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  1. I saw LC's Post. Well, for New Year's Eve, there is a possible chance, in Vienna. Or watch on T.V.. Or, get tickets there. This is part symphony orchestra show, and who knows who else will perform. It will be on channel 50 KOCE, which is a PBS affiliate. At 8:00 PM. PST. Other start times might be a different hour, or the same time at eight. In their own words, not mine, they said the show will feature, [ but not limited to ] the music of Johan Strauss and family, with an emphasis this year on the work of Joseph Strauss. The conductor is Daniel Barrenboim, and Julie Andrew Hosts. Wel, l.... if anyone knows someone at the show, here's a chance, possibly to perform before a worldwide crowd, they said.
  2. Congratulations Eric, on the swift 10,000 th and more listeners. They are shaking your shoulders...Eric...Eric... they await for more. Like the times of the past. It's your time again ! Now, you are feeling the Ying-Yang. When you do something, there is a positive result. When any of us is doing less, something else is Always happening
  3. The song is great, Eric! I first saw your post, four days ago, but I'm glad I waited to reply, now I will listen more. I listened mostly to the music, then it hit me. The song does what Brian's songs do. You become a part of the music, and the music become part of the words. Brian will put alto sax, and play the same notes he sings. Our design , when there is no partner. Women, enjoy family , friends, and their home, and are fulfilled. Men are design to get fulfillment through work, family. So, we move on. Going to read at bookstores, cafe's, etc. To expand our social circles. Philosophical now. I learned about this, in a class I'm in. the palm of my hand facing up is Ying. Turned down ibecomes Yang Life is like Ying and Yang. Once one turns or moves, it creates a working affect. The silence you experienced caused that affect. From nothing, to something. Or, to a positive result. So is the universe. Like strings attached to the sun, it looks like nothing is happening. Then you see the planets moving. Imagine strings attached to the sun. Something is always happening. Humour. I used to joke with a friend saying, "it's been a record shafting year! Someone got the goldmine, and someone got the shaft. Even that is ying and yand affect ! So it was the silence, that finally helped to move you ! From Ying....to Yang ! I guess, from cause...to effect !
  4. Marianne Faithfull. The first disc has synthesizers and bass. The second is more guitar. A funky post gem, they said, from 1979. Harry Nilsson. 17 CD's from 14 album, with three CD's being outtakes. Sly and The Family Stone. Four Discs. Public Image, Ltd. Sex Pistols John Lydon's post-sex pistols album. Laraaji. New Age Music. And more. Maybe look up new re-issued music. Or remastered music.
  5. That should have been www.kuci.org/ And click on schedule, etc. Finally got it.
  6. Snce you've been good, James, I might as well give you the site: ( Or look up uci radio music station) As one word I was having a problem with the link.
  7. So glad to hear that, Dianed. The medical field is an excellent job source, because it is always needed. It never runs out of being important.
  8. It's also availabe on a two disc CD set, I saw yesterday while shopping. I bought the 40th anniversary collection of Bruce Lee's, "Enter The Dragon". My master, now a grandmaster, is Bruce's double in that movie.He performed stunts, and appearing in other spots in his most famous movie. But, I will definitely get the CD, sometime It was written-up in todays Calender section, under "Pop and Hiss" . ...With Guitar riffs,choruses, screams, guitar solos, etc,, of the early jams. Plus between song banter, radio bumpers, etc. Check out "Hippy-Hippy-Shake" to uncover the power of music. I
  9. I triied to put up the link, but the letter looing like an l could have been a one. Carlos Santana said he will bring him congas to play. Marcus didn't want him to see him this way. Carlos said, "It's an honor to be in your presence.
  10. Sounds very interesting, Marvin. (Your post above).
  11. Definitely James. I happen to listen to an independent music station that some are calling "The Best In The World". I'll put some song titles up on the "What are you listening to" thread, after Christmas. The songs are creative and different from what is usually listened to.
  12. Wow! ! great news. They are crescendoing [ If their is such a word, meaning building up to] to their fifty year anniversay is next year. ( I think in May, 2014). Their is a new collectors edition of Paul McCartney by Rolling Stone Magazine.
  13. Marcus, "The Magnificent" Malone had served time, before their famous Woodstock performance. Possibly during that time known for drug abuse, and maybe alcohol abuse, also . He was found one day by a reporter. The reporter didn't believe his story about the band, until it was confirmed. Their percussionist and producer also want to record an album.
  14. Great points, Marvin. Jim Croce's family has a restaurant in San Diego, Ca. with live music.
  15. The Hobbit. Better story this time, with comedy. And the animation was easier to do, they said. And the multi-award nominated movie. "American Hustler"
  16. Movies like Grudge Match, opens December 25th, with sylvestor Stallon, and Robert Di Nero. A big boxing match. Plus the story about Disney, "Saving Mr Banks". The story about how Walt convinced the Marry Poppins writer to bring the story to the big screen.
  17. Kelly is promoting her very highly regarded album, "Wrapped In Red". With T.V. guests: Danica Patrick, Robin Williams, Blake Shelton, Heidi Klum, and Whoopi Goldberg. Rod Stewart has a Christmas album. A song called, "Merry Christmas, Baby" has been playing, alot, on the radio. And don't forget the new movies.
  18. What a time for gifts twice. Now, and Christmas. Have a fun time.
  19. I am surprised that Jim Croce isn't in. What a writer and musician. I heard Linda Ronstadt talk, on a radio interview. She sounds great, with no weakness at all to her voice. It sounds like a normal person would sound like, to me. Kiss is bringing Arena Football to Anaheim, California. Along with their friends, one of them said. Hall and Oates are working on another single record.
  20. Radio commercials for his May, 2014 concerts have been airing, already. Billy, you've got to do a musical, or contribute some songs for a play out here, in L A. or anywhere. To see the acting with some music would be interesting and entertaining. You can do that at a small theater as well.
  21. I think Joan is playing at some benefit concert, due shortly.
  22. It was just announced that Billy will add another show to his first Ever!! Hollywood Bowl show, on May 17th and 22nd. Speaking of shows, there were giveaways to Celine Dion's show and Elton John. Front seats and meet-and-greet. Elton went another step, giving away a tablet, a selected piano, front row seats and meet- and- greet. Oh, his rehearsal piano player has an incredible Christmas song out. He is the only person that Elton trusts to get the band ready for live performances. I'll have to look up his name. I should have said that the song was first recorded by Billy, then Helen. Otherwise, it looks like he didn't sing it, also. That was difficult for me to write, since I'm a fan, too. I was trying to get that Billy style in the writing. Trying to get a little humour there, too. If he knew me, I joke around, but all in a light way.
  23. Hall and oates have begun working on a new single song. Their first in 10 years.
  24. At least once per month, starting in January, 2014. He's keeping the faith. Helen Reddy recorded his song once, but he didn't like the way it turned out, in th 70's. That reminds me to write new words to the same song, A little fun with his song. Keeping The Faith: Verse: I told the world, i didn't like Helen's singing She called me right up, With a strong-worded pace And never sang my songs again All the fussing, and that song didn't chart It barely got a fifty dollar start From way back when It didn't make top ten All the nights drinking shakes with some drive-thru tacos I couldn't stay skinny all my life That was fake Could I become a vegetarian? My thoughts about that were too few And three was better than two -Repeated again. Oh, yeah! Bridge of song: Then I changed from the fried foods and cookies And remembered the lean times and goodies With a half glass of wine, I can handle 'Cause, your fans all remember The songs that you did Not for your imperfect sad days Verse: Every dollar that I spent For those happy hours Can't be replaced with cool clothes and shades And remembering every single day Tossed in my mind is the past And changing like the wind in a mast I'm sailing again -Looking forward, again
  25. Have fun listeining to your favorite albums.
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