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  1. Hi Birdy! And hi to you too, susie b! Don't know how I missed that before!
  2. Congrats and best wishes to you both!!
  3. Amazing article!! I've often wondered if Eric would have had the solo career he enjoyed if the Raspberries had garnered the attention and fame they deserved, or would he have remained a rock god? And would Wally's, Dave's, and Jim's lives have been better if they too were so famous they couldn't walk down the street unrecognized like McCartney?
  4. Wow, though I'm a life long Raspberries fan ( I bought the 45 of "Go All The Way" when I was 9, my mom took it away from me and I bought another) one I'm still a newbie to this site, and finding more and more intertaining stuff like this every time I visit!!!! Keep it coming, guys!!!
  5. Ah, yes, the 70s.... I remember them well! Nixon, air polution and great rock and roll. I'd go back in a heartbeat!!!
  6. Hi Susie and Tammy! It's a pleasure to meet you too! It's a beautiful Autumn evening here in Illinois! I'm sitting outside with a couple friends enjoying a gin and tonic (with 2 olives)!
  7. That's cool, Pam! I had a similar experience last month! I was riding in my friend's car, and she had SiriusXm on the radio. "I'm a Rocker" came on. I said, "Turn it up! I love this song!" When it was over she asked who that band was? I said "The Raspberries, one of my all time favorite bands!" She asked how she had never heard of them? I reminded her of "Go all the Way", she remembered it. I loaned her one of my cds, now she's into them too!!
  8. Hi Pam and everyone! Nice to meet others with whom you have something in common! I'm a newby as well.
  9. Hey Eric! I went to see Ron Howard's rock doc on the Beatles' touring years last night. Loved it!! Knowing you to be a huge Beatles fan also, couldn't help wondering if you saw it and what you thought?
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