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  1. Great songs! How about "It's a Beautiful Morning" by The Rascals?
  2. Always loved that song! My daughter and I both had childhood struggles in school - I was able to get away from my "bullies", my daughter not so much... I work in healthcare and between crazy shifts, her struggles and my own well buried anxieties, I found myself having a few panic attacks. So scary - could occur when sleeping, driving, etc and at times out of the blue when I thought I had a handle on everything! "Feelings of impending doom" is a tremendously accurate description - when you feel like you are going to die and yet it is just your own body telling you there is nothing "physically" wrong....The good part of it all is I was able to key in to what my daughter was going through and feeling - she is doing much better now. ( and therefore I am too!). All of us on this topic have had different events - yet helpful to know we can relate! I love that my daughter learned happiness just through dancing to her own set of "good tunes"!
  3. Beautiful song - forever young and timeless! Music is definitely an outlet and healing!
  4. Prayers for a speedy recovery! Hope all news is good news! Terri
  5. I am behind also! Happy Belated Birthday! Terri
  6. Happy Valentine's Day!!! Terri
  7. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Terri
  8. and then there's Run Joey Run just for fun, here's the Glee version!
  9. and this one from the Poppy Family - I just learned that the Poppy Family consists of Susan and Terry Jacks! Terry Jacks solo gave us this sad song:
  10. Childhood "sad" songs Peter, Paul and Mary and always cried for Puff.....
  11. Always liked this song....certainly hurts when you "find out"....they just sing it so sweetly though!
  12. What a fun little find! Thanks for sharing! Terri
  13. I said this on the other thread, too - Kanye is welcome to his opinion - and ranting at an afterparty about who should have won is fine - just don't disrespect the person who did win the award - at their shining moment!!! Interesting thought, blackhawkpat, about what would happen if security went after him.....maybe he should be warned so that there is no next time! I remember that MTV awards when he jumped on stage when Taylor Swift won - I was mortified, my kids were mortified - I just don't get why he didn't learn from that.... Actually, maybe he did learn - he learned how to make a "halfway interception".
  14. Ha - I just had a little rant about this on another thread. Beck won for Best Album of the Year - Kanye started to jump on stage after Beck went up to get it. Fortunately, he stopped himself. However, in true fashion, he let his opinion be known at an after-party, stating that it should have been Beyonce. According to Kanye: But during E!'s post-Grammy show, West explained that his halfway Beck interception was a protest in itself, as The Fader reports. "If they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us," the rapper said. "Flawless Beyoncé video, and Beck needs to respect artistry, and he should have given his award to Beyoncé." Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/beck-responds-to-kanye-grammy-diss-i-thought-beyonce-was-going-to-win-20150209#ixzz3RHOxug9a Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook Frankly, I only have one Beyonce/JayZ song that I have purchased on my playlist. They just have never been "my thing". Beck was gracious and thoroughly surprised that he had won. I did also read that Beyonce and JayZ were at first shocked and then smiling, apparently thinking Kanye was making a joke....... Terri
  15. Well of course it was "Frozen".....dare I say I only knew the "Let it Go" song, whereas I pretty much knew the whole "Guardians of the Galaxy" soundtrack? The GOTG soundtrack really complimented the film. Oh well! Kind of how I felt with Sam Smith as well - nice song, good voice, talent for sure...but really wanted someone else to win something.....(although Beck did win best album). Ok, I was rooting for Ed Sheeran in the pop vocal album category. I was a little bored with the Grammys this year, although I did like Annie Lennox and Hozier singing "Take Me to Church". I also liked Miranda Lambert, ELO, and Ed Sheeran and his "band". I missed AC/DC. Thought it was funny when Paul McCartney caught himself on camera! Kanye West almost interrupted Beck getting his award - some thought it was a joke (possibly imitating how he ruined Taylor Swift's MTV moment), however later at a party he let on that he really was upset that Beck would get the award and not Beyonce......what's wrong with him? It's ok to have an opinion, but attempt or actually ruin someone else's moment? You'd think he would have learned from last time! Terri
  16. Those eyelashes have always struck me as well!
  17. Thanks for the Ides of March tunes! - Kind of had forgotten about them....was sure that there was some tune I knew.....had to look them up and realized that "Vehicle" is the tune I know by them. Fun to hear some others that I didn't know! (and took a listen to "Vehicle" as well!) Terri
  18. Anne - I was not familiar with Christian Kane, actor or musician! I like this song! My son tends to like a little more country than me - I will have to have him check this out, he will probably enjoy it too! Fun that your daughter is keeping tabs! Terri
  19. Happy Birthday Birdy! Hope it's full of fun! Terri
  20. I tried it too - took my vote as well!
  21. I also am realizing I know "Go Away Little Girl" more from Donny Osmond!
  22. "Tell Me How" is a beautiful song! What an amazing voice Bobby Vee has! The "clone" does a pretty good job - another great tune, too! Fun listening on a cold, wintry day! and I'm feeling a little bit bad that I didn't remember how many hits he had! Once I listened to this one, I remembered it is a favorite of the hubby's..... also didn't realize he sang "More Than I Can Say" - I only knew the Leo Sayer version! (and also learned it was first by the Crickets!) and so, my music education continues!! Terri
  23. Mary Ellen! I missed your birthday! Hope it was fabulous and I wish you a great year! Terri
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