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  1. Thank you Marvin for coming back to EC.com and posting this - very beautifully said! Terri
  2. Katariina - I love your posts! You seem to be a very talented and interesting person - and I definitely understand how family can take you from your career! I'm glad you keep some music in your life and I'm glad you found Eric Carmen and this website! Great choices, I might add! I am from MN and have also seen the Timberwolves play! (although I've only been to one live basketball game at the Target Center!) The "boss" of the company I worked for during college years, is now the owner of the Timberwolves! (Mr. Glen Taylor). He is my only connection to the billionaire scene! Maybe this year if you come back, you can check out the Twins or Vikings! University of MN is a great school. Welcome! Terri
  3. Your list is great! I would maybe add "Seven Bridges Road" somewhere hmmm I also like "Heartache Tonight" and "Take it to the Limit" - oops, I just saw that these 3 are in your other obvious choices - you had a lot of great info in your post and some great lyrics as well!! I shouldn't have skimmed over so fast! I will have to give Ol' 55 a listen! can we make it a top 20? Your two Henley solos are my favorites of his also. I really loved "Leather and Lace" with Stevie Nicks when that came out!
  4. New Kid in Town is one of the Eagles songs I have on my phone - have always liked it!
  5. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!
  6. ter2

    Glenn Frey

    He had been ill with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis,and pneumonia...
  7. ter2

    Glenn Frey

    I am so sad to share that Glenn Frey has passed away...... I love the Eagles - thankfully saw them live in the late 70s and early 80s. Wish I would've made it to one of their more recent concerts....sigh! Heaven is getting one "helluva band" - RIP Glenn Terri
  8. We were just talking about something similar at work today. A co-worker said there was a couple who had won millions in her hometown, and they have really given back to their community - as well as donating to research for an illness that had affected one of their family members. Very cool! My husband always states that he will take a lesser prize!!
  9. we did manage to purchase a few....got really excited when we saw the first number 4, being a match to our first number - it was all downhill after that! -
  10. We loved the Harry Potter series at our house....was sorry to hear about the passing of Alan Rickman. (also from cancer) Sometimes there will seem to be nothing on TV, and if the son is home and searching the channels, there will be Harry Potter.....we can settle in content to watch, except that I will always have to ask which one we are watching and the boy can probably recite the lines! I didn't even realize that Alan Rickman was also one of the villains of Die Hard! I enjoyed the characters he portrayed! Terri
  11. Happy Birthday!! I'll be celebrating my New Year's baby's birthday tomorrow! (He will be 19, yikes!). Happy New Year, too, everyone! Terri
  12. Oh no! I hosted both sides for Christmas this year - did it twice for my side.....2nd time being Christmas Day....couldn't get at my computer and only a few brief glimpses on my phone.....anyway to access the gifts yet? I may just be computer challenged....or do they just disappear?? Sorry Terri
  13. Thanks for the link, Sousa! I love the song! Obviously from all of my posts here, I was, and still am, sad about his death. I think it just really touched me how beautiful his voice is, his strength of family - and convictions to stay away from the "wild side", and that whole fishing/ love of nature aspect.....and humble beginnings!! That cancer stuff is just not fair!! Terri
  14. Hi Sue and welcome!! I don't have any connections to your neck of the woods....but, I was a hockey mom for awhile! My son started in hockey as a "mini-mite" then switched over to basketball around 5th grade, only to play JV hockey for fun as a junior in high school! His girlfriend played from childhood and was a high school varsity player - we enjoyed watching her games and wish she would've continued in college! Oh well - we all enjoy the MN Wild around here! (my son and girlfriend just got to experience 2nd row seats thanks to a gift from her boss - they enjoyed all of the social media aspects of people saying "is that you at the Wild game?" as they made it on TV a few times! ) OK ... now, I'm rambling...... Terri
  15. a great new song by Tom Chaplin - new album next year - he had a little show to try out his new solo adventure...
  16. ter2


    sorry! was trying to start a new topic - sometimes my lack of computer skills amazes me!!
  17. P F Sloan - It came across my Facebook that he died of pancreatic cancer on Nov. 15. At first I didn't know who this was- until I read the words "Eve of Destruction". Mr. Sloan wrote this song, was influential in the sound of the Byrds, and formed the Grass Roots band. He wrote "Where Were You When I Needed You" for the Grass Roots and also " Secret Agent Man" for Johnny Rivers. (wrote for others as well, - the Searchers, the Turtles, etc.) When he bought his first guitar as a child, he got his first lesson from Elvis Presley, who happened to be in the store.! He recorded his first single at age 14 and was a staff songwriter at age 16. He influenced Bob Dylan and earned the respect of Jimmy Webb. RIP.
  18. Happy belated birthday, Tim from Wisconsin!! Terri
  19. Happy belated birthday John!! Terri
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