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  1. Each night, a separate guest. Sean will play, "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". Also Broken Bells Band, Flaming Lips, Lenny Kravitz. Friday night is still open. I wonder whether or not Eric will be there, too!
  2. He is great. I like his acting abilities, that make it funny, too.
  3. Happy times for you, on your Birthday. have fun.
  4. Enjoy your time of celebrations. Happy Birthday.
  5. What an astounding finish to the night of entertainment!! And now, people will always remember Paul Williams. When the two singers embraced, it was as if they cried for relief that they were finally being heard. After all the time playing. One time, Bernie, you saw Paul Williams in concert, last year. The next time, you see him on The Beatles fiftieth celebration. How incredible is that!! i had talked about him last year, too. I told a very famous singer about one of his concerts. She was probablly surprised as everyone else. Don't forget, The stars tribute to The Beatles is airing February 9th, their anniversary date. George Harrison's son came out, and is playing 'Something", his father's famous song.
  6. I hope you had a fun day. Joke time: As you know this year there are new Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees. With no exception, The KISS Band are continuing their dreams in business ventures- The Rock And Brew restaurants. An Arena Football Team. Gene once heard Paul say, "Oh, God!" That was after Gene told him that there are 96 more restaurants to build. But, Gene worked out a bargain for $500,00 dollars per restaurant, while everyone else spends one milliion dollars or more for their own. That's twice the restaurants they will have. Paul got the bartenders to get two drinks to each client. Now, everyone thinks they are going to see a show, but that five nonths later, when they have enough to pay for entertainment. Paul and Gene made an offer to Tim Tebow to play Arena Football. Gene told Tim that he only has to throw the ball 20 to 30 yards, or he can run down the field with the whole team, Bouncing off defenders for 50 yards, on the second down. Gene told Tim that 300 NFL players have honed their skills in Arena Football. Including Kurt Warner, who Tim looks up to. Now, everyone is praying. Paul and Gene pray that Tim will play for them. Tim is praying to make an NFL roster. And Kurt is praying that Tim will listen. They will have entertainment at each game, with people repelling from the ceiling, Gene said, And dropping buckets of water on the opposing teams bench. Any extra time outs needed, the fans can bring their dogs to run around the field, while people try to catch them.
  7. I hope you have your most fun birthday. Cheers to you!
  8. I saw Boz at Lake Tahoe, Ca. What a live performer.
  9. That's incredible, pat! I heard that producers really do listen in youtube. I'm listening to french songs. Eventually, I want to put out several language songs. I listened to your country girl song. I redid a song for a friend, giving him three versions of his original song. He was really impressed. My other friend, who's recorded with the big name musicians, told me that I should do treatments. His was a video script that I reworked, for each line. That was my first time to do that.
  10. Albert Lee played songs with George Harrison, reheased with Linda Ronstadt, etc. Played at 1983 Everly Brothers Reunion
  11. At the Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, Ca. Check out all the write-ups: http://www.canyonclub.net
  12. MikeC

    Phil Everly

    Their song with Albert Lee on guitar,, who played in 1983, played again. Albert was in studio for his current tour. More to the interview that I didn't hear. Check out photos on facebook, via the radio show Facebook: Saturday With The Beatles Show
  13. Paul's video has a rare song called "Flashback". I like the lyrics . There's also a documentary about his former vocalist.
  14. MikeC

    "WELCOME" to "2014"

