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  1. About music....one of our tradition in Estonia is National Song and Dance Celebration after every 4 years. This is a choir music celebration. Today we had The 12th Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration last contcert, and it was absolutely emotional and patriotic day (imagine yourself in the middle of that). We have obviously the most cold summer (the highest degrees by celcius are +10 to maximum +17 in islands). All our country have celebrated together with these young people and children (almost 40 thousand singers-dancers) for few days, and we have proved, that music is a powreful thing, this is a uniting dicipline. I´m so proud. Song celebration video will be soon in Youtube, but I´ll share the dance celebration video with you:
  2. "A woman is like the sunset you cannot take your eyes off. She is the most desired flower that gives the world its beauty and shine once it opens...."
  3. "... With these hungry eyesOne look at you and I can't disguise .."
  4. Estonian version from 1986 ( I dont like it, but its one of the foreign language version - lyrics are very good):
  5. I have always loved Barbara Streisand as well. She have always been a piece of America for me , all her movies - i just love these movies. Such a beautiful woman in all ways.
  6. My NR1 favourite in winter-christmas time is Sting "A Winter´s Night... Live from Durham Cathedral". I know all these songs, and this concert is must-be linstening in winter-time ,
  7. I´m not their first fan , but, their music is easy to listen, and the message is clear, and easy to remember and sing along - young people love them (children as well). The most curly guys are a married couple (violin + mandolin). They are always so joyful, as their music . My favourite is (the lyrics -> about the power of music, wich make us to be better people, make us come together and so on :), all the good things :
  8. Christmas Time (Ronald Doe) "Christmas time is finally here It only comes but once a year And it´s a time to spread good cheer To those we love and hold so dear....."
  9. Oh, release the dancer!
  10. We used to listen the Cranberries music from cassette players . We made copies for each other (classmates), the Cranberries music was good to learn to sing - lyrics like flew with melody, it was easy to remember and sing.
  11. Thank You Susie, trip went well. My presentation was successful. Delta and KLM treated us well but it´s difficult for me in USA, I kind of get lost there (or the feeling, that a single person can get lost for the others, they dont have time to notice each other or something like that), it´s scares me a bit. I met my friends there from university, and that was just great, so happy to meet people in live , not through internet. The time difference is very difficult to handle - my mind just dont want to understand that 8 hours dissapeare somewhere. And I experienced again the quite considerable culture difference and the philosophy of life of americans and us, people from north of Europe. I love to be at home (it is nice to visit others, but the best place in the world is at home , in tiny Estonia
  12. It was the most beautiful autumn in Minneapolis a week ago. Coming home, there was the snow - we have a winter almost a week already.
  13. I miss you, my EC-friends. I´ve been so busy at work, and when I have time to come, you all are already or still sleeping (in US, the time difference). Next week I´ll be in Minnesota, so exciting and making me nervous also. What if I´ll fail with my presentation, this is my greatest fear at the moment. But...it feels, like I´m coming to meet you (naive idea I know) - so I greet you all in my thouhgts next tuesday in Minneapolis. By the way, we got a new president - the first female president in our history
  14. I messaged my answers too.I hope I´m not late with my answers.
  15. I´m going to have that book one day as well.
  16. It has been a couple of month since I discovered Eric Carmens music, and it was the love at first sight . This discovery has enriched my life, and this music is a part of me, for sure. In addition to the music I have found you, dear website-friends , you have taught me a lot. Thank You! Happy Birthday dear Mr Eric Carmen! Greetings from Estonia! Karin
  17. And cake? I will bake today something like this for sure, and will send you all the best wishes , have a great 4th of July!
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