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  1. Happy for both of them! Selfishly speaking, maybe inspiration for a new love song??? (Always hoping!) Terri
  2. for some reason, this song came out of the deep recesses of my brain .....never liked it. maybe it's funny??? no......
  3. Good for your son, Paul! I'm always envious of those who love the snow so much! My brother is the same - retired, and yet skis everyday in Colorado! I've tried skiing, skating - and although I do sometimes still do those things, I just don't have the passion! Last year it was snowshoes and this year we bought stuff for ice fishing! We keep meaning to go.....then, when we get a few days of "warmer" the warnings about thawing lake ice start coming out! ( I believe it is more for driving on the ice though). I have heard the crappies are biting! Will that get me hooked??? I might need one of those fancy ice houses! Terri
  4. You make me feel better Nancy! We've had a few of those below zero days! On Sunday though, we were actually running around without jackets and thinking spring was on its way.... .....my son had a formal on Saturday and we took outdoor pictures around a historic home (outside) and a train depot. It was fun and we really couldn't come up with a pretty indoor spot that was public. We may have gone a little too far though, the wind was chilly that day! The girls were in very beautiful sleeveless gowns.... they were really troopers and our pictures were unique! (pretty contrast with the snow!). Thank goodness for warm cars! Do we really have February and March yet? and no vacations planned....... sigh! Terri
  5. Susie b - sorry for the copy on "I Dig Rock and Roll Music"! Sleepin' on that one! It's a Spandau Ballet day for me with "True" - "listening to Marvin - all night long" (listed this song on another thread!) Terri
  6. We have had some bitterly cold days here.....the past few days have been sunny and in the 30s with just slight winds. Amazing how balmy it feels! Love the extra energy it brings as well.... today, unfortunately looks like it is back to gray...... Terri
  7. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for all you do! Have a great year! Terri
  8. Happy Birthday! Here's to a great day and year!
  9. Pretty song - I can see the similarities! Kirk - thanks for the info about the classical training Eric and Barry had. That was an interesting fact!
  10. Hi Kelly! Welcome! I'm pretty new here as well, but I can say that there are a great group of people here! I truly have been impressed with the dedication to EC, musical knowledge, and overall interests that have been presented! I learn something every time I'm on! Terri
  11. That is so great! Hopefully that next soundtrack will include more Raspberries! Congrats!
  12. ter2

    "Add Some Music"

    I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band - Moody Blues
  13. ter2

    Chat Room

    I have never participated in a chat room before....not sure what to expect, so maybe?
  14. Michael Johnson - another "blast from the past" - saw him when I was in college when "Bluer than Blue" was big! I regularly saw his name in the local papers and looking him up, I see that is because he has been in concert every year for 45 years at a private college near my hometown! From the school's website, I learned he first performed there in 1968 with John Denver. Kinda neat to learn that! (John Denver's first wife, Annie, was from this town- and they would occasionally be spotted by my high school classmates over the years at the movie theater in my hometown). I've had "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" in my head all day now after seeing it here! - great song. I remember the Gene Pitney, one too! I have always loved "Without You" - great song to "belt out" though I can't hit a note! Sad about Harry Nilsson - grew up with the Nilsson Schmilsson album and occasionally will randomly sing "gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get home before the morning comes....". I forgot that he also sang "Everybody's Talking" a song I played when I very briefly attempted guitar! Lastly, Harry Nilsson could be on the tragic rock stars thread - and in his own way Jim Croce - I remember his wife accepting his Grammy award after his plane crash....
  15. Finally remembered to post this one....sad, sad Neil Diamond "Solitary Man" one of my favorites!
  16. ter2

    "Add Some Music"

    Every year in Minneapolis there is the Basilica Block Party in July - always great bands - established and up and coming. Every year I think I'm going to go and I haven't! They had the Lumineers before I knew them and Alpha Rev this past year, as well as Imagine Dragons, Train, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, David Gray,etc over the years. Here is "Sing Loud" by Alpha Rev
  17. ter2

    "Add Some Music"

    Goo Goo Dolls "Rebel Beat" (you can take everything from me.... this is all I need - great line!)
  18. Sneaker is a "blast from the past" for me! Love "Castles in the Air" and Dan Hill (did not know Carmelia though!) Here's another Dan Hill song I always liked with Vonda Shepard "Can't We Try
  19. This indeed is very tragic! How frustrating to have to deal with losing income that you deserve and some being "lost in lawsuits" - difficult enough to be so exposed to drugs, alcohol, etc...then to have your money taken away and ultimately lead one to choose to end their life. So wrong. I'm glad our Raspberries persevered and found fulfillment in their own ways and hope they feel that they have earned "wealth" in many ways! Terri
  20. Well Cheryl, almost Mrs. Gibb!! I had never heard this song - very sad/sweet! Recently on one of my youtube ventures, I was "catching up" on some various BeeGees stuff - maybe you have seen it, but there are videos when Andy first meets Victoria Principal on the John Davidson show. They were neat to see - a reminder of innocence! (unfortunately to change...) Terri
  21. I have to add poor Andy Gibb......
  22. Paul Young - Every Time You Go Away
  23. She's Gone - Hall and Oates
  24. and with recent blizzardy weather, a childhood love of horses, and a little nostalgia....."Wildfire" Michael Martin Murphey Thanks to youtube, just realized he is the singer of "Carolina in the PInes" which this "non-country" music person actually kind of liked!
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