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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great day! Terri
  2. fun 70s visuals - Canadian style! I knew some of the music....just had never heard of any of the people! Must have been a popular show in its locale. Would have been cool if Keith's cover of "Overnight Sensation" would have been there! Terri
  3. In reading about Cory's life, I am so impressed with what he accomplished! A love for his family kept him from the drugs/alcohol scene of that time - instead he would get up early and go fishing! He even wrote articles for outdoor magazines. Prior to Three Dog Night, he served our country in the Air Force. He had a rough childhood, an abusive step - father, yet stayed married to his wife, raised his daughters, and sang rock and roll until this last illness. Well done Cory Wells! (Sadly was due to play in Minnesota!) I like this song - maybe seems appropriate to his life.
  4. I thought I was going crazy here - I was sure my husband and I had seen Three Dog Night at a soccer game in MN. We were poor students and I believe we got free tickets... I remember pretty much thinking "what the heck, let's go!" and ending up really enjoying the concert. We just didn't realize how many songs we knew and they were great vocals. I tried to find something on the internet, but kept looking at MN Kicks (our first soccer team) when it was actually the MN Strikers in the mid 80s - which made much more sense! (Drag getting old sometimes!)
  5. and....Happy Birthday Tom Petty!
  6. Funny - "More Than a Feeling" crossed my mind today on this topic! (my mind was wandering while driving out of town!). Hitch a Ride for sure fits as well! Frankenstein - perfect! (being October and almost Halloween!) You nailed it! Also, that is the longest "25 or 6 to 4" I've ever heard! Was it really 1970? Wow. Great song. I'm embarrassed that I only know "Slow Ride" by Foghat and not enough U2 songs! One more Boston....
  7. I did get to see Cheap Trick this summer at my hometown "Ribfest" so they will get my vote! (Funny, my son just told me that Cheap Trick is on a list of several artists they can vote for to have play at his school next spring!) They put on a great show and was a great crowd! I also pick The Cars, Chicago and sorry, but I have to go Steve Miller Band! They played with the Eagles at an outdoor concert at the Old Met Stadium when I was in high school! My first big concert!
  8. a year of every food thing you've wanted would be a great gift, I think!! Terri
  9. worth the bump! brilliant bridge, beautiful song! Terri
  10. Have a great day and a great year, Redd! Terri
  11. You do make us want to be there Pretender! I enjoyed the videos - have to admit I was unfamiliar with the Psychodelic Furs...but, no longer! Love the voice of Steve Kilbey - need to listen to more music from the Church! I usually get email updates from First Avenue in Minneapolis - I knew they had a floor collapse but totally missed the fact that this tour came to Minneapolis as well - just had to play at a different venue. By the time I checked, too late...."missed it by that much!" (I think they played MN before your show - too bad!). where did summer go???? Terri
  12. Awe, I'm late again!! Happy Belated Birthday Susie! Glad your day was great and here's to a great year as well!! Terri
  13. ter2

    My Day Job

    Beautiful work! Very impressive and interesting to know about you! terri
  14. Belated wishes from me as well!! I hope you had a wonderful day! Terri
  15. I will not be late... I will not be late...I will not be late! Happy Birthday Eric Carmen!!! It seems like I'm always behind on the birthday greetings, so thought it best not to procrastinate on yours! You are the reason we are here and I wish you a wonderful birthday with family and friends and a wonderful year! I have only been on this site for less than a year...it took me a long time to put 2 and 2 together and realize you are not only Eric Carmen, but also Eric Carmen lead singer and mastermind of the Raspberries!! It took me a long time to realize the talent you possess and I am in awe of your genius! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world - your music is beautiful! When I first looked at this site, I saw many posts from Eric himself (super cool by the way!) but alas none since I have been on... I can maybe say the same for Tony Cartmill...whom others have referenced...dare I hope since he has returned to post that you may also? a girl can dream!! Terri
  16. Happy Birthday Wally - you definitely ROCK! terri
  17. I had a chance to read this at work today, but no time to reply! I had no idea how much Brian Wilson went through... Wow - mostly surprised ( yet not surprised) that it took a look at the will for the family to react! Sometimes I am thankful that my life is much more simple! So happy that an amazing person rescued Brian! terri
  18. Welcome Elizabeth4C! Great post! terri
  19. Recently Scott (When I'm Cool) posted on another thread that a house in St Paul owned at one time by F. Scott Fitzgerald was for sale. Susie had some other links with pictures, etc. When I was looking at that, I did a little extra surfing and found out that Witchy Woman was actually written about Zelda Fitzgerald ( as well as other seductive types!). "She drove herself to madness with the silver spoon" particularly referring to Zelda's time in a mental institution and the special spoon used to dissolve sugar cubes with Absinthe, which could induce hallucinations. (Wikipedia). I did not know this and thought I would share! terri
  20. Hi pretender - thought I should stop for a minute and wish you a happy belated birthday! I must've been snowed under to not realize it! It's a good thing you are young yet and got to enjoy some sunshine! Well, I could say happy birthday again and again, but seriously, this is the last time - happy birthday fellow Keane fan and have fun with Gina enjoying your night out! terri
  21. Thanks for the heads up! I will go buy my powerball ticket! Seriously, it is a beautiful home! The area there is also beautiful - love just driving around, in awe, whenever I am in the area and have a little extra time! Love the archway between rooms in the pictures - thanks, Susie for the links! Terri
  22. I enjoyed the Supertramp share James - I really only knew their hits. I'm not even sure I would've guessed that was Supertramp - they do seem able to take on different sounds as Anne said ( much more eloquently than I!) I also was positive that Give a Little Bit was done originally by Frampton! I knew the GooGoo Dolls had sung it as well, but thought they were covering Frampton! Learn something new everyday! terri
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