    A great year to be, Nancy moon
  15. They are being honored at their first concert with the world's largest vinyl record. It sits on top of their first stop, The Inglewood Forum. It covers 5.7 acres, at 17 mph, or 70 rpm Over 400 hundred feet across. Also see video on youtube for world's largest vinyl record
  16. the Kiss Band will play a televised first: To air on NBC and in Canada on CBC and RND2 An outdoor Ice-hockey match between the L A Kings And the Anaheim Ducks, Jan 25th at 7:00 PM PST http://nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=698601
  17. Yes, Ira. I've Paul, got an autograph, and sent an email, then called his office about the lady vocalist on "Freedom For The World Song" had died, years ago. A friend of mine called him. Look up his concert, 1974 at The London Palladium https;//youtube.com/watch?v=kKnv-4hlsuk Also, Tom Jones, at the same place, 1966. Singing "Not Responsible" and "Once Upon A Time" https;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAmsJ2As7Ug
  18. Things have really changed, Bernie, since Eric's earlier days. Incredible, now, how the good word can get out.
  19. Very good interview, by Marvin. Pat, I like that you just write and perform, or record music. Christians you know can miss the point- Reach out to people. And who do people call with a problem, Their doctor, plummer, and more. Here's two songs on Youtube. Just look up Jon Gibson Youtube, "God Loves A Broken Heart" After that, scroll to see the second suggested song for you, on YouTube, "You've Gotta Love Somebody" That's Indugu on drums. Pay attention to his part throughout the song All live playing, for every musician.. To see why he is so good. That's Michael Jackson's former drummer, Ndugu, Rob Mullens on keyboards, Greg Vail on horns. All have been on " many secular hits, too". There are several artists who take something from Jon's musicianship, etc. The point there is to show quality to the world. And has played concerts with allsarst. They are incredible musicians. And most of then may not be Christians, when he plays or records. He wants quaility. They play, because they can play right then, in concert. They get a call, and they're in. They show up, and play.
  20. I saw LC's Post. Well, for New Year's Eve, there is a possible chance, in Vienna. Or watch on T.V.. Or, get tickets there. This is part symphony orchestra show, and who knows who else will perform. It will be on channel 50 KOCE, which is a PBS affiliate. At 8:00 PM. PST. Other start times might be a different hour, or the same time at eight. In their own words, not mine, they said the show will feature, [ but not limited to ] the music of Johan Strauss and family, with an emphasis this year on the work of Joseph Strauss. The conductor is Daniel Barrenboim, and Julie Andrew Hosts. Wel, l.... if anyone knows someone at the show, here's a chance, possibly to perform before a worldwide crowd, they said.
  21. Congratulations Eric, on the swift 10,000 th and more listeners. They are shaking your shoulders...Eric...Eric... they await for more. Like the times of the past. It's your time again ! Now, you are feeling the Ying-Yang. When you do something, there is a positive result. When any of us is doing less, something else is Always happening
  22. The song is great, Eric! I first saw your post, four days ago, but I'm glad I waited to reply, now I will listen more. I listened mostly to the music, then it hit me. The song does what Brian's songs do. You become a part of the music, and the music become part of the words. Brian will put alto sax, and play the same notes he sings. Our design , when there is no partner. Women, enjoy family , friends, and their home, and are fulfilled. Men are design to get fulfillment through work, family. So, we move on. Going to read at bookstores, cafe's, etc. To expand our social circles. Philosophical now. I learned about this, in a class I'm in. the palm of my hand facing up is Ying. Turned down ibecomes Yang Life is like Ying and Yang. Once one turns or moves, it creates a working affect. The silence you experienced caused that affect. From nothing, to something. Or, to a positive result. So is the universe. Like strings attached to the sun, it looks like nothing is happening. Then you see the planets moving. Imagine strings attached to the sun. Something is always happening. Humour. I used to joke with a friend saying, "it's been a record shafting year! Someone got the goldmine, and someone got the shaft. Even that is ying and yand affect ! So it was the silence, that finally helped to move you ! From Ying....to Yang ! I guess, from cause...to effect !
  23. Marianne Faithfull. The first disc has synthesizers and bass. The second is more guitar. A funky post gem, they said, from 1979. Harry Nilsson. 17 CD's from 14 album, with three CD's being outtakes. Sly and The Family Stone. Four Discs. Public Image, Ltd. Sex Pistols John Lydon's post-sex pistols album. Laraaji. New Age Music. And more. Maybe look up new re-issued music. Or remastered music.
  24. That should have been www.kuci.org/ And click on schedule, etc. Finally got it.
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