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  1. The Amboy Dukes. Can't get over Ted Nugent in the striped shirt.
  2. Thank You, M.C.C. This is so sad! This is my favorite Dan Hicks song and to this day, I joking say this to my kids!
  3. M.C.C., This is sad news, thanks for posting this, I had no idea. I don't know anyone who didn't/doesn't like Earth, Wind and Fire. They had such a great catalog of songs. Sousa
  4. AnneNR, Absolutely lovely!! Sousa
  5. Don't have a single favorite LC. Boats against the current - Desperate Fools - Sunrise - Brand New Year, are my number one favorite! Second runner up - Change of Heart
  6. It's a dream come true, an EC excerise program.
  7. Happy Birthday, Tammy! Big Hugs, Sue
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and Best Wishes,BERNIE!! This is beyond lame... Your virtual friend, Sousa
  9. Hey AnneNR, I totally understood what you were saying, I mentioned some of my favorites because I have had personal experiences with them. You are right, some of the imagery is extreme and I too have a hard time watching it. I also have a hard time on FB with everyone these days putting up pictures of abused animals, it makes me sick to see the things that sick bastards do to animals and I'd seriously like to take a baseball bat to these people. I love hearing what the Wounded Warriors Project advertises that they are doing for the Vet's, but, I've heard about their finances and what small amount of their donations actually goes to the Vet's as opposed to their CEO, consequently, they're not on my donation list. I wish that they helped the amount of Vet's they advertise that they are. I also love hearing stories about nameless, faceless people out there doing it. A friend of mine was heart broken at the recent loss of her Dad and couldn't imagine how she was going to get through Christmas. She was a friend since H.S. and tried to encourage me when I lost my Mom at age 13... she was hoping that I might have an answer for her. I told her the best way to get through this is to help and focus on someone else. I told her to talk to the Pastor at her church, ask if there's a family in need and be their Secret Santa. She did and I believe she received more joy, in helping them, than the family she helped get through Christmas received! I think she intends to continue being a nameless, faceless person out there doing it. ;D Hugs, Sue
  10. Exactly, I love doing things anonymously, I don't ever want to be thanked or in the spot light. In fact, when I've done something for someone who knows me and they offer to "pay me back", I always tell them... to help someone else down the road, when they are in a position to. My husband is a Veteran, my Dad had Alzheimer's and I love that St. Jude's hospital takes care of children with cancer at no charge to the family. My son is a bilateral amputee above the knee...if I ever won crazy money like that, I'd love to purchase a track chair for every Veteran that became disabled. https://www.google.com/search?q=track+chair&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjbg9Sa_K_KAhVG7SYKHTDMCbUQ7AkIPw&biw=1680&bih=917 There are people in my own community that can't afford an operation or lost everything in a house fire, I WISH I could help everyone, but, what I'm able to do is make gift baskets for fundraising events and do what I can on a small scale. I saw this online and thought it was a great idea. Attached is a picture of a ziplock bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste, some snacks, gloves, socks and a $5.00 bill. A woman and her daughter keep a few in their car and when they encounter someone in need, they give them a bag. I enjoy hearing about people like that woman and her daughter more than a multimillionaire giving a donation for a tax deduction. Sue
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