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  1. Also add Aloe Vera, as it renews and heals our organs.

    I like Boccoli for it's Folic Acid Value. This is very good for men.

    Plus, maybe add liquid Vitamin B's for better abilities

     and with more enthusiasm to do things.


    Then last, I do stretching. Asian stylei

    I tilt my body, left and right

    to let the ribs massage the internal organs, producing more oxygen and better function.

    Otherwise, they just sit and stay still, all the time.


    And one lying down on the back

    Feet straight out, and like windshielf wipers left to right, 15 times right, and 15 tiimes left

    Then like pushing a brake pedal in a car, forward a little, and backward

    Finally, with the top toes only, not the foot, forward and backward, same amounts as before. 

  2. In the Letterman interview, three fans talk about that historic night. 30 minutes have been added to the show.

    Also on Webcast, 50 Years Of The Beatles

    Sunday Shows start on CBS at 3:30PM EST, 6:30PM PST, Archival video, and The Beatles historic, artistic, and cultural impact on society.


     Lots of songs, and concluding with Ringo and Paul, then an allstar cast finishing.

    You can look up the Set List from the Grammy's


    Giles Martin helped produce the song structures.

    The producer told musicians not to be too respectful, because that is the tendency when they are in the audience.

    But to get the songs right in this moment.

    Peter Frampton (Guitar) , and Joe Was (Bass) are part of the House Band.

    Joe was the music conductor of the show.


    Their vynyl record values range from $750.  to the rarest promotional 45 at $30,000 (Anna/ Ask Me Why- side two)

  3. Our bodies change, later.

    They lose things like hormones, which are found in protein shakes,

    Like L-acytlcarnine, and L- arginine.

    Because the body breaks down, it really needs the hormone boosts.

    Alot more green in the diet.

    One doctor now eats 80- 85% green foods.

    The vitamin Co Q10 brings energy back to the heart and muscles.

    It's part of what they are made of.

    About 60% or more is lost,at his age.



    Check out India, and how a town there has the lowest Alzheimers in the world.

    They eat curry.....

  4. That's good that he is on that. 

    This show took 10 years for the producers to get all the songs, and talent together.

    Paul even asked the producer , "Can we talk about what you want me and Ringo to do?" Or something like that.


    Peter Frampton and Don Was hung out with Ringo backstage.

     Ringo said that he didn't know that the Ed Sullivan Show was popular.

    He was going to open hair salons in America, and almost missed his chance to play for the band.

     Look for photos, if they are there, 

    from my post above.



    For the  show, one of the  Monte Python's actors narrates videos,

    Dhani is playing with some famous musicians, for the song he plays.


    Some people thought Ozzie was drunk. But someone told me, that is how he talks.

  5. Sunday, Feruary 9th, is the 50 year celebration, provided by musicians and Paul and Ringo.

    Ringo said all the Beatles are present in mind, when they play (Paraphrased)

    On Sunday night, they are adding David Letterman's interview with Paul and Ringo at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

    That was done after the Grammy Awards, I think.

    See the celebrations from Capitol Records, all  weekend at K Earth 101 Radio, including today;s.

    Come on down, and bring your comfortable shoes for a possible walk there,

    because of parking.


    9:00am PST and 12:00PM EST Beatles  radio show on sunday





    Ed Sullivan, and how Elvis wished them all the best success.


    And scroll down record values at http://www.moneymusic.com


    Plus, more celebrations all weekend:

    By K Earth 101 Radio. There are a lot of interviews, Backstage Grammy photos, etc.

    You might go there and see if you can replay stories from the radio of:


    Patti Boyd, George's first wife, now Eric Clapton's wife.

    Foreigner rock star story, how he was the opening act for The Beatles in 1964.

    Peter Asher, how Paul and John played a song for hin in his basement, before a lot of fame.



    Today, they replayed Ringo, then George.

    Ringo thought the band might last four years.

    George thought three months

    And Paul thought he wrote "Let It Be" ( which  he really wrote. That was a joke!)

    Paul said how he woke up from a dream with a tune playing in his mind, and some words.


    Interviews this week about The Beatles from more musicians.

    Click on John Lennon photo about how he met Paul.


