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  1. I think I heard that higher pressing speeds reduces some of the DVD's receiving all of the sound. Sort of like playing a record at 78 speed, but much faster. Maybe 10 times faster.
  2. The buzz is out about it at the height of the band's 1976 concert. Some have said there were some sound problems. Maybe that was on just a few DVD's, because of multiple pressings at the same time.
  3. He will be performing a concert at The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. His Gold Record is "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree". The famous song that talks about returning home from duties.
  4. I'm late to the party. Oh, well! Have a fun week.
  5. With the songs of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Herman Hermitis, The Who, Dusty Springfield, The Yardbirds, The Hollies, The Zombies, Petula Clark, etc. The Premiere is June 19th. Show Album is now available. Beatlemania and ModRocker shows will play on separate stages, but same times, later this month, at the same place. This is the same place where The Rolling Stones played, this year. Listen to the show songs on the left, at their site. http://Modrockmusical.com
  6. You both should be music promoters. Maybe some bands this summer?
  7. Enjoy your birthday week!
  8. They are performing 28 anthem songs by The Styx, ourney, Poison, etc, with the story being told through music and acting.
  9. That's http://www.CarpenterArts.org
  10. Ringo will also be using audio commentary, himself, to comment on the photos. Originally found them after his mother died.
  11. I'm not sure, this friday, or the next. He is quite a photographer. These have never been seen, before. He blurs out one photo of Paul. But the effect doesn't distort the story of the picture. Ringo and George, with their wives, after fishing. Friends. Paul and jane. Paul standing to the right. Jane sitting on a sun lounger. Ringo snuck the photograph, it looked to me.
  12. Oh, there is The Carpenter Performing Arts Center. Karen would be proud of her brother. www.CarpenterArts.Org
  13. A memorable part that she played so well.
  14. I hope he writes a book, one day. That chorus part sounds great for a car commercial. -[When your someday is now, you can choose the new ....and drive to your own sounds. Just like Paul (Williams) ] Then he drives off, with his song cranked up, singing. Or second scenario: Eric sees Paul, who brings his wife and a guest. Paul says, "Do you need a band?" Eric recognizes Paul's guest, too. Eric then says, 'Three piano players?' Paul says, 'Richard's going to check out the show, at the Hall'. (The musician Richard Carpenter). Richard: 'Good thing you play guitar, Eric.' Paul: Don't worry, I have the rest of the band. Then he says, 'Play on!' Or, the car rolls up on stage, Eric already playing the song on piano. Paul gets out singing his song....[Changing a word here] -As for me, I will always believe I was born a someday man,...
  15. the Cd's are called "Threads and Grooves". Plus, Hall and Oates Korn Johnny Cash ( With two separate Cd's) Roy Orbison (16 Big Hits) Jimmy Hendrix ( Smash Hits, EscaP3 CD) Bob Dylan (Two Cd's, One is Highway 61 Revisited) Willie Nelson 311 Quiet Riot
  16. More than this list here: From their past famous album. Or in Bob's case, there are two different boxes with Cd"s: Some of them are: Elvis Presley Jimmy Hendrix Journey Bob Dylan Iggy and The Stooges Heart
  17. I don't watch it, either. I'll have to see it on the replay, later, if I don't see it this week.
  18. Rod has a new album out- "Time" for part of this promotion. I saw on T.V. where Rod had a music rehearsal at his house. One of the radio station managers used to go visit Rod, for dinners now and then. -During his Standards Recording Days from past albums.
  19. And what happens when one artist has 200, 000 single song units sold. But, the next artist has 150,000 units sold, but has 50,000 more streams than the 200, 000 real sales artist? Is the second artist, with less sales put ahead of the first. Some fans stream more because they have more time. And they want to listen several times. Those who are busier, stream less. But, there interest is the same, because they tell friends. And think of the songs, even though they are not on the web.
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