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  1. Hapoy belated Birthday, Susie!
  2. MikeC


    Another Wow!, Kirk. Thank you, again!! That song has been mentioned on talk radio. And Eric by another host who filled in for another host. I could feel the emotions of sadness and loss. And the piano interlude. Thanks ifor sharing those monents, Aventurine!
  3. Amy, Happy Birthday week! So glad you are in love and enjoying your lives of splendor, together! Hey, does Eric have any Rock Video Games? They really are fun. I play a bunch with a close lady drumner-friend. And we play real accoustic and electric guitars. And drums before the games. She being quite accomplished, especially on drums. Great word that Eric used to describe his love to you!
  4. Pam, have a gteat time!
  5. What a fun time, Aventurine! They know how to have a good time!
  6. Great cake, Susie! I Happy celebtations Marlene, with. everyone you know!
  7. Have good times enjoying your bithday week, celebrating with family and friends!
  8. Even if she didn't have a computer, she could log- on at a university. If she lived. with an aunt, she could still find a friend to use it.
  9. Yes, it becomes emotional, throughout the songs. Wirh teary-eyed moments sometimes, during writing, seeing the story progress. And wondering how it will turn out. One time, I stayed awake until around 5:30 am. Continuing the next night. And speaking of emotions, the next song is definitely that type of song, later. I put my original chorus choice at the end, seeing the meaning or point of the song was from the first and second choruses. James is great person. I think his influencial stlyle rubbed-off on me, in another tribute. Not yet released. I'll read about that writing style you mentioned. The last few weekends have been 7 and-a-half and 8 hour practice times. Mostly just playing and learninrg songs. And music games. I scored 88% and 92% on my highest vocal scores, the first practice time. Then 94, 97, 98 and 99% high scores, the second time. I bought an accoustic and electric guitar, so far. A bass and keyboard are next. I mentioned writing, and a friend II've known wanted to practice. I only thought she played a few songs on guitar. It was a miraculous situation. She is a very talented. and skilled drunner. And sings a little. And she plays Jazz guitar and other music styles.
  10. Yes, I figured we could all relate to the relationship part-of-writing. And I had my own laughs, too! My actual writing is sort of a ping-pong experience. I don't write continually from start to finish, since it becones mostly inspiration, with no words to finish at a given moment. And it does get confusing for me. In the first tribute, I added a chorus, thinking I had overwritten. But, it fit the tribute ( Starting at Sonething your. parents knew). I write and end part of a complete or partial thought. But, this continues from different partially finished choruses and verses, constantly.
  11. Eric, I hope you've had a fun tine celebrating! Something I heard: Supposedly, Carol Burnett will have her own conedy show, again. In regards to FaceB posters, the owner said the site has been a dissapointnent, having turned into arguments, etc. It wasn't what he had envisioned. He said he was leaving FB, by the end of tlhe year. He and his wife want to focus on health findings.
  12. By now, Aventurine, a part of the song, "Go All The Way' can be heard on the new ride at The California Adventure Theme Park. It is next to Disneyland. And The Carpenters do have a song called, 'Make Believe It's Your First Tine ( And II'll make believe it's mine). And another song called, Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night'. The video also has some famous characters in it, later in the song. A treat for any fan.
  13. I hope everyone had a Fourth of July. I spent 10 summers in Ontario, Canada.
  14. I start writing sometimes at the chorus and I write around that. That first song had my head spinning. Alternate tribute lyrics to You've got to love me for what I am. Chorus lyrics, only Karen sings the verse. (Chorus) : You've got to love me like anyone else. As you expect for yourseIf When your promises are empty words, Then your pride's still on the Shelf. If our Fate is just two fools in love, With Horizons out of sight. We're finding nothing's left, just memories. And we both know. Verse: (The Chorus): We started with a newness, like each day turning into a night. We change from what's supposed to be, When wrongs weren't being right. If what I waited for is only something we won't see- It's something that we've left. And when it's gone, Love's moving on (Vocals): We've chosen better ways, And better ways to think and be It's something that we've left, And when it's gone, Love must move on It's nothing like before, just memories. Love must move on.
  15. Thanks, I had a fun day
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