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  1. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great day and year!
  2. Hope you had a great birthday Nancy! Wishing you a wonderful year as well! Terri
  3. Well I just erased a 3 paragraph "therapy session" on my part! Good news for you all! My advice is that you have done what you can Ira - but, I agree with Batman, leave the door open, you never know. I wish a friend of mine had just given me a little more time at a hectic time in my life. ...however, we did not have a fight and maybe someday I will be brave and throw out an olive branch to her and we can pick up where we left off. It's taken me a long time to understand and not feel loss over some friends, but people change as well as our life circumstances. Terri
  4. I loved the movie "Heaven Can Wait" ....did not know there was a song of the same name written by Eric Carmen (written for the movie, no less!). I'm glad "Down to Earth" used "All By Myself"! I learn something new all of the time here! Terri
  5. Woohoo! I've been away a few days....exciting! Thanks Bernie!
  6. GFR sang this tune - always loved it, though in the 70s I never figured out it was GFR! Oh well, kinda like my not knowing Eric Carmen was in the Raspberries! Sad, but true! https://youtu.be/aEWP56_C_Xs
  7. Another blast from the past - learned this song from my brother's 8 track. So catchy, hard to believe it is about breaking up!
  8. Becoming my trademark here- Happy BELATED Birthday wishes! Terri
  9. I am the 4th child of five - 2 older brothers, 1 older sister, and 1 younger sister!
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope it is great! Terri
  11. I had not seen the "She's Gone" video - that was funny! How did they keep a straight face? Terri
  12. Hello Cynthiaalma! Up until this week, we were definitely having cabin fever here in MN! This week, however it has been beautiful! Our snow has melted! It is basketball tournament time here in MN - which has been known to be "blizzard time" some years! Son no longer plays basketball, but his school's team has been doing well this year, so we have been heading out of town for some tournament games in support! Fun to see all of the excitement!(and visit with parents of kids still playing!). My husband and I took a hike at a state park and watched a big frozen waterfall start to melt in the sunshine! I hope I'm not on here next week saying winter's back....(anything's possible unfortunately!) Welcome and let's hope for a great spring for everyone! Terri 1
  13. Happy Birthday! I will just say "Have a great year!", since I am again late!
  14. Found this on Youtube - kind of sums up what happened and the 2 "sides". I would be interested to know what others think as well - although I hear similarities, I would think this maybe happens a lot(?). Definitely "blurred lines"! Interesting case with Tom Petty/Sam Smith not too long ago, as well.
  15. Here's another Bonnie Tyler -It's A Heartache
  16. Top of the World - 2 different songs, same titles! The Carpenters: Imagine Dragons - very catchy also!
  17. Don't Speak - No Doubt
  18. Early Winter Gwen Stefani and Keane "you, you like you really meant it, twisting the knife in my chest, stamping on what's left....."
  19. and a few from Bread
  20. Interesting video: Gotye Somebody That I Used to Know
  21. Good bunch of songs again! I loved "Cathy's Clown" when I was little....had no clue what it was about! Probably true of many songs! Here's one from the 1990's that I liked: Barely Breathing- Duncan Sheik
  22. One more newer release from the Script - good tune, even though about heartache/break!
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