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  1. That is great. I'm glad I found out about it, too, redd.


    I found the site, after hearing about it.

    Paul is also in the new edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

    - About which Beatle  helped Paul forgive the past with Yoko.

    If he didn't forgive her for putting John ahead of him for the credits of  'Let It Be', ironically.


    The way I see it is that naturally, Yoko would favor her husband first.


    I always saw Paul as first though, with the proper credit for the song.

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  2. I'll read, later.

    He just performed this weekend, from a truck. It was a surprise show for some fans.

    I saw it on my phone, since I read Yahoo sports. A photo with Paul and his bass, live in London.


    There are four producers on this album, giving it extra attention in details.


    I like the way Paul does music.  A lot of work, then recording, then the fans get to listen.

    He's a people's musician, because he works hard at his job, like everyone else.

  3. We don't mind. Always here for you. Some of your local churches, sometimes give a bag of food to those in need.

    You can ask your friends about additional office availabilities, like orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, etc. and foot doctors.

    All of these are busy offices.

  4. I have Paul's latest, redone recordings with his former Wings music band. A two CD set.


    They are rolling out the red carpet for Paul on the boulevard, for tonight.

    Justin Timberlake said he will be there, monday.

    I was supposed to be in Vegas, to actually see a show, but most likely for a the same entertainer on New Years

    's Eve.


    At the i Heart music festival in Las Vegas, this past weekend, Elton John, Paul McCartney, etc. It should be a fun show to replay again.


    Lady Gaga performed last year, there. She is the Godmother to Elton's two adopted sons.  They haven't spoken in about eight months. Hopefully things will be better. She hasn't returned a call, lately, I heard.


    The last time I saw Paul on T.V., he greeted Lady with a kiss as he was walking down the aisle, at an awards ceremony.

  5. It was just a few weeks ago that I first heard about it.

    I think it's called L A KISS Football.

    It will be in Anaheim, California at The Honda Center.

    It starts in March, 2014 after the NFL season ends.

    Good timing, because around the same time, it was announced the building of 14 new Hotels in Anaheim and Garden Grove.

    Averaging around 270 rooms each.


    Their manager, of McGhee Entertanment got the ball rolling. They workl with other entertainers, also.

    Gene said they all met with a prospective coach already.

    Their friends will come over, he said.


    Season tickets already available at considerable astoundingly affordable prices.

    He said there will be no doubt that the team is all about football.

    There is so much action in arena football, that there never is a dull moment  (Paraphrasing).

    About four to 10 more touchdowns per game than regular football.


    You can watch theGreat Plays and Bloopers


  6. We could get you the new Life Magazine with John Lennon on the cover, called, Remembering  John Lennon.


    Someone could give you a number one CD, after 45 years, by Ozzy who was beside himself at such an occurence.

    I could tell you a short story about how a band member's bass guitar wasn't working right

    , when they were recording at Abbey Roads recording studio.  And in walks Paul McCartney with his own Yamaha bass, to give to the band recording there. And, more...  Ringo has something in December, I heard. An autographed book. Shhh, don't tell anyone, yet.


     Have some lemonade, with a toast.

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