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  1. I should have added that my phone went to the entertainment news, when usually, I have to look that up, separately. I've heard his advertisements on radio, and a spot T.V.
  2. You can probably find his song/songs on the web, that he sang on the weekend. There was an actor promoting his own film, a few years back, by driving all over the places and towns, in a camper that was painted with the movie title.
  3. I'll read, later. He just performed this weekend, from a truck. It was a surprise show for some fans. I saw it on my phone, since I read Yahoo sports. A photo with Paul and his bass, live in London. There are four producers on this album, giving it extra attention in details. I like the way Paul does music. A lot of work, then recording, then the fans get to listen. He's a people's musician, because he works hard at his job, like everyone else.
  4. Happy Birthdays's to everyone that I missed. Have a fun week, with your family.
  5. We don't mind. Always here for you. Some of your local churches, sometimes give a bag of food to those in need. You can ask your friends about additional office availabilities, like orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, etc. and foot doctors. All of these are busy offices.
  6. More shows have now been added, following their first shows, on the next weekend, also. For January 24, 25 and 26. I see a lot of digital advertising on the freeway, of the Eagles shows.
  7. Wally has done concerts with Phil, in the past. I know Phil gets a lot of mail. Phil played concerts at some of the Calvary Chapel Churches. On KWave, 107.9 FM, they are honoring his life on the radio, thursday and friday. With musicians and pastors.
  8. http://www.iheartfestival/Yahoo.com The music festival will be replayed on T.V., this Monday and Tuesday, (September 30th and October 1st). on KTLA 5 T.V. at * 8:00 P.M. Each show is two hours, from the friday and saturday original recordings.Both are shows with different bands and artists.
  9. http:www.iheartfestval/Yahoo.com It's supposed to be on http:www,Yahoo.com for the festival
  10. I have Paul's latest, redone recordings with his former Wings music band. A two CD set. They are rolling out the red carpet for Paul on the boulevard, for tonight. Justin Timberlake said he will be there, monday. I was supposed to be in Vegas, to actually see a show, but most likely for a the same entertainer on New Years 's Eve. At the i Heart music festival in Las Vegas, this past weekend, Elton John, Paul McCartney, etc. It should be a fun show to replay again. Lady Gaga performed last year, there. She is the Godmother to Elton's two adopted sons. They haven't spoken in about eight months. Hopefully things will be better. She hasn't returned a call, lately, I heard. The last time I saw Paul on T.V., he greeted Lady with a kiss as he was walking down the aisle, at an awards ceremony.
  11. I'll read it. John is one of the best tennis announcers around.
  12. Have a fun music and family week!
  13. I wonderwhether or not Billy Sullivan will be performing this weekend in Vegas, at the MDA Telethon.
  14. Wow! Thanks, Billy. What a talented group. Wally performs well onstage, as usual , too.
  15. And they will be the first to reopen The Great Western Forum, in Inglewood, Ca. in January of 2014. The investtors are putting 100 million dollars into renovating the former home of ht LA Lakers, and the L A Kings.
  16. It was just a few weeks ago that I first heard about it. I think it's called L A KISS Football. It will be in Anaheim, California at The Honda Center. It starts in March, 2014 after the NFL season ends. Good timing, because around the same time, it was announced the building of 14 new Hotels in Anaheim and Garden Grove. Averaging around 270 rooms each. Their manager, of McGhee Entertanment got the ball rolling. They workl with other entertainers, also. Gene said they all met with a prospective coach already. Their friends will come over, he said. Season tickets already available at considerable astoundingly affordable prices. He said there will be no doubt that the team is all about football. There is so much action in arena football, that there never is a dull moment (Paraphrasing). About four to 10 more touchdowns per game than regular football. You can watch theGreat Plays and Bloopers
  17. The Monkees play this week, if you're in town to celebrate more. Have a fun time, today.
  18. We could get you the new Life Magazine with John Lennon on the cover, called, Remembering John Lennon. Someone could give you a number one CD, after 45 years, by Ozzy who was beside himself at such an occurence. I could tell you a short story about how a band member's bass guitar wasn't working right , when they were recording at Abbey Roads recording studio. And in walks Paul McCartney with his own Yamaha bass, to give to the band recording there. And, more... Ringo has something in December, I heard. An autographed book. Shhh, don't tell anyone, yet. Have some lemonade, with a toast.
