songs, even though they are not on the web.

  2. This one is from the story in  Monday,  April 29, 2013. In the L A Time Calandar section., under Critic's Notebook,  by Randall Roberts.

    650 people showed up at The Echoplex, including family and friends,  for what Mick Jagger called the first stop on this tour

    They play again, this friday in L A.


    Guitarists Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood,  and all the band members wowed the crowd. Ronnie played like the times he played in the Faces band, with Rod Stewart.

     Also in the show were  vocalists Bernard Fowler, Lisa Fischer and Keyboardest Chuck Leavel.  

    And Drummer Charlle Watts, who is often regarded highly amongst drummers of different genres like Jazz, Rock, etc.

  3. With lithographs and serigraphs. An exhibition of John's Art.




    Yoko's two sons have also gone into some art themselves:


    Julien has sung, but has enjoyed photography which have been on display, in the past.


    Shawn, with music. Plus contributions to the animation work of the  Beatles' animated guitar game that was out a few years back.

    As well as music for film.


    And Rain is a Beatles' tribute band, considered to be the closest thing to the real Beatles' style and experience.

     They will be playing in the future

  4. People opened their houses and apartments to those in need there, afterwards.

    And last night, when the Boston Bruins played, the audience sang the National Anthem so loud, that you could no longer hear the singer who was singing with the microphone.

  5. He was considered the most accessible movie critic around, with his blog and newspaper stories.

    And when both critics on the movie show agreed, that was even better for that movie they talked about.

  6. I found a way to hear the drums, bass, rhythym guitar, and background vocals, by listening with the part you put into the CD player halfway.

    And what a treat, if you can do this. To hear the three together, then her voice in lower volume, while listening to Carole King's CD, of her greatest hits. I'll see whether or not this works on James' CD's.

    Particularly on songs, "Jazzman" and "Sweet Seasons".

    I was amazed to hear the clarity of the background vocals, also. It had a reverb affect, where it sounded to me like her voice was behind the tempo, when really she was on the tempo, but the low volume made it sound delayed (from the reverb, again).

  7. Sounds interesting, marlene.

    Contributing editor of more than 30 years, to Rolling Stones Magazine, is Anthony DeCurtis. He earned a Grammy Award for his essay of notes for Eric Clapton's album, Crossroads. He holds a PhD in American Literature. Author of In Other Words: Artists Talk About L and Work. Coeditor of Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll.

    Orianthi has been touring with Alice Cooper, for the last year-and-a-half. She says ist's like Halloween year-around. With a front-row seat

    Also, in the April, 2013 issue of Guitar Magazine, with Orianthi is the band, are stories about Jimmie Hendrix- How he was on the verge of transforming music, once again. Comments by road manager Al Marks, Engineer Eddie Kramer, Drummer Rocky Isaac, and Bassist billy Cox.

    More stories about the band Rush, and The Grateful Dead, also in the same issue. With four songs for guitar and bass. One by the Grateful Dead, "Uncle John's Band".

  8. Just beggining to read, "The Soudtrack Of My Life", by Clive Davis. He mentions Eric, whom he does respect, he said. Clive preferred Eric to co-write. Bu, Eric signed-on with another label instead. He wanted Eric to be an Elton John, with the same appeal to audiences.

    Thee are hundreds of artists mentioned, as well as albums, songs, etc.

    Next book to read during Easter is a new book "The Vatican

    Diaries", by John Thavis. The behind-the-scenes stories of politics, power, and influence in the world.

    The entire interviews by Rolling Stone Magazine of Bob Dylan, put into one issue to read.

    Two of the Beatles write-ups, their latest from months ago in two magazines.

    Guitar Magazine, with Orianthi, The Queen Of Shred, who was featured on Michael Jackson's "This Is It" DVD.

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