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  1. So obviously this album was released a long time back now. So, now that it's been out for a while--what are your thoughts on it? Do you still listen to it? On a scale of 1-10, how does it rank compared to other Raspberries albums?

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  2. So what do you guys think his vocal performance would be like if he were to play a few shows? He sounds alright on Brand New Year but some of his older work requires a big range. I can't imagine it'd be as smooth as it was 10 years back. Are there any videos of him singing from later than 2007?
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  3. So unfortunately, I didn't discover the berries until about 2 years back. I've quickly become a HUGE fan of their work. I watch the Sunset Strip DVD at least once or twice a week. I just can't get enough. I'm also a huge fan of live music, and I'd love to see my favorite band live. So this makes me wonder -- what are the chances? I know it really really probably won't happen, but is there a SMALL chance at least? Just one tiny bit of hope? I've been reading the forums a lot and found a statement from Eric 2 years back saying that it would probably happen if Wally wasn't a jerk. This made me wonder why they wouldn't just hire another guitarist. Also, can Eric still sing the songs well? He absolutely KILLED it back in 2004-2007, but that was 10-ish years back. If not I wouldn't mind if they played transposed lower... So are there any chances? Whatsoever? Just a chance that they could do a tiny goodbye tour? By the way I'm quite a bit younger than all of you -- sorry if I seem so greedy...

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