  19. I had never seen him before. He sang alot of songs. And he was in top form. His voice; And his storytelling. He wants to lose some weight, but he is taller than I thought, and carries his weight well. He sang, told jokes, stories; introduced veterans and asked any POW's to stand-up. He had the people who helped dance to one of his songs in front of the audience. He customized lyrics in one song to thank them , one by one from the stage. And joked how one of thenm never heard one of his songs. There was a picnic afterwards, and everyone lined up to meet him. He told me his name later, being part Greek and puerto rican. He said that makes him Greek-o-Rican, and laughed. I was surprised at his reaction, when I told him what I'm working on, artistically. ( Movie, music, and comedy). He very positive .More on that, perhaps, in the future. People say that when you talk to Tony in person, it's as if you are the only one there. He is so personal, it's amazing to see him talk, and listen to everyoneabout anything. He talked to everyone so long, that I had left, thinking he was done talking. I couldn't believe it. One of the ladies there wants to start an all ladies band, I said I sing some, too. I suggested a Sinatra song, after they would play. I sang the end of My Way: "For what is a man; What has he got?......
  20. Hi Donzi. I was at a casino near Palm Springs, California. It must have been just before 2;00 A.M. and that was the song, :Go All The Way" being played over outstanding speakers. Of course I sang as loud as I could, because it is so noisey, they turn the volume up, extra loud. This site is amazing. Someone even tweeted one of my posts on sports. That I'm sure were commented on. I need to become a twitter member. I will, since I'm working on film ideas, and I have friends who do independant movies, giving me tips on what to do, I, too, am lucky, having been around outstanding musicians, singer /songwriters. They have performed with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, at Brad Pitts first wedding (Piano). It was exciting for me to have met Michael Jackson's former drummer at an after party. With all-star musicians, also attending.
  21. Sold separately from the paper. Happy Anniversary to his family and fans. With comments about 20 essential Elvis xongs. plus, another 20 songs listed in the tribute edition. It is amazing for me to read things I didn;t know: When he was starting out, he told the receptionist." I don't sound like nobody". After a year of singing and recording, one day he belted out his first famous song. After he finished his service in the army, he is the highest paid guest, to date. He received $125, 000 dollars when he appeared on television with Frank and Nancy Sinatra. Sammy Davis, Jr. is also shown onstage, with all of them. When he made his comeback, December 3rd, 1968, it was NBC's highest rated show of the year. It was originally suppoosed to be all christmas songs. But Elvis sang mostly an autobioghraphical assortment of memorable songs. He has 80 top 40 hits. 80 to 40 hits ( Elton John is second , at 57 top 40's). 67 weeks at number 1 on the music charts (Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson have 51 each). 90 Gold, 52 platinum, and 25 multiplatinum albums. ( No wonder he was called The King) 134. 5 million albums sold. .Second to the Beatles ( 177 million albums sold) And three Grammy Awards.
  22. I hope you have a great year. Thanks for all your work, and continued playing music.
  23. Wow!!. All we need is some commentary on the photos [Joke time]. Are these photos in reverse? Note, left row, second from the top- Is that Darlene or Julia D. getting ready to go skinny dipping? (Note, there was that rumour, late into Bernie's party). Start to the left. Photo 13 from the top. The one with Jim and the bartender (Backwards cap)?: Jim: My god!!. You've gotta be kidding me! Bartender: Someone took your two drinks, and you just arrived? Jim: Yes. It wasn't Tony. He isn't here. I even left a ten dollar tip. Bartender: I heard Tommy Tunes is here. (Note, not far away, the left hand of Tommy Tunes? sneaking drinks from the drink table). Was it that prankster Mike C? Jim: Well, he did quite a few jokes online, last time. Jim: I saw Eric running (Third row, eighth photo from the top). But, he wouldn't sneak my drink from me, I don't think. First row Tenth photo from the top. .Eric tells guest, No autographs, pal, until we find Jim's drinks Now, second row. Is that Tommy showing where the two drinks are? More, on the weekend.
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