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  1. Thank you!! I also wish I could have been there... I'm sure it is a great memory for those who were there! I'm happy to see it now - even on video,10 years later- they sounded great and how neat was it for them to play together for their children! (Also to go on and play more shows!). Terri
  2. Great videos! He was born in Hibbing, MN (my homestate) interestingly, where Bob Dylan was also raised! Gary Puckett moved away early on however. I think I read that he came back to Hibbing and played for their all class reunion ( even though he didn't graduate from there). I was lucky to hear him sing in a reunion tour with the Monkees, Hermans Hermits, and I believe the Grass Roots(?) back in the mid 1980s. My family had a gathering in Brainerd, MN where he was the performer for the local fireworks. He sang beautifully - my sisters and I right close to the stage, singing along.....10-12 years ago??? I wish I had a cellphone back then or at least a decent camera! I'm never one who has stories of meeting anyone famous....(ok, one time I met Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) but I am definitely one of those who likes to try to see great people perform! I Have been known to plan a few vacations around such things... even 4th of July in Brainerd, MN! (I did often wonder how "Young Girl" made it by any censorship!) Terri
  3. Thank you Kiwi Connection! So far, so good! Lots of interesting stories and people here - love all of the musical remembrances (artists - EC and others, songs and connections to our lives!)
  4. Fun reading all of the song ideas! I'm going to add " Is This Love" or "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. As a ballad, how about "Have I Told You Lately?" by Van Morrison? Terri
  5. Hi neighbor!! Thanks for the welcome!
  6. Thanks for the welcome! It is cold here - but warming up soon! (for a little while anyway!) Terri
  7. I missed the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour that started this fall here in Minnesota. ( lots of reasons, but mainly due to my son who was in the midst of a very busy senior year soccer season - and me really not wanting to miss any of his games!). Anyway, it led me to Youtube, searching for videos from the concert, which led me to looking for videos of their 1980 concert ( -which I did make it to!). Somehow all the clicking led to more clicking and I ended up with Eric Carmen/Raspberries (not even sure anymore which one first!) Well, I am another one of those people who went "Eric Carmen was the lead singer of the Raspberries?". I almost feel stupid not knowing, but that beautiful voice, it just all made sense! I was just a preteen when those Raspberry hits came out - but I always liked them and could of course sing right along!. I remember being 15/16 when All by Myself came out - my friend and I decided to split a membership to the Columbia Record House - each picking 3 and then "mutually" deciding on the 7th choice. Basically, we liked all of the same things anyway! I know she ended up with Eric Carmen and I believe the Best of Bread. (not sure what else!) I believe I got the Beatles Love Songs which counted as 2 choices - if I remember correctly! (and maybe Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees?). Oh, so long ago! Well, ultimately, I ended up finding this sight - found the video "Don't Want to Say Goodbye" and had one of those "I love this song" moments! (hair raising!). Also, I have now seen the "I Can Remember" video and that song has become another favorite! I have been having great fun buying songs/albums from Itunes and making new playlists! I think it has been special because I like learning and enjoying new songs - yet these are old songs, new to me, that have that great comforting style and appeal! This is getting wordy, but I think it is really great that this site is here - what a tribute! Many of you have a bigger connection than I ever will, and are lucky to have witnessed so much first hand! Although I'm sad I missed the reunion (by years!), I've learned about Mr. Carmen's training and accomplishments as a musician, and that there's a lot of songs I can enjoy including a new one this year! I love all of the old pictures and videos that have been shared here and on Youtube. I'm nostalgic anyway, but I will keep having these songs playing in the background so even my husband and kids will start singing along! The closest I ever came to an "emerging band" was the Daisy Dillman Band that came to my town often from the Twin Cities - my husband and I were in college and went to see them as much as possible. They had one "hit" with "Lovin the Night Away" - never made it further in the big leagues, but still together playing music and having performances. Thanks for letting me join in and "hello" to everyone! Terri
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