    Scroll down for behind-the-scenes  photos from this year's Grammy Awards.

    One is with two Paul's: Mccartney and Williams

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  6. What an astounding finish to the night of entertainment!!

    And now, people will always remember Paul Williams.


    When the two singers embraced, it was as if they cried for relief

    that they were finally being heard. After all the time playing.


    One time, Bernie, you saw Paul Williams in concert, last year.

    The next time, you see him on The Beatles fiftieth celebration.

    How incredible is that!!

    i had talked about him last year, too.


    I told a very famous singer about one of his concerts.

    She was probablly surprised as everyone else.


    Don't forget, The stars tribute to The Beatles is airing February 9th,

    their anniversary date.


    George Harrison's son came out, and is playing 'Something",

    his father's famous song.

  7. I hope you had a fun day.


    Joke time:


    As you know this year there are new Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees.

    With no exception, The KISS Band  are continuing their dreams in business ventures-

    The Rock And Brew restaurants. An Arena Football Team.


    Gene once heard Paul say, "Oh, God!" That was after Gene told him that there

    are 96 more restaurants to build.

    But, Gene worked out a bargain for $500,00 dollars per restaurant,

    while everyone else spends one milliion dollars or more for their own.

    That's twice the restaurants they will have.

    Paul got the bartenders to get two drinks to each client.

    Now, everyone thinks they are going to see a show,

    but that five nonths later, when they have enough to pay for entertainment.


    Paul and Gene made an offer to Tim Tebow to play Arena Football.

    Gene told Tim that he only has to throw the ball 20 to 30 yards,

    or he can run down the field with the whole team,

    Bouncing off defenders for 50 yards, on the second down.

    Gene told Tim that 300 NFL players have honed their skills

    in Arena Football. Including Kurt Warner, who Tim looks up to.


    Now, everyone is praying. Paul and Gene pray that Tim will play for them.

    Tim is praying to make an NFL roster.

    And Kurt is praying that Tim will listen.


    They will have entertainment at each game,

    with people repelling from the ceiling, Gene said,

    And dropping buckets of water on the opposing teams bench.

    Any extra time outs needed, the fans can bring their dogs

    to run around the field, while people try to catch them.

  8. That's incredible, pat!

    I heard that producers really do listen in youtube.



    I'm listening to french songs.

    Eventually, I want to put out several language songs.



    I listened to your country girl song.

    I redid a song for a friend, giving him three versions of his original song.

    He was really impressed.


    My other friend, who's recorded with the big name musicians, told me

    that I should do treatments.

    His was a video script that I reworked, for each line.

    That was my first time to do that.

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  9. Their song with Albert Lee on guitar,, who played in 1983, played again. Albert was in studio

    for his current tour.

     More to the interview that I didn't hear.

    Check out photos on facebook, via the radio show

    Facebook: Saturday With The Beatles Show

  10. Yes, Ira.

    I've Paul, got an autograph, and sent an email, then called his office

    about the lady vocalist on "Freedom For The World Song" had died, years ago.

    A friend of mine called him.

    Look up his concert, 1974 at The London Palladium




    Also, Tom Jones, at the same place, 1966.

    Singing "Not Responsible" and "Once Upon A Time"



  11. Very good interview, by Marvin.


    Pat, I like that you just write and perform, or record music.

    Christians you know can miss the point- Reach out to people.

    And who do people call with a problem, Their doctor, plummer, and more.


    Here's two songs on Youtube. Just look up

    Jon Gibson Youtube, "God Loves A Broken Heart"


    After that, scroll to see the second suggested song for you,

    on YouTube, "You've Gotta Love Somebody"

    That's Indugu on drums. Pay attention to his part throughout the song 

    All live playing, for every musician..

    To see why he is so good.


    That's Michael Jackson's former drummer, Ndugu,

    Rob Mullens on keyboards, Greg Vail on horns.

    All have been on " many secular hits, too".

    There are several artists who take something from Jon's musicianship, etc.

    The point there is to show quality to the world.


    And has played concerts with allsarst. They are incredible musicians.

    And most of then may not be Christians, when he plays or records.

    He wants quaility. They play, because they can play right then, in concert.

    They get a call, and they're in.

    They show up, and play.

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