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  1. Just posted a song from Benjamin Orr on another thread, and learned that Rick Ocasek wrote this song in tribute to Ben after he died of pancreatic cancer. When the Cars reunited, they included a liner note in their album saying "Ben, your spirit was with us on this one." Here is "Silver"
  2. Thanks for sharing this Ira - what a neat connection you have with Bobby Vee! I have heard of Bobby Vee - know some of his songs - yet maybe didn't know he was the artist who sang those particular songs... .I didn't know he was from "my neck of the woods", or that his family is in St. Cloud, or the connection with Bob Dylan! That was very worth learning! Sad that another great singer is fighting the Alzheimers fight.... Here's one of the hits! and that Bob Dylan cover of Suzie Baby
  3. Thanks Darlene! New to me, also but very beautiful! Enjoyed learning a little of the history, too! Terri
  4. I was reminded of this song from looking at the Galaxy thread - will probably post it there, too - but it references "Love Me Do" and the Beatles. Shooting Star - Bad Company (actually Paul Rodgers here)
  5. I probably am one of those who haven't given Dr. Hook much thought....but looking at this thread and being reminded of some of his tunes has been fun! I never knew a face to put with the name either! (Unique voice,though!) Sounds like he is a fun act to see....still thinking we need some 70s groups to get a little group tour a goin'....... I will give them a little more credit! (Sylvia's Mother is a sweet song, and I do like it, but have been known to sing it out loud in a whiny voice, not sounding good, whatsoever! That just came from hearing it too much on the radio, at an age when I couldn't appreciate the emotion!)
  6. More great tunes! I love it when I take a few minutes and go back and listen to what you all have posted - sometimes I know the song and it's just fun to listen to, sometimes I don't know the song and I get introduced to something new,and sometimes I see a band I recognize, but think it is a song I've never heard....until I listen to it! That was the case with Anne's "So Close" by Hall and Oates - it didn't seem at all familiar until I started hummming along "there's a restless look in your eyes...." Lightbulb moment! Same with Pretender's Head East tune. Really thought I knew only the one tune from them, then "SURPRISE"! It's like a little gift!! I never knew "TIme of Your Life" was called "Good Riddance"! I need to get some Green Day music! Thanks everyone!
  7. Well....other than I like museums and I like a lot of the different painters over time, the art that I have tends to be local. My hometown has a painter named Marian Anderson who did a number of paintings of locations throughout my hometown. When she first started out, she painted an engagement picture of my sister (and fiance/husband) which was used in a newspaper advertisement to start her painting career - my sister worked there and was a lucky candidate to have that portrait done! My husband and I lived in Wyoming for a few years in the 80's - a relative there got us hooked on Bev Doolittle, who does a lot of wildlife painting with hidden pictures in them - for instance bear tracks heading away, but the bear is really hiding in the bushes and the title is "Doubled Back", or another called "Two Indian Ponies" where you have a few military men leading horses through the woods - hidden in the trees are two Indians taking two ponies off in another direction. Or, sometimes a different image will be reflected in the water, etc. http://www.artbarbarians.com/gallery2/main.asp?artist=16&mypage=3 this site has a lot of her work showcased (and for sale!) as well a wildlife picture from Marian Anderson. Not Monets by any means, but talent anyway
  8. Thank you Blackhawkpat for sharing your beautiful song with us. What a tribute to your daughter and as Anne said very worthy of being on this thread. It is touching how your song poured out of you - she spoke to you in her own way! A good friend of mine who was a single parent lost her only child last March - even though she's mommy, your words will have comfort for her. It is so hard to understand "life" sometimes....and even though I did not lose a child, I grieve with her and hope I can help her.
  9. Just change Mary to Terri .....
  10. I can't seem to get enough of schmalzy! I liked Player and apparently they are still playing! They weren't too far from me in 2013!
  11. I bought this album back in the day just for this song...
  12. I seriously could have a playlist of all of these songs.....
  13. one more... found a Bobby Sherman album before Christmas and gave it to my little sister! (first heartthrob!)
  14. Love Can Make You Happy - Mercy
  15. sweet little song from Pablo Cruise
  16. hope I'm getting "schmalzy" right... Benjamin Orr "Stay the Night"
  17. Edward McCain "I Could Not Ask for More"
  18. That's awesome! You were even on top of the music scene back in the 70s! I seem to always be a few years behind! I looked online to see if they toured MN in the 70s/80s and all I could find was 1979. I probably didn't even know the song until a year or two after that! "Never Been Any Reason" was a local college bar staple (I'm sure it was their anthem!) along with "Paradise By the Dashboard Light's" and any REO slow song for good measure! When I posted the video, I saw it was pretty recent, and I see they have toured through MN a few times in the last 5 years.
  19. David Gray wrote this while mourning the loss of his father
  20. What fun!! I've never seen Rick Springfield live - my own fault, as he was in my hometown one summer and I could have made the journey! I loved him in the 80's - "General Hospital" junkie! Great first concert for Gina and fun for both of you last night! So cool that she got to help him....that would've made my night! Enjoyed your recap vicariously!
  21. I'm not really sure if this belongs here....maybe somewhat sad? Although this song came out in 1974, it was big when I was in college (early 80s) - we all loved it! Never Been Any Reason - Head East
  22. I saw these bands, all in one show, at the State Fair a couple of years back - they maybe were a little out of my norm, but were all excellent and was a very popular show! 3 Doors Down, Hinder, and Staind (their song really isn't necessarily sad - more about overcoming obstacles in life...)
  23. this one got me through some tough losses....
  24. There are a couple of Wallflower (lead singer Jakob Dylan - son of Bob) tunes that I like and have a sad tone/sad lyrics to them.
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