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  1. Tried to go watch a movie and "Rock and Roll Heaven" Righteous Brothers popped into my head!
  2. "Walking in Memphis" - Marc Cohn
  3. "Rockstar" - Nickelback (was a favorite of my son's and his friend when they were younger!)
  4. Ok - you are really getting some more favorites now! "Somewhere Only We Know" got me hooked on Keane! "Sovereign Light Cafe" - watched the video again recently and actually almost posted it here as well! When the song first came out, it took me a bit to decide if this was to be a Keane fave of mine, but it is! Truly also a happy song and seems so on Tom's face in the video! "I'm going where the people know my name, woo-ooh!"
  5. I am way more rural than you! Mankato is my hometown though and I went to college there.
  6. Thanks Cayennegirl! I also had to come back and add "On the Beach" - Eric Carmen! This song is new to me this year and I am always happy when I listen to it! "cuz the night is young and you're so pretty, yeah..." I'm sure I don't have to convince too many here!
  7. Many gems here! Boz Scaggs and Jackson Browne - both have toured through MN recently and I can now kick myself for not going! Lucky Marlene Canadianchick and Pretender! "These Days" is a particular favorite of mine Pretender! Your video seems to have some added lyrics! A great birthday gift! One of my favorite verses: These days I sit on corner stones And count the time in quarter tones to ten, my friend Don't confront me with my failures- I have not forgotten them...... true musical poet!
  8. I am very impressed with all the music posted here! I have a bit of catching up to listen/watch all of your many videos, from bands I have not even heard of! I also like "Love Song" by the Cure and shamefully admit that I have forgotten about this band! I also enjoy "Friday, I'm in Love" - fun, happy song! I didn't know "Just Like Heaven" and will soon be off to download some songs from the Cure! I really enjoy this site - when you all post favorites, it really jogs the memories! I'm a David Gray fan - he tends to be more ballads, but my happy song from him is "Be Mine" - sang it a lot with kids in the car, they always got a kick out of the "jumpin Jesus, holy cow" line. When you watch David sing, he can make you dizzy with all of his head movements/bobbing. This video makes fun of that!
  9. Merry Christmas to you, Kiwi and Muzza, and to all here at ec.com! Terri
  10. Thank you for sharing Hossy and Merry Christmas! Fun to listen to! Terri
  11. Wishing all who celebrate a Happy Chanukah! Terri
  12. I love Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" - and yes, I did enjoy the videos SusieB! AnneNR - your daughter was very lucky! I bet he could sing any words and it would sound sultry!
  13. It wasn't until recently that I knew what a truly musical genius Eric Carmen is - I knew of him of course, but the early music training, etc. and of course hits that span decades (writing and singing lyrics, playing instruments, wow everything!) - I truly don't understand either why he is not in the HOF. I'm almost sad to say I did go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on my one overnight in Cleveland. Now I understand why I left there feeling kind of empty - so many groups that I love are not there! I have been a Moody Blues fan for a long time and they are another group that baffle me as to why they are not there! Happy for Green Day also - they used to play around southern MN before getting big (from what I've heard - farm fields, etc!) Billie Joe Armstrong's wife is from MN and went to school in southern MN.
  14. Hope you are having a great birthday, Tim (from Wisconsin). We like to celebrate "birthday week" at our house! Here's to a great year as well! Terri
  15. That is really exciting news! Congrats to Eric and the Raspberries and all of the artists! Great tunes - great mix - and a great idea overall!
  16. Aww... this is sad! Too soon again! I will admit to some lack of knowledge on my part - I did not think I knew who the Small Faces were and had seen them named here often as an influence to Eric Carmen - well, a click on Itchycoo Park, and I surprised myself! I guess I just never knew the name of the song and now am learning the connections to Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, etc. Just seeing the videos of Itchycoo Park and Tin Soldier, I believe I do see them in Eric Carmen's music! I'm going to have to go read some previous threads! Rock and Roll history is sure fascinating, but the losses over time are very sad! Thanks for the information and videos. Terri
  17. That makes me smile - maybe my 15/16 yr old self in "Creative Process" writing class had a little more vocabulary than my current self remembers! Or that German class I took?? (German heritage here!) Ha! It's neat that it actually is a word describing something beautiful. Terri
  18. That's funny - I'm sure I didn't have that part right either! (I think I also sang as "lead the way" through the "caves of Bowers" (?) where or what is that???). Oh well!
  19. 70 is too young to die, but what an interesting life he experienced! Neat that he had played a few years ago in Ohio and people were able to hear him, get autographs, etc. On another note - when looking at this article, there was the Cleveland Jukebox article (on the right) with the top 100 songs of Northeast Ohio - listing (of course!) songs from The Choir, Cyrus Erie, Raspberries, and Eric Carmen! One song per artist. (Maybe this has already been discussed somewhere, but was a fun find for me.!) Thanks, Terri
  20. Beautifully said! For sure even EC - with all of this "new to me" info, I find it very fascinating how hard he worked to write these songs, and the music and get them to the band to practice, find the clothing to wear, perform ... on and on - plus, the time spent alone in his apartment doing all of this! No wonder "All by Myself" came out! I think I maybe even came up with these thoughts after reading an interview of Mr. Carmen pretty much saying this! It is amazing what talents people have, and the inspiration that triggers them! Terri
  21. "We're all Alone"! Beautiful song! I'm probably stuck on the Boz Scaggs version because that is the way I heard it first on that great Silk Degrees album! I think I was even a little disappointed when Rita Coolidge got the top ten recognition....but of course she sings it beautifully, too. Listening to it now by Rita- very sweet. I guess I just have to picture myself singing it to my guy instead of the other way around! I also remember having a little trouble with one of the lines.. .thought it was, "Close the window, Carmalite" - thought Boz was singing to a woman named Carmalite! Not sure when I figured out "calm the light". Ha! I also did not know all of the Beatles songs on the Love Songs set - I remember really liking "Here, There and Everywhere". My teenage self was going to for sure have it played at my wedding- somehow my 23 yr self, totally forgot! Thanks for the stories and videos LC and AnneNR!
  22. I'm not sure that I've seen this before! Love it! It is one of the Raspberries tunes I am learning new recently! I've been playing it a lot - love the "I just want to hit him but that won't do" line! Those feelings strike a chord with almost everyone - guy or girl - at some point! "all I know is I've got to find some way, I can get to you..." so, remember losing someone and having those feelings seeing them with someone else - and sometimes trying too hard to get it back! (all is good though - life does go on!). Terri
  23. These are great! I did not know the Bobby Freeman, Mamas and Papas, Johnny Rivers or the Ramones version of "Do You Want to Dance?" - all very sweet! Love the photos in that Mamas and Papas video! I remember the Beach Boys version and I seem to remember a slower, female voice singing that song... had to check Youtube - I'm thinking it maybe is the Bette Midler version! Then, the Cowsils....I love that song - so remember that song from my childhood and the "flower girl" reference seemed to be so touching! I believe I saw them sing this on American Bandstand? A friend of mine (big music buff!) told me a few years ago, that he "volunteered" to give Susan Cowsil a ride to the airport after some event in Wisconsin. He had a blast chatting with her about her life growing up around the stage and the various antics she saw from other performers, the "Partridge Family" connection, etc. (even if I can't experience it myself - still fun hearing stories from others!). Thanks for the video shares today! Terri
  24. Love it! Thanks AnneNR! At first, I did the "hmmm, do I know this song?" - after a few beats, it was "sure I do!" Fun Terri
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