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  1. Hi all, Thanks very much for the warm greetings. It's great being here with you all. I'm so glad I signed up! Kelly
  2. Hi EC fans, I'm new to this website, but not a new Eric Carmen fan. I remember the first time I heard Eric's voice, I was 13 years old. "Go All The Way" came on the radio. I wasn't even sure what it meant. I just remember that I loved it, and from that moment on, I was hooked. His voice, his music, his lyrics are all so amazing. Sometimes his songs make me cry; they're so romantic and loving. I lost my husband a couple of years ago in an auto accident, and some of Eric's songs remind me of him - in a good way. I love the fact that Eric considers himself a disgusting romantic (from the GMA interview with Joan Lunden - a few years back), because so am I. I've never joined a fan-based website before, so this is a first for me. I hope someday to see Eric in person. I love his new stuff, especially "Brand New Year", which really touches my heart. I saw the 7 Minutes with Russ Mitchell interview, and Eric's comment of "we're talking about it" as to whether he would go on the road again, gives me hope. I live in Virginia and would drive or fly to Ohio or anywhere if he had an upcoming gig. The problem is getting tickets before they sell out. Does anyone know if he has anything planned in the future? I'm still catching up on all the info on EC.com, so if it's out there that he does have something planned, forgive the redundancy. Cheers! Kelly P.S. My "Raspberries Tonight!" book just came today. I know what I'm doing tonight (well at least part of the night)!
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