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  1. Indeed. I wonder who... Kirk, ask anyone near Nancy Moon, Marvin or me what a 2fer is. Translate it to two - four, and it's a great way to celebrate a few holidays where the Bob and Doug McKenzie live and breathe. Back to my daily dose of the real music!
  2. Mmm Mmm Good! If only I had the tools to clear up the resolution, but I have a vivid imagination.) I don't have the funds to pay Campbell's for use of their slogan, but we're related,) This is a lovely treat, Bernie! Oh, and that HAIR!
  3. Ooooo... This is the best version ever! Mr. Cinematic35 wouldn't need to augment anything with this masterpiece. Bernie, if you're a father, enjoy the day. Mine has been deceased 21 years, but love is forever.
  4. I read this on Eric's tweets, and found it, but I have no account there. For those of us who don't, here it is:
  5. My condolences about your Dad. Mine would have been 107 this month, and this year Father's Day would have been my parents' 59th anniversary.
  6. Ahem... this is Day 17, isn't it? What's wrong? Guess it's because we're listening to other groups off and on as the clock ticks 'minute by minute' as some group sang. Since it's dark where you reside, you're not mowing the lawn. Patience is a virtue, I know.
  7. Yes. I'd love to be back in those days, but still with my children to enjoy them with me! I loved Miami Vice, and even go up to the early 1990s, but regarding the acting and writing in 2017, I hardly watch television.
  8. BTW, Carrie Fisher's autopsy revealed more than just a heart attack. She had sleep apnea, was on several medications, and her arteries were full of fat build up. The coroner is still not positive. The character of Princess Leia will not be reprised. Hopefully nobody else famous or otherwise leaves us today.
  9. Sorry about being late. Hopefully it was a great day!
  10. Yes! Plus "Conjunction Junction" and we children actually learned things, before the teachers taught them to us. These days, teachers in both of our countries do not correct spelling and grammar. I belong to another fandom where some people write post-series stories as a hobby, and people from other countries are writing much better than we are, and not just by using spell check apps or Google Translate. How's my spelling and grammar, Matthew? (I know, my first sentence of this post isn't quite proper).
  11. H. R. Puff 'N' Stuff comes to mind for some reason, with Jack Wilde. Saturdays mornings aren't the same these days. Infomercials galore. There is a whole list of the old programs I miss, including Harry Chapin's brother Tom.
  12. Awesome! Proof positive that good things come to those who wait. It's helping me recover from refereeing a fight today. No, I didn't smack their heads, but it was tempting. There are ways of doing things. I love my music, and really enjoyed this video!
  13. Aww. Oh well, life goes on and Raspberries, Eric Carmen will be legends. Who do we have to find to get them into the R&R Hall of Fame?
  14. What a treat! Everybody who has been or is the the arts needs their own space, and EC has said it a different way. His compositions are a reflection of.his personality. Thank you for our daily dose of Berries history and the news that Eric has something new 'up his sleeve'. It seems his life is quite happy these days!
  15. Rocky Mount, North Carolina, when I was thirteen. Too far away to get the signal. I'll see if any of the AM or FM stations around the area with mega power are hiring if they want to moonlight!
  16. As an aside Hamilton author Gary Barwin wins Leacock Medal for Humour for Yiddish for Pirates Stephen Leacock was a humorist from the days when you didn't need to swear to tell a laughable joke. He was our Mark Twain.
  17. My second ex and I saw the first three installments and were laughing our heads off. I knew where this one was playing in my city, but if it wasn't raining enough to ask God to send us a Noah, it was extremely cold, more rain, then a horrific heatwave. Swimming in Lake Ontario. We wrecked it! I won'y pay to go to the local recreation centers. I am heck bent on moving to a private apartment. I agree, the screenwriters these days believe life revolves around sex, violence, drugs and... kids... think about it. We're told they'll grow out of everything they are doing to themselves, their friends and families. Yes, I have put my babies in the corner. After the movie, I'll buy all four movies.
  18. Je l'aime les lyrics et le chanteur. I love the song and the singer. It should be published along with many others. Nobody is perfect, but the self-judgement by 'you know who should stop'. We need more music like this in our world.
  19. Yes, Officer Clark. But when I was five, I managed to grab a box of candy coated junk food we call "Smarties" around here, and my Mom told me to take it back. This was a few houses down from her father's house, a good two-mile walk from where we lived, and the box was already empty. I would not lift music, clothing or anything else. Now I'm a mother and need to be an example. The kids don't need to know!!!
  20. Best wishes to you. Enjoy the day with your family and friends, good music and hopefully great weather. No wrestling!
  21. Your are are riot! I know you're only joking.
  22. Can he do "Bring in the Clowns?" Bernie, you know Canadian slang? Wonders never cease. 'Eh' was most often used by the the McKenzie Brothers from Second City. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas played them, drinking beer and wearing toques (winter hats). BTW, Dave's brother Ian's son had an accident in January and Second City is hosting a fundraiser for the 44-year old father of four, so anyone who can make it is welcome despite the situation in the U.S. Spinal cord injuries are no fun. Ian Thomas is semi-retired and lives near me and Nancy Moon.
  23. Bernie, I think this is bringing back more than the loyal dozen or so mentioned yesterday. Maybe the chatroom will come alive again, too! Miracles can happen. One example: My third child (boy number two) just passed third year high school!
  24. So am I Matthew. Our parents surprise us sometimes with what is supposed to be classified information or an ersatz 'X-File'. (Yes, there is such a word as 'ersatz'.)
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