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  1. Well, I'm coming in a bit late to this, but I want to second (or third...) the fact that the video of Tom speaking about his opportunity to sing with Queen and "be Freddy Mercury" - whole heartedly, with respect, and with talent- just proves to myself and I think everyone here, that although nobody is perfect, Tom has gained a level of maturity that I can only hope and pray that Kanye will somehow gain! Love Keane for their talent and how it makes me feel, and respect them even more after listening to Tom's speech on that video. Pretty certain it wasn't an act! 


    ( sorry if I gush on about Keane too much, but this comparison between him and Kanye just speaks to so much about what is right and wrong with the world! )

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  2. Love the Monte Python Spam video - hilarious!!

    Anne, I asked my hubby if he had Spam growing up - he remembers having it a few times- I think it's pretty safe to say that we will stay away from it! No childhood cravings!

    I remember hearing Tom Chaplin would be performing songs with Queen - if I remember correctly it went over pretty well. I enjoyed it!


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  3. Oh, good ole canned Spam.... The Hormel company is pretty much in my (not too distant) backyard! 

    I really never hear too much about Spam -I may have tried it once at a friend's while growing up-otherwise my family never had it and I've never bought it! 

    I did drag my husband to the company festival (picnic?) - whatever it was- because they had The Daisy Dillman band (Lovin the Night Away - their one hit around 1979) and Michael Johnson ( Bluer than Blue) playing and it was open to the public.


    Just listen - video is nothing to speak of- anyone remember them? One of my favorite "non-radio" songs - thanks to a class-mate who played the album for the first 15 minutes of high school Humanities class- by Daisy Dillman is Learn 

    Now I have really digressed ... Back to Kanye!

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  4. The video was already removed but I did find a clip on youtube of him attempting Bohemian Rhapsody.

    It was just wrong... Wrong wrong wrong.

    I do believe he is in a totally different world than the rest of us!

    I also saw the clip of him almost smiling- was it at a basketball game?

    I guess it doesn't matter where he was, but you really could sure tell he caught sight of that camera!




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  5. I love this Ed Sheran song!

    Anne,  I just saw your response today and saw my Mankato Home Free boys in the video you posted for this song- kind of did a double take as I had not seen this video. When they were in the area they went to my son's school and interacted with his choir class. He and I thought that was pretty cool! We really hoped for a surprise performance at the school choir concert... I guess that would've taken away from the hardwork of the students though.

    My problem with all of this copyright stuff is that to me (as a nonmusician of course!) it's not that different than some of our "same title" different song posts. We copy words don't we? I just feel it goes too far but also understand the mighty dollar makes it that way! A compliment or inspiration doesn't cut it in today's world- maybe I'm just jealous that generations  get to gain from a famous ancestor! ( where can I get one??)  Of course true in many circumstances!


  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm very behind lately ( "the boy" (ha - playing off of Cheryl) graduated). I've enjoyed  your posts and great insights!

    hope you had a great day and here's to a great year!


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  7. Well I just erased a 3 paragraph "therapy session" on my part! Good news for you all! My advice is that you have done what you can Ira - but, I agree with Batman, leave the door open, you never know. I wish a friend of mine had just given me a little more time at a hectic time in my life. ...however, we did not have a fight and maybe someday I will be brave and throw out an olive branch to her and we can pick up where we left off. It's taken me a long time to understand and not feel loss over some friends, but people change as well as our life circumstances. 





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