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    Eric Carmen 1984, Eric Carmen Definitive Collection.
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    I Wanna Hear It from Your Lips, I'm Through with Love, All by Myself, Boats Against the Current, Hungry Eyes, Make Me Lose Control, I Can Remember,

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  1. You must feel very happy Eric by the essential, it should be gratifying for you to see all the effort of a whole life compiled in these two cds. I'm glad for you. I hope you and Amy are well. I want you and her to be well. I would like you to accept my good wishes. Thank you
  2. I'm glad to be able to help you, Eric comes here a lot ?? I would like you to read what I write too
  3. Hello prettymom777, I do not speak English because I am Spanish, I have to use the google translator and that is why the text is marked in blue. You're right about what you said, I did not want to bother anyone with my comment. I only know that in 1991 I listened for the first time hungry eyes and I never tired of listening to it, and years ago I discovered many songs of Eric Carmen and me his melody transmits a lot of sensitivity, is a good composer, singer, guitarist and pianist, That behind the star there is a great person and for me people matter.
  4. Eric: Hello my name is Silvia, but with a low budget, you were very successful, you did good songs
  5. Is there an album eric carmen II ??

    1. blackhawkpat


      No, Boats Against The Current ended up being his second album, although his Geffen record is also titled "Eric Carmen